Why Is My Aol Desktop Not Responding?

Error : AOL desktop not responding

Aol desktop is a mail client software that is installed in the computer and through which we can send and receive emails. But sometimes while using the software we might encounter problems or error messages that frustrates us. Here are the solutions to the problems that you often encounter while using AOL.


aol desktop not responding

How to fix aol desktop not responding :

Trouble while connecting AOL with the Internet- Sometimes while using the aol, Aol might suddenly have problem with connecting to the internet. You may not be able to send or receive emails. Here are few things to check.

  • First of all check if you are able to visit other websites and see if your internet connection is working fine.
  • Reboot your router if the problem still persists
  • Contact your internet service provider to check if the problem is not on their end


AOL stops receiving or sending emails- Sometimes a simple software upgrade might fix the problem. An old version of the software might create problems. So you need to upgrade the software to the latest version. You can do it by checking the settings options on the AOL mail.

Aol desktop not responding- If your software is not responding or it is too slow to open, a virus or malicious program may be the cause. So all you need to do is run a complete virus scan and see if it fixes the problem. After it finishes scanning for viruses, restart your computer.

AOL is not printing email- If you are not able print form aol, you need to check your printer to see if it is connected properly. And if the problem still persists uninstall and reinstall the software.


Unable to sign in to Aol email-

If you are not able to sign in to AOl using your username and password.

it could be due to any kind of security issues. So you need to change your password. You need to change your password once in 6 months.


AOL DESKTOP WON’T OPEN-If you are not able to open AOL using the shortcut icon on the desktop. Try to open it from all programs in the windows menu. Click on windows then click on all programs and then after click on AOL desktop manager.

AOL DESKTOP FREEZES-This problem could be the result of bad windows update or corrupted software. You need to check recent changes that were made to the computer or restore your computer to the previous setting.


CONTACT AOL SUPPORT- If the above mentioned steps do not work then there is a possibility that the problem is coming from AOL server so you can contact the customer support to see if the problem is not arising from their end. At times the Aol server could be down due to which you might not be able to receive or send emails. So the best option is to have a word with customer support department from AOL

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