[Solved]Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails | Can’t Receive Emails On Gmail

When you can’t receive emails on your Gmail account, it can be really frustrating. But the good part is, you can easily fix this kind of problem.

Most of the time, people fall in with Gmail not receiving emails problem due to some basic reasons, like- filter issues, blacklisted settings, etc.

So without spending more time on other things, let’s go ahead and troubleshoot the problem now.

How to troubleshoot Gmail not receiving emails problem-


Delete the Gmail filters- 

Filters are the most valid reason behind unable to get the emails into Gmail’s inbox. When they are active. They start forwarding those emails to the given folders.

That’s why you start missing your emails from the inbox, and they will be directly going to some other addresses.

So you should remove all working folders from the account first.

Now send a test mail to yourself. Let’s see if it is allowing you to access the emails or not.

  1. Get into your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the settings and go to the filters and blocked addresses.
  3. Select the filters and click on the delete filter.
  4. Now click on save changes.

Update the MX records- 

If you are hosting any third party emails on your Gmail, and you are not able to receive the new emails on your Gmail account.

In such a case, I would recommend you to update the MX record for that domain.

Right after that, you will start receiving the emails on your Gmail account.

For updating the MX record, you can directly contact the domain provider company.

Turn off the Gmail forwarding settings- 

Sometimes, people get into Gmail not receiving emails problem due to the email filter issue. They cannot receive the emails on their Gmail account because their emails are forwarding to some other address.

In the easy language, you need to disable the Gmail forwarding, then only your emails will start working fine.

To delete the email forwarding, you have to follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to the settings,
  • Click on forwarding and pop/ IMAP settings.
  • Delete the email addresses, you find under the forwarding section.
  • Now click on save changes and then your email will start working fine.

Select keep a copy of email on Gmail- 



When you have enabled the pop3 settings on your Gmail account. Ensure that, you have chosen keep a copy of the email in Gmail.

If you will select any other options, your emails might be getting deleted from the Gmail box.

Also, enable the pop settings only if you are going to use your Gmail on any third party application. if you are not going to use it anywhere else.

you should turn off the pop settings.

Check The Server address and account configuration- 

If you can get your emails on Gmail’s inbox using webmail services. but not receiving them in the iPhone or any third-party application.

I would suggest you, remove your account from the application, and add your account with the correct information. the server information is available below.

For pop server 


Requires SSL: Yes

Port: 995

For Imap server- 


Requires SSL: Yes

Port: 993

SMTP server Information- 


Requires SSL: Yes

TLS: Yes (if available)

Requires Authentication: Yes

Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587 /465

for account configuration guide you can visit: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7104828?hl=en&visit_id=637061985064632208-4059583049&rd=1

Reset the web browser- 

if you can’t receive the emails on your Gmail browser, while they are available on your phone. you should optimize your browser.

Possibly, your browser is corrupted. that’s why you are not receiving emails on Gmail account.

In such a case, you need to delete the cookies from your browser.

Now enable the pop-up settings for the Gmail website.

For proper optimization, you need to do the following things-

  • Remove the cookies and caches files from the web browser.
  • Update the javascript.
  • Enable the pop up for the Gmail account.
  • Disable not useful extensions.

Right after that,  you should try to log into your Gmail account and try to access your email. let’s see if it is working or not.

If you are still can’t receive emails on your Gmail account. you need to install the new web browser and then access it through it.

Turn off the antivirus- 

If you can’t get new emails from Gmail using a third-party app. you should turn off the firewall and antivirus software for a while.

Also, if you have any expired version of antivirus into your computer. you need to remove it.

Now press the send & receive button once. let’s see if it is allowing you to access the emails or not.

So these are the instructions for how to fix can’t receive emails on Gmail account issue.


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