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 Outlook Problems: Outlook Not Responding

It has been noticed in the last few weeks that people from different places have been reporting that the outlook not responding. But is outlook really not responding or is it just you having the outlook problem? There could a couple of reasons you might be encountering the outlook problem. Before doing anything on the device it’s better to check if the outlook is down. How do we do it? Well its quite simple. There are a couple of websites such as down reporter which gives the exact and real time information about outlook down or not. People having problem with other email service provider can also do the same. Down reporter has the report ready for almost all the important websites that we can think of.What exactly does it mean when we say outlook not responding?is outlook down


There are several issues which come across while working with outlook. This kind of outlook problem sometimes create a huge mess as well as it keeps you engaged for a huge amount of time while trying to identifying and fixing the problem.

Let us discuss about some of the common outlook problems and how to troubleshoot it. Outlook troubleshooting does not always mean that we have something to do with the outlook. In most of the cases outlook troubleshooting involves the troubleshooting of several other things within the device which eventually fixes the outlook problem we had.


outlook not responding


Can’t sign into the account:

Before moving forward discussing the outlook problem and outlook troubleshooting, the most important thing to keep in mind for those who are creating a new account or for those who haven’t done it, Always connect a working phone number with your account. Please check your account info if you already have an account. Check the phone number connected with the account. If you have the right phone number in there, almost all the outlook problems are resolved by that.

Whenever you are not able to sign into your account though you are using the correct credentials, just reset the password for the account. That should definitely fix the outlook problem you had.

Outlook not responding:

Sometimes while trying to open the outlook page it gives you an error page stating that the page cannot be displayed. What does it mean? It means that you are not able to connect yourself to the outlook server. It could be due to low internet speed or the browser. All you have to do is check the internet if it’s working fine.

Just to make sure reboot the router once and also the computer. If it doesn’t resolve the outlook problem, take a look into the settings of that particular browser. Go to the settings and reset the browser. Also make sure not to delete the personal settings as it might remove all the bookmarks and the saved pages from the browser. Clean the browser just to remove the cookies, caches, history and temporary files. Once done restart the browser and try to open the outlook again. That should definitely resolve the outlook problem.

Connection is not private:

In the last couple of weeks it has been notice that people are having hard time to even open the outlook sign in page. Every time they open the page it gives them an error saying the connection to this server is not private or the connection is not private, it also gives a red sign on the top left corner saying Not Secure. This could be due to the antivirus or protection installed on the computer blocking the connection to establish in a secure mode.

Check the protection installed. Reset the browser once and clean it. Try using different browser to make sure it’s not due to any application installed on the computer. The internet connection that you are using could also be one the reason you are having this outlook problem. The internet used fails to load the DNS server and hence the connection turns into an unsecured connection. The solution to that is reboot the router once and reboot the computer too, when you restart the computer go to internet connection settings and under the properties of IP address version 4 and check the DNS settings. If the DNS setting is in automatically obtain from the network mode then it is fine.


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  • Sherly

    My outlook application is not responding. how can i recover it. please help me to recover my outlook application. thanks.

  • Dp Gray

    My incomming and outgoing server is not able to sign in. everytime it is showing incorrect username and password and whenever i try to add my email directly via exchange server. it is showing. outlook not responding.

  • Garry Rusell

    Can’t see any mail in inbox.

  • Ranny Ckon

    My outlook is not opening, it is stuck on processing. how to solve this problem.

  • My Outlook email is not working it is showing some error message. How can i fix it ?

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