“Microsoft Hotmail Is Not Working ” On My Computer , Is Hotmail Down ?

Error: Hotmail Is Not Working:

Every day, millions of Hotmail users are complaining about “ Hotmail is not working issue”. sometimes they have can’t sign In with Hotmail account problem. Sometimes Hotmail can’t load. So these are the common issues people are facing:

hotmail is not working

Common Problems Related To Hotmail –

Something Went Wrong Hotmail Account ?

Error: Can’t Send& Receive Emails In Hotmail / Outlook Account?

 Can’t Receive Emails In Hotmail / Outlook

How To Fix Hotmail Is not Working Problem –

The issue can be fixed easily if you will follow these few common tricks. So just go ahead and fix the issue instantly.

Can’t Load Hotmail Website-

You won’t be able to load the website if you are having the problem with your network (internet connection) Or browsers. so go ahead and follow these options to fix the problem :


  1.  Check The Server Status – Before you will go ahead for troubleshooting,  you should check the server status, this might possible, Hotmail is down in your area.  so you should check the server status from: http://www.downreporter.com/is-outlook-down/
  2. Troubleshoot Your Browser – Most of the time people won’t able to load the http://www.hotmail.com website. when their browser is corrupted. so you should check your browser first. follow these steps to fix your browser related issues.
    • Delete The Browser History
    • Delete Cookies From Browser
    • Reset The Browser
  3. Check Network Settings – You won’t be able to load the Microsoft Hotmail / Outlook Website. If you are not connected to the internet. so kindly check your internet connection. if you are not getting internet. try to reboot your modem, router, and computer and wait for 10 minutes after that try to load your email.

Can’t Sign In To Hotmail Account –


  1. if you have hotmail sign in problem with your Hotmail account, this may because you are typing the incorrect username or password Or your browser is corrupted. So first you should make sure about your username and password. You should have correct username and password. If it is incorrect, you should go ahead and reset your password. Sometimes you won’t be able to sign in to your Hotmail account. If your browser is corrupted,  So you should try to sign in your account with the different browser.
  2. Inbox Won’t Load-  if you can sign in to your Hotmail account. But you can’t download the inbox, the cause may because of the browser is corrupted or something wrong with settings. So first you should try to reset your browser.If your browser is working perfectly fine. But you still have a problem with your computer. There must be something wrong with Hotmail account settings. So sign in with email and check inbox sweep settings. If you find any filter. Delete it.

Can’t Send & Receive Emails In Hotmail – These days, many users are complaining about can’t send and receive emails issue on Hotmail account. This issue usually comes because of few reasons :

  1. If you have created an email filter in emails. Go ahead and delete the filter from emails.
  2. You won’t be able to email to receive an email on your Hotmail account. If you would enable forwarding to any different email address. So go ahead and disable the forwarding.
  3. Check if you have blocked any emails address. if they are blocked, you need to go ahead and unblock them to reset your account settings.

Something went Wrong- this is the most common issue coming with Hotmail account since Hotmail has been migrated into outlook.

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