My Outlook Not Responding | outlook stopped working

Outlook Not responding | outlook stopped working | outlook freezes

Microsoft outlook is a one of the most popular third-party email client software. That is making emailing procedure very easy.  Every people, who have tried to use this software once, I am sure they will fall in love with it.

As the innovation is growing, Microsoft is developing the new version of outlook to make it much better. But still, some people may face trouble with it.  Microsoft outlook not responding one of the most common problems people are complaining from all over the world.  Anytime, if they try to open the application, it stuck on a process window, and outlook does not open or sometimes they get outlook not responding message. This problem can come on any computer, whether is a windows computer or Mac computer.

Some people think this problem is from the Microsoft server side. Maybe Microsoft outlook server is down? That’s why it is not working.  So they wait for a while but still, they don’t get any result.

But to be very honest with you, this problem is related to the computer or outlook server. So if you are waiting for Microsoft server up. I am sure you are just wasting your side.

As I have told you this problem is related to the computer, now it’s a time to reveal the solution for Microsoft outlook not responding problem? So read this article until and follow the procedure to fix the outlook not the opening problem.

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Learn how to troubleshoot Microsoft outlook not responding Problem –


Close the application from task manager-

Whenever you will get “outlook stopped working” message on your window, first of all, you need to close the outlook application from task manager.

After closing the application from task manager, you need to go ahead and restart the outlook. If you are still getting outlook stopped working or outlook not responding window, you need to go ahead and use the techniques given below.

Update the outlook Application –

Have you tried to update Microsoft outlook? Whenever you have outlook not responding window, this problem can be related to updating as well. So I will suggest trying to update the outlook application.

You may download the latest Microsoft setup from outlook 365 account and run it into your computer. Once you will run the setup, this will give you two options, install or update. You need to choose update.

Delete Outlook Profiles-

Sometimes, outlook stopped working just because of corrupted profile or there is an issue with the profile. So I will suggest you to delete the user profile, then you should try to log in again. you may follow the instructions below to delete the outlook profile on Microsoft Windows computer.

  1. Click on start button and go to control panel.
  2. Choose mail 32 option,
  3. Now you need to click on show profile
  4. Select your outlook profile, and click on remove button.
  5. Finally, you need to click on ok.

After deleting the outlook profile, you need to create a new profile and set up your outlook account again. you may also visit: cannot start outlook for more help

Note- if you will delete existing profile from your outlook application. you will lose all contact, mail saved in the local computer. so do not forget to take the back up of your data.

Start Outlook In Safe Mode-

When you do not shutdown outlook correctly, it may cause outlook not responding problem on your computer.

In that case, I think you should try to restart your outlook in safe mode using outlook /safe command. Once it will start in safe mode correctly. You need to go ahead and try to restart your outlook in normal mode. I am sure this will start working this time.

Outlook Freezes at processing-

People are also complaining for outlook freezes at processing. Each time when they try to open the outlook, it goes to the processing window and then outlook freezes.


In this situation, you should try to shut down your outlook from the taskbar, and then start outlook in safe mode. I am sure this will start working fine.

Disable ad on-

If you have added many ad-on into your outlook, this may be the reason behind outlook not opening. So I will suggest you remove the ad-ons from your computer and get rid of outlook freezes problem.

Repair Outlook-

You may have outlook not responding problem when there is any file not responding, so I will suggest you run an outlook diagnostic tool or run windows troubleshooter into your computer. This will repair the outlook and you will be able to get rid of outlook stopped working problem.

Disable Antivirus –

Your antivirus may also be the reason behind Microsoft outlook freezing. So I will suggest you to disable the antivirus for a while and try to open Microsoft outlook.

I hope now your outlook will start working fine. If you have any other problem, you may leave a comment below. We will try to reply with the solution.

Thanks you,


How To Fix Can’t Send & receive emails In Microsoft outlook Account


Troubleshoot ” Can’t Send & receive emails In Microsoft outlook Account”  problem?

Microsoft Outlook offers the world’s most easy control panel for managing your emails easily. But just because it is new in the market and people are familiar with Hotmail/ live mail. So there are few common problems, people are having with their Microsoft email account. The most recent problem, which is faced by 8 out of 10 people: can’t send & receive emails.


Microsoft Outlook offers the world’s most easy control panel for managing your emails easily. But just because it is new in the market and people are familiar with Hotmail/ live mail. So there are few common problems, people are having with their Microsoft email account. The most recent problem, which is faced by 8 out of 10 people: can’t send & receive emails.

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Why Can’t Send & Receive Emails In Microsoft Outlook Account Comes in:

As I have mentioned in the above statement, Most of the time, send& receive problem comes only. When something went wrong with the account or outlook server is down, so here are the few common issues to fix ” Can’t Send & receive emails In Microsoft outlook Account”.

Solution For Fixing the Can’t Send & Receive Emails In Microsoft Outlook-

Check Outlook server is up or down – You might have send and receive problem with your email account. Just because outlook / Hotmail server is down in your specific area, so you need to check the server status from and confirm outlook server is working properly.

Refresh Email – if outlook server is working fine. Then it seems like, there is something wrong with your own email account or computer. So first you should try to refresh or reload your email. If possible, try to log out your email and log in again. Hope this will work fine.

Delete History, Cookies, Or Reset Your Browser – As we all know, the browser is the primary need for accessing any website. so if you are having send & receive email problem on your outlook account.

sometimes, your email works fine, But you cannot receive an email on a particular computer. This problem usually happens because of the browser issue. So you need to reset your browser: If you are not sure, how to reset the browser you may visit :

How To Delete Cookies, History Or Reset The Google Chrome

How To Delete Cookies, History Or Reset The Internet Explorer

Create Pop /Imap And Forwarding Settings- usually, people have such kind of problem with their email address only. When they change the settings related to pop / IMAP. You should turn off the pop and IMAP settings and also if you have turned on the mail forwarding then you need to turn it off and then you need to check. This must start working fine.


Disable the Email Forwarding-  In many cases, we have founded people are having send & receive problem just because of forwarding settings. they have enabled the email forwarding settings. so that’s why whenever someone is sending any email to them.

it is directly going to the forwarded email address. so you should disable the email forwarding. for disabling the email forwarding you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Login with account.
  • Click on menu icon and go to options.
  • Look for the email forwarding, imap & pop settings.
  • Disable the email forwarding
  • click on apply changes.

Finally, the email forwarding will be disabled and you will start receiving emails from your outlook account.

Check Blocked Email address-

if you have sent and receive problem with only a few accounts, this issue might happen because their account has been blocked. So you need to go to settings on the email account and unblock the email address. If you can see there any. For more information, you may follow the instructions given below.

  1. Login to hotmail or outlook account.
  2. Go to Options using menu panel.
  3. Click on Safe and Blocked Senders.
  4. If you can see any email address in the block sender, you can go ahead and remove it from there.


Finally, your send & receive problem will be resolved. If it is still not working then you need to post your comment below. So we can provide you some advanced troubleshooting options in next post.


Why Is My Account Not Receiving Emails?

Recently, I went to the sbcglobal community website. There I saw many users are going through the unable to receive email problems.

They are complaining about this problem very frequently, but not getting the solution to the problem.

So keep that thought in mind, I had decided to write this article on how to fix mail is not receiving emails problem.

In this article, I am going to cover each and every possible reason behind can’t receive emails on the sbcglobal account.

sbcglobal email

Why Is My mail account not receiving emails –

Before sharing the troubleshooting instructions, I would love to share the information about the root cause behind this problem.

Basically, users face can’t receive emails problem with their sbcglobal account due to the following reasons.

  1. Filter Issue.
  2. Forwarding issue.
  3. You have blacklisted the sender’s email.
  4. The sender is typing the incorrect email address.
  5. Misleading server addresses (if you are unable to receive emails on phone or third-party applications).

So these are the five basic reasons. This may block the new incoming emails on your sbcglobal account.

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How to fix can’t receive emails into account problem –

sbcglobal email

So we know the basic reasons behind can’t receive emails into the account. Now it’s time to troubleshoot the problem. So follow the instructions given below.

Be sure sender is typing the correct email address-

If you cannot receive emails from any specific person, ask your sender to double-check the email address. most of the time, people are mistaking in typing the correct email address and that’s you don’t receive any emails there.

Also, If the sender will be typing the incorrect email address, they will get the delivery failed error message in revert.

Check Email Filter Settings –

Email filters are used for filtering the incoming emails. Whenever someone sends you any emails. this filter will check the email and send them to their deserving folder.

Let’s say, you have created a filter for delete promotional emails. Whenever you will receive any promotional emails into your sbcglobal account, it will directly go to the trash folder.

Basically, filter feature is useful but at the same time, It can get you into the trouble. If you don’t know how to configure it properly?

So if you have created any filter into your sbcglobal account. It might possible; your email filter is blocking the new incoming emails. That’s why you are not receiving emails into your account.

So you need to delete the sbcglobal email filter immediately, and then send a test mail to yourself. Let’s see if you receive it or not.

Forwarding issue-

This is the most common reason behind emails not receiving email problems. Most of the time, people forward their emails into another account. That’s why they don’t receive any emails.

So you should check the forwarding settings. If you find it enabled, just go ahead and disable it.

Typing the incorrect email server address-

If you can’t receive emails into the using the phone or third-party applications like- outlook, lotus, etc. it can be due to the incorrect server address.

So you should check the server address and be sure you are typing the correct server address.

After following all these instructions, you should get rid of emails is not receiving email problems.

Somehow it the problem still continues, you need to comment down below. We will come with a few more good solutions.

Why Is AOL Not Sending Emails Through App & Browser?

Are you unable to send emails through AOL email account? If yes! Do not worry, here are the standard techniques to troubleshoot the sending issue on AOL email account. You can use these techniques to fix your issues.

Quick instructions to fix AOL mail not sending emails: 

If you need a quick method to fix the AOL mail not sending emails problem. You can use this guide to troubleshoot the AOL mail problems.

  1. Login your AOL account through incognito or another web browser.
  2. Check the server load. Maybe the server is flooded with the overload of AOL users. That’s why it delays the delivery.
  3. Clear the cookies, bookmarks and cache files from your web browser, and then reload the account.
  4. Enable the pop-up settings for the AOL website, and then resend the emails.

fix aol problems

 Advance guide to fix can’t send emails on AOL account problems- 

If you can receive the email on aol account but can’t send new emails to anyone. Here is the advance guide to get your send& receive problem fixed.

The server is overloaded- 

When you send an email from AOL account, but the users can’t receive the email on AOL account?

You should ask them to wait for 5 minutes. Maybe the server is overloaded, that’s why it is delaying the emails.

Once the AOL server is free, it will deliver your message to the receivers.

Clear the cookies, bookmarks-

When your browser is using the old cookies, it may not function properly. As a result, it will not send any emails to the given address.

In such a case, you have to delete the cookies and cache files from your web browser, after clearing the web browser, you need to log in the AOL account on your computer. Now send a new email to your love ones. Let’s see if they are receiving the emails or not?

To clear the bookmarks, cookies and cache files, each browser has different ways. Here I have mentioned a few of them.

fix aol problems

For the Chrome browser: 

  1. Let’s initiate the chrome browser and go to the history of the web browser.
  2. Push the clear cookies and date option from the left pane and select all options.
  3. Now press the delete options.
  4. Finally, the files will be deleted from your web browser. You may go ahead and delete the computer files as well.

Enable the pop settings on your browser well- 

When your AOL mail is not sending emails to your friends. You should enable the pop-up settings, maybe the pop or java settings are disabled; that’s why the send button is not functioning.

So you should enable the pop-up buttons and enable the javascript on your browser. Now try to resend the messages.

Aol help

Can’t send emails through AOL Mail app or any third-party app- 

If AOL mail is not sending emails through the mail app. You should review the following settings.

  1. Check the user login details.
  2. Review the server information.
  3. Create an app password for AOL account (if you use the two-step security).
  4. Re-add the account using the valid information.

These are the four most common reason for AOL mail not sending emails through the mail app. Now it’s a time for me to share the instructions to fix the problem.

Check the login details- 

We have seen people reporting about can’t send emails through aol account due to the login details error. Very often, they set up their AOL account on the app using the invalid login details. That’s why they can’t sign in to the AOL account.

As a result, they can’t send emails to their love ones.

So you should make sure that you are not repeating the same mistake.

Review the server information- 

Along with the user information, you should never forget to check the server information. If you enter the invalid port number or server name of your aol account. Your mail app won’t be able to sync to the mail server. That’s why AOL mail not working on your iPhone or any other phone.

Add the AOL account again- 

If you have already used the above steps but still can’t send email through your aol account. You should delete the AOL account from your mail app, and reconfigure the account.

This method will determine the issue.  


Is Outlook Down |How to Check status.

Problem Occurred: Is Outlook Down / Is Hotmail Down?

Recently it has been noticed that so many email users are having problems with Hotmail and MSN email accounts. Millions of complaints are received over the time asking “ is outlook down?”,  can’t send or receive emails, can’t sign in etc. All these problems occurred due to the migration of Hotmail and MSN to outlook. This is a massive step taken by the Microsoft to move all other email servers to outlook. Those who had accounts on Hotmail and MSN are having a great trouble. Those users completely being unaware of the fact that Hotmail and MSN are not going to exist. check server

anymore shortly, are ending up asking down reporter –  is Hotmail down? Or is outlook down?


Identify Outlook Down Problem:

This is not going to help. Hotmail isn’t down or MSN isn’t down infect they are being completely wiped off. Be careful and be aware here, Because if you are not able to successfully move your account to Outlook.

you might lose your account forever. Microsoft has been sending an email to every Hotmail and MSN account holders on how to switch their respective accounts to outlook.  Few simple steps to follow and you continue to use your email account without a problem. But of course, since the Hotmail and MSN servers are completely being moved to Outlook, Users might definitely encounter some sort of problems with their accounts which could be easily rectified, not that much to worry about.

Here though Microsoft is moving the Hotmail and MSN servers completely to Outlook keeping both them of them down forever, It is allowing the users to continue to use their accounts using the same email address they had. Well that’s a little relief.

For those who have their accounts in Outlook, that could be because of the server. Kindly check the Outlook connection report on down reporter to make sure whether is outlook down or not. for more information you may visit: Hotmail is not working for brief information.

Causes related to outlook:

If Outlook is down the users don’t have any other option other than to wait until the problem gets resolved. However, there are several other issues that could occur in your email account.  which could turn your day into a bad one.

Such As:

  1. outlook sign in problem
  2. Can’t send or receive emails
  3. Privacy error
  4. Sign in page not loading up

How to identify the problem:

All these above-mentioned issues with an email account are very common. Sometimes it’s due to the problem at the servers end but most of the time it’s at the users’ end. for more information you may visit: Can’t receive email in outlook account. 

To make sure it’s not the problem coming up from the server, just go to the down reporter website and check whether outlook down. If not, then there are few things that the users can try at their end.

Perform browser cleanup first, remove all the cookies and caches from the browser completely. All you have to do is go to the settings of the browser and reset it. If the sign in page comes up try signing in, that should have fished the issue you had. If you are still not able to sign or it’s saying that your account address or password is incorrect though you are putting up the correct credentials.

the only solution here would be to reset the password for the account.

Resetting the password is very simple, but always make sure that your phone number should be connected to your account, that definitely makes resetting password pretty easy.

if you don’t have phone number connected to the account. you need to have some other recovery options to reset the account.

Privacy error on the website:

Privacy error on the website is little complicated as it could arise due to various reasons. Sometimes when the DNS server stops responding then you end up receiving such error on the web page. The DNS assigned to the local computer might have changed.

in that case, contact for technical help or call the admin because DNS is something which resolves an IP address into a Name server and if any unwanted changes are made to the DNS it might land you up into worst situation. for more information you may visit how to fix connection is not the private problem.


How To Fix Yahoo Mail Problems? Website Problem

How To Troubleshoot Yahoo mail problems

If you will take a look on yahoo mail community, you will find there are so many people, who are complaining about yahoo mail problems like- yahoo mail sign in problems, yahoo mail login problems, yahoo mail website won’t open, yahoo news is not working etc.

every day, there are thousands of Yahoo users are complaining about Yahoo problems, sometimes, they are able to find the solution for their problem but most of the time, they feel helpless to resolve the issue.

That’s why today, I decided to write an article on few popular yahoo mail problems if you are also facing the problem with yahoo mail. Read this article until the end and follow the instructions to fix the problem.

Yahoo help

Common problems related to yahoo mail:

  • Email Login problem
  • Send & receive problem
  • Password Recovery Problem
  • Account Sync Problem
  • Calendar Problem
  • Missing Emails.
  • Yahoo news website not working
  • email website won’t open
  • Contacts are not available.
  • yahoo finance website not working
  • can’t sign into yahoo on phone.

Yahoo mail sign in problem-

Yahoo mail sign in the problem is one of the most popular problems for these days, every day, there are millions of people. Who is looking solution to resolve Yahoo login problem? sometimes, they are able to resolve the issue. but most of the time, they are unable to find the solution for yahoo problems.

Yahoo help

Usually, we have encountered people are facing yahoo sign in problem, just because of the incorrect email address or password. so make sure you are typing the correct email address and password for your email.

If you are having yahoo mail login problem on your phone, then this problem may be related to the application or some other issues as well, for brief information, you may visit: how to fix can’t sign into yahoo mail problem?

Yahoo mail website won’t open-

Sometimes, people are unable to reach to the yahoo mail website, while other websites are working fine. This issue can be related to computer and networking.

Also, we have encountered this kind of issues related to security as well.

So yahoo mail website won’t open on your computer or any device.

first, you should check the proxy settings, and then you should check the user account settings and other settings as well.

Unable to Receive Emails –

Can’t receive emails is one of the other yahoo mail problems, people are searching the solution for. Actually, this issue is coming because of few reasons, such as incorrect email address or password.

Usually, this issue is coming because of various yahoo mail problems, such as email filter problem, yahoo mail sign in problem, email forwarding issue etc. for the brief information you may visit: how to fix Yahoo mail not receiving emails problem

So these are few common yahoo mail problems, if you were struggling with above yahoo mail issues, I am sure, those issues will be resolved.


How To Fix AOL IMAP Not Responding Problem?

When you try to configure your AOL account on the phone or any other party application like- outlook, mail app, etc., but you get the IMAP is not responding, message all the time.

Or if you have already configured your account, but when you open the mail app, then you get this kind of error message in the revert.

In this position, you won’t be able to get the emails on your AOL account until you fix the difficulty.

So here is the guide to fix this kind of issue, you may use this guide to troubleshoot the problem.

Fix AOL Problems

Necessary steps to fix the problem- 


  1. Close the mail application on your device,
  2. Now restart your device and reopen the mail application.
  3. Clear the mail app’s cache files.
  4. Check the incoming server port no, authentication type, and other details.
  5. Please remove the account and configure it using the latest account details.

Advance guide to fix AOL.imap not responding issue- 

So we have discussed the essential guide to troubleshoot the not responding issue. Now it’s time for me to go ahead and fix the problem.


Update the account details- 

When you get the AOL IMAP is not responding error message, you should check the account configuration settings,

Maybe you have entered the wrong account details for the AOL IMAP server. That’s why it is not working.

So you should update the IMAP server details with the following information.

Server address-

Port no- 587

Authentication type- SSL

Check the username and password- 


If you have updated the server details, but IMAP is still not working for your AOL account. You should examine the AOL login details.

There are chances of typing the incorrect username or password, that’s why IMAP is unable to sync to the mail server.

You may update the password on the mail application any time; If you can’t remember your AOL password, you may go ahead and create an AOL password.

Disable the security programs- 

Fix AOL Problems

Sometimes, you may have aol mail IMAP not responding error message due to the security programs when your security programs are blocking the incoming port.

Your mail application won’t be able to sync to the AOL mail server. In such a case, you will face AOL email login problems or, not responding to error.

So it would be best if you disabled the security software for a while, and then try to sync with the AOL account again.

Reconfigure the AOL account- 

If you have already performed the above action, but IMAP is still not working on AOL mail. You should eliminate the account from the mail application and configure your AOL mail account with valid information.


Fix AOL Not Receiving Emails Problem 2020

AOL is always known for the frequent services, there server rarely delay the transportation of emails. but still sometimes, users are complaining about not receiving emails problem on the email forums.

When they access their AOL mailbox, the new email doesn’t appear in the inbox. They can see the old emails only.

Some users can’t receive emails on their smartphones, while others are unable to get the new emails on the webmail or computer.

Today, we are writing the troubleshoot instructions to fix they can’t receive emails problem, so if you are unable to receive the emails on your smart phone or computer. Stick with this article and follow the steps to fix the issues.

Complete guide to Fix AOL Email login problems 2020

fix aol problems


Some effective tips to fix the aol not receiving emails problems by yourself-


  1. Check the short date on your inbox, maybe you have chosen the old mail first. That’s why new emails are missing from aol account.
  2. Please review the trash and spam folders.
  3. Check other custom folders if you have any.
  4. Terminate all kind of mail filters and turn off the forwarding as well.
  5. Inspect the email block address list. Probably, you have deleted the email address. That’s why you are struggling with AOL mail not receiving emails problem

Advance guide to troubleshoot the aol not receiving emails-

If you are unable to solve the aol mail not receiving emails problem using the rapid guide. Do not worry, use this guide to troubleshoot the issue.

Terminate the filters on your aol account –

When you can’t receive the emails on your aol account, probably, your mail filters are routing the incoming emails. That’s why your aol account is unable to get the emails on your device.

  1. Go to the aol mail settings on the webmail.
  2. Click on the email filters and select all filters.
  3. Now press the remove or delete button that you see there.

Once you will delete the email filters, you should send a test mail to yourself by another account.

Check the server settings –

fix aol problems


When you can’t receive emails on your mail app. You should inspect the server settings and information. Likely, there must be some confusion between the incoming or outgoing server details. Which is causing the aol not receiving emails problem on your mail apps.

For the easy and convenient way, I will recommend you to use imap server for account configuration. IMAP server works best with the aol mail accounts.

Talking about the account configuration, you should use the following imap information.

Incoming server address-

Port no :: 993

SSL :: Yes.

Outgoing Server address ::

Port no:: 587

SSL :: Optional.

Turn off the forwarding –


When you turn on the forwarding on your aol account, your emails will jump off from your inbox folder and delivered to the another account.

Normally, people use this feature, when they want to access multiple account from one email address. If you have turned it on by mistake, do not worry, turn it off, and then you will start receiving your new incoming emails into your account.

  • Go to the settings on aol webmail.
  • Click on the forwarding and disable it.

Reset the browser settings –

Sometimes you may face AOL not receiving emails problem due to the browser settings, when your web browser is not compatible with the AOL mail requirement or some other settings are invalid.

In such a case, you should factory reset your web browser, and then try to reaccess your aol email account again.

Disable the antivirus and proxy programs for a while- 

If you can’t receive emails on your aol account using the mail app, check the security programs. May be they are blocking the communication between your device and aol mail server. That’s why you can’t access the emails on your aol email account. So disable the antivirus on your devices and then reload aol account on your device again.

So these are the quick methods to fix the aol mail not receiving emails problem. if you have any other trouble with your aol account, you may tell us or contact aol team to help you.

Fix AOL Mail Disappeared Problem | AOL Missing Emails

When you open the AOL account on your computer or smartphone, your email suddenly disappeared from the AOL mail account.

There can be multiple reasons for AOL mail missing emails. But today, in this article, some of them are listed below.

  1. The browser is unable to read mail queries.
  2. The web browser is unable to load the complete mailbox.
  3. The anonymous person has permanently deleted your mails.
  4. The server is unable to respond. That’s why emails are missing from AOL.

Apart from this, sometimes, you may encounter the AOL mail disappeared problem due to the app-related issues.
fix aol problems

Today, in this article, we are sharing a complete guide to recover the deleted AOL emails. You may utilize this guide to recover your missing emails on the AOL account.

Step 1- Troubleshooting process for AOL mail disappeared problem on webmail- 

Review the folders- 

If some old emails are missing from AOL’s inbox. You should go to the other mail folders like- sent, draft, spam, or trash folder.

If you can find your emails there, there is a filter active on your AOL account, which is transferring those emails there. You can use these steps to remove the filter.

  1. Let’s open the AOL mail account on your computer or any device.
  2. Press the settings gear and hit the mail settings option.
  3. Now click on the filters option from the settings menu.
  4. If you see any active filter, please press the delete button next to it.

Disable the spam mail feature-

If your emails are landing into the spam folder. It means you have enabled the spam filters. That’s why your AOL mail has been disappeared from the inbox, and they appear on the spam mail folder.

In this case, you have to disable the spam filters using these techniques.

  • Let’s initiate the mail settings on the AOL account.
  • Press the spam settings option from the menu.
  • If the spam filter is enabled, you need to disable it.

Now you have to move your emails back to the inbox to keep them safe. Otherwise, they will be automatically deleted from your AOL account after 30 days.

fix aol problems

Review the recent activity- 

Let’s monitor the latest activity. Do you see any unknown activity on your AOL mail account? If yes! It might be possible; some anonymous person has access to your AOL account. and they have deleted the emails from your account.

That’s why AOL mail disappeared from your inbox. In such a case, you have to communicate with the AOL mail team to retrieve the mails.

Recover the emails from trash folder- 

Have you checked the trash folder of your AOL account? If yes! You can restore your emails by moving them back into the inbox.

  1. Let’s visit the trash folder on the AOL account.
  2. Put a check on all emails that you want to restore.
  3. Press the move button and select the destinated folder.

The server is unable to respond- 

Sometimes, you may have AOL mail disappeared problem due to the server issue when your AOL mail server is not responding or running slow. You might not be able to load the mailbox completely.

That’s why some emails might be missing from your AOL account.

So, you should verify the AOL live server status in your local area. If it is working fine or not?

Step 2 – Fix browser related issues to fix missing emails on aol- 

If there is nothing wrong with AOL settings but still aol missing emails. This issue may be associated with the browser.

Clean the web browser- 

Let’s begin with optimizing the web browser, you should wipe the browser’s cookies cache and history, and then try to load the email on your account. and then re-login your account.

Here I am sharing the instructions to clean the chrome:

  1. Open the chrome and visit chrome://history.
  2. Let’s bang on the clear browsing data from the menu.
  3. Now select all kind of data files, and press the clear data button.

Update the browser- 

You should also check for the browser update. Maybe your outdated; that’s why AOL mail disappeared from your account.

  1. Open the URL chrome://settings/help on your computer.
  2. Press the update button, if there is any update pending.

Step 3- verify server details and account info to solve aol mail disappeared issue- 

If AOL mail disappeared from the apps on your phone, while they are available on the webmail. You should review the account settings information.

Your incoming & outgoing server information should be accurate. Also, the entry and exit port should be correct.

If you are entering them incorrectly, your smartphone will be able to download the emails.

Incoming port-

Port no- 993

Outgoing port-

Port no – 587

Re-add the account- 

If you still can’t resolve the missing emails problem on your aol account. Then you should remove the account from your AOL mail and add it again.

  1. Go to the settings on your smartphone.
  2. Press the mail & account option (it may be different on other devices).
  3. Tap on your AOL account and press the delete button.

Right after removing the AOL mail account, you may re-add it again.

Other questions related to the AOL mail- 

Why is sent mail missing from the AOL account? 

This may be happening because of the account sync issue. You should delete the email account and re-add it using the IMAP server.

Let’s see, do you still face AOL mail disappeared problem?

aol email login problems


Troubleshoot Bellsouth Email Login Problems 2020

Bellsouth use to be one of the most popular premium email services in the united states. It had a very easy platform to operate the mail. But since it has been migrated with the yahoo mail platform. Users are complaining about lots of issues with the email.

Nowadays, Bellsouth email login problems is one of the most trending issues. There are several email users, who can’t sign into their Bellsouth account using the smartphone, computer or any other devices.

Suppose you are also dealing with the login problems on your Bellsouth email account. Do not panic; this article will help you in troubleshooting the sign-in issues on your Bellsouth email accounts.

How to troubleshoot the email login problems on your BellSouth account- 

Check the mail server status- 

When you can’t access your Bellsouth mail account on your computer or smartphones, first of all, you should check the mail server status, Most probably, the yahoo mail server is under maintenance or down. That’s why you are unable to access the Bellsouth account.

To verify the server status, you can contact the support team, or visit the server status live websites like- outage report, isitdowntoday etc.

Check the configuration- 

If you are struggling through BellSouth email login problems on your mail applications. You should check the account details.

If you have configured their account using the att server details on the mail server. That’s why you can’t sign into BellSouth account.

Your account should be configured with the yahoo mail server details. Here I am mentioning those details.

Incoming server address- or

Incoming Port no- 993 for IMAP and 995 for pop3.

SSL type- yes for both.

Outgoing server-

Change the login password- 

This is the primary reason for BellSouth mail login issues. When users are trying to access the BellSouth account. They do not type the correct email password for their account. That’s why they can’t sign into their email account.

In such a case, you should change the login password on your BellSouth account using the information given below.

  1. Let’s open the att password reset link on your computer.
  2. Put in your username and last name, and press the continue or next button.
  3. Now select the verification method, whichever is convenient for you to authorize your account.
  4. Finally, you will see any option to change the BellSouth password. You can go ahead and reset the password for your BellSouth account.

Right after changing the password, you can attempt to sign in to your BellSouth account.

Browser related issues- 

Sometimes, you might be unable to access the BellSouth account due to the browser issues, when your browser is not compatible in loading the BellSouth mailbox, or it is using the old cookies, it will cause the login issues.

So, you should do the following things:

  1. Clear the cookies, cache and other files from your browser.
  2. Update the JavaScript and other plugins, which is required.
  3. Upgrade your browser, if you are using an older browser.

After making these changes, you may try to access your Bellsouth account. It will work fine this time.

Disable the security programs- 

Sometimes you may have BellSouth mail login problems due to the security programs. So, it would help if you temporarily disabled the security programs and then reload the BellSouth email website again. Let’s see, does it allow you to sign in now or not.

After using these techniques, you will be successfully able to log in your account, in case, if you are dealing with some problems on your BellSouth account. Please let us know; we will help you in troubleshooting the problems.

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