12 thoughts to “How To Change Gmail Password | Forgot gmail password”

  1. I require some assistance. I can’t get access into my gmail account. I tried everything computer as well as my smartphone to get access in my account but is’t not working i don’t know how but i need this urgent
    Thank You

  2. i forgot my gmail password and i don’t know how do i get new one….. its very frustrating because its asking for password again and again and i don’t know the password. Need Help

  3. I want to change gmail password. I forgot my old one. But my old phone number is disconnected. can you please help me.
    Thank you

  4. My google account is not accepting my current password. also i don’t have any recovery option. how can i change google password.

  5. When i created my google account. i setup my landline phone number as a recovery option. during that time, i forgot to choose the verification via call option.
    Now i just need to reset my google password. but it is sending OTP via message. is there any way, change the verification type as a text message.

  6. My account is not allowing me to sign in using gmail password. so i tried to reset the password. but it is not giving me any recovery options.

  7. I forgot my gmail password for an old account. Now i am trying to change the password, but it is saying, sorry! we did not verify the account ownwership.
    I am trying to verify the membership via comments. but still i have same issue. can someone tell me how can i reset my gmail account password in this situation?

  8. Wow! such an amazing tips, now i really understood the process for gmail account recovery. thank you for sharing wonderful instructions.
    please keep up the good work.

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