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  1. Hello,
    I am having aol mail login problem with my email. each time, when i try to click on login button. it is saying, this web page is unavailable.
    How can I fix this Issue. I tried to reset my browser and disable the security but still this is not working.
    Also checked the AOL service. the services are up.

  2. My mom has the same issue. AOL tells her she is using the wrong user name or password. She hasn’t changed her password. We both tried signing in to no avail. We tried resetting her password, which doesn’t work because they require you to enter your password. and the mad circle continues. We also did all the recommended hoops, like clearing cache etc, but nothing worked. At one point we got this notice *The service you are trying to reach is temporarily unavailable – please try your request again. Also tried signing in with different computers. We called AOL, and they promised to try to fix the problem, for a fee. About $60 for a one time fix, or $250+ for a year? (sorry didn’t write down exact amounts I was pissed.) They also said that its not on their end, but with my network. (I called, no issues with my network) I call BS. What are they holding her account hostage to get a fee, this is a joke!

  3. Not able to sign into AOL it says it’s not the correct password but I didn’t change it. It
    ‘S the same one for over 20 yrs. it automatically comes up bc I typed always remember therefore I can’t remember what it s. The person I spoke to kept asking the same security question but I don’t remember that being a question I answered. I feel like I’ve been hacked. What do I do if I can’t answer the question or my password? I am older now and my memory isn’t as good.

  4. What can be the reason behind my aol log in problem. I can’t sign into my aol account since three days on my macbook computer.
    I tried to sign in multiple times, but it is saying incorrect username and password. i tried to change the password. but still no good luck.

  5. Yesterday, I was having aol mail sign in problem. So I just have to change the DNS address. after changing the dns address. i just rebooted the computer and went to aol website.
    Surprisingly, my aol mail account has started working fine.

  6. I want to configure my aol account on microsoft outlook. but since I don’t know how to add my aol account successfully.
    I tried to do it by myself, but unfortunately I can’t sign into my aol account.

    1. To configure your AOL account. you need to follow the instructions given below.
      open outlook>> click on files>> choose accounts>> now click on add accounts>>
      1. Type your personal details like- email, your name and password.
      2. choose the manual configure my account option and select imap or pop3 option.
      3. Type here your incomming and outgoing server address for aol mail.
      4. type the email address and password.
      5. click on advance option.
      6. fill the port number and choose encryption type.
      Finally you need to click on test account let’s see are you still getting can’t sign into aol mail problem?

  7. I really appreciate all efforts, this post has helped me alot in fixing aol mail login problem. I am hopping you will keep doing good work.
    thank you.

  8. Hello! i am not able to sign into my aol on the apple ipad. i tried to visit my email on my computer. trust me, it is working perfectly on my computer.
    what can be problem with the email there?

    1. This is your browser issue. i will suggest you to troubleshoot the web browser and after that try to login to your aol mail. i am sure your aol mail login problem will be resolved.

  9. Being an employee relation manager, I have to send & receive so many emails every hour. but since two hours, I can’t sign into my aol mail. it is saying incorrect email or password.
    i know I am typing the correct password. Also I tried to reset the password. but it is not allowing me to sign in. basically I am from USA, but Right now I am in UK. I don’t know what is the reason behind. is this a country issue or my email has been hacked ?

    1. I think you are not able to reset password, just because of country. AOL is very strict. whenever they find any kind of suspicious activity with the account. they can probably temporary block the account.
      According to me, You should call AOL customer care and verify the account owner ship via call. once you will verify the account owner ship. I am sure you will able to sign in again.
      I am telling you my personal experience, Last year, I went to south africa for business purpose. their I have to aol login problem. I tried to do same thing, that you are doing right now. but later I have to call AOL support. they had verified my information and approve the account again.

  10. I am unable to login to my AOL Account. each time when I tries to sign up. it is saying, imap server settings are expired, while my wife can use her AOL Account on her computer without any problem.
    Can you tell me how can I troubleshoot aol login problem?

  11. I have several email names and need to check them all. I have signed off, and try to get another email name to check mail and the same name comes back over and over. I don’t have AOL on my computer anymore but am a paying customer, > trust me, I don’t know why. Anyway, I need my other mail and my browser won’t only let me check the one name. grrr

  12. My aol mail is not working on windows live mail software. if I try to login to email directly from web browser. it is working perfectly fine. but it is just the browser. which is creating problem for the browser. so can you tell me what is wrong with it.

    1. I think you should delete the existing email profile and create a new email profile on windows live mail. i am sure your email will start working fine.
      For deleting the profile you need to follow the instructions given below.
      1. Click on start button.
      2. go to control panel.
      3. click on mail option.
      3. now you need to choose the profile.
      4. click on remove.
      5. now click on ok.
      finally your old aol email profile will be removed. you can go ahead and try to sign into email address using a new profile. i am sure your email will work perfectly fine.

  13. My aol mail login page is not working. everytime, when i click on login button. it is saying this page cannot be load.
    First, I thought this problem may be related to browser itself. so i changed the browser and tried to sign in again. but still i am getting same error message.
    If I use my phone for email, it is working perfectly fine. this problem is just with the windows 10 operating system computer.

  14. I am litterally tired with my email account problem. it is not allowing me to sign in, i don’t know what’s wrong with it.

    1. Did you try the above steps to fix the aol problems? Also, let me know the error message you are getting on your aol sign in page.

  15. Hello ~
    I cannot get past entering my username. I click on “Click Next to enter Password” and it keeps coming back to entering my username.

    Any suggestions?

    1. I think this issue is related to your web browser and computer. so I will advise you clean your browser properly. also, look for an update.

    1. Hello Benny,
      There is no problem from aol side right now. I will suggest you tell us the error message you are getting there. so we can go ahead and help you in fixing the problem.

  16. I was having can’t sign into aol mail problem since this morning. after comming to your blog. i knew that aol server is down. that’s why i was having login problem.
    thank you for sharing valuable information. it really means alot. keep it up.

  17. I am as of now conveyed and I can’t get to my AOL messages which I use for my Jobs and Bills and different things.
    is their AOL login problem now a days? You need to fix it ASAP!!

  18. I am having aol mail login problems on windows live mail software? it is saying, incorrect username and password,
    i know i am typing correct password but still i am getting same error message. also i have tried to change the password. but still it is giving me same error message.
    can you tell me what can be the reason behind?

    1. hello steven,
      It seems like- you are typing incorrect server information for your aol account. that’s why your account is not syncing with aol and you are going through aol sign in problems.
      So please check these settings-
      IMAP – imap.aol.com.
      Incoming server port no- 993
      Authentication type- SSL
      If you have configured your account through POP 3, I will suggest you go to following settings-
      POP3 address- pop.aol.com
      Port No- 995
      Authentication type- SSL

  19. Hello!
    i am am unable to sign into my aol account, each time it is saying incorrect password. also i tried to reset the password. but it is not allowing me to change aol mail password. can you please tell me how can i reset aol mail password.
    thank you,

  20. Finally! got the solution for can’t sign into aol mail problem. thank you downreporter for wonderful instructions.

  21. Gmail is not taking my password, I am sure I am putting in the right password but its not taking it. It says wrong password every time I try to log in. I tried to change the password for the account but I cant do it as I don’t have the phone number that’s with the account. My outlook email is connected to my Gmail account and every time I send the code from Gmail for the verification it doesn’t come through. What do I do?

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