My Pogo Game Is Not Working On My Computer ?

Error : My Pogo Game Is Not Working On My Computer:

Well games, who doesn’t like to play games. Pogo games owned by Electronic Arts offer hundreds of online games which are absolutely free. The most popular and widely played online games are card and board games, puzzle, sports and word games etc. But there are various factors which could be very irritating and frustrating while playing online games.


The few parameters that could create problems and spoil your ongoing Games games are:

  • 1. Plug-in Error
  • 2. Browser Error
  • 3. Account identification Error

How to fix My Pogo Game Is Not Working On My Computer Issue?

The online games always require some plug-in to run on the browser. Most of the online games these days use java plug-in. You might have noticed that sometimes your game screen suddenly goes off and you lose the game, that’s frustrating.


The java plug-in error is something which happens due to failed updates on the browser. In that case check the exact java plug-in version error that is being displayed. It can be searched on the Google too, just download and install the required java plug-in and the problem would be fixed. The other way to install the missing java plug-in is, just go to the settings of the browser and install the missing plug-in fro there.

There are other few plug-in that some of the online games run on, for example flash player and shockwave.

Browser Error May Cause : Pogo Game Is Not Working Issue

Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari are some of the most popular browsers. Sometimes due to cookies, extensions and history attached on the browser, the browser stops responding and you might get an error as “This page cannot be displayed”.


Well like explained above it is due to the cookies, extensions and the history, resetting the browser definitely would fix this problem. Not only this, resetting a browser would fix almost all the problems that could arise due to a browser update failure.

Resetting or refreshing a browser is easy but there are few things to keep in mind before doing that.

Account Identification Failure:

Most of the online game websites give different options to create an account with them which is always free. You also have the option to play any game as a guest but that would not save the game that you are playing, once you close the browser, it’s gone. Next time you play the same game again it starts from the basic level, which of course no one prefers.


If you do not want that to happen, you will have to create an account with pogo games. You can connect either your facebook account or your Google account and instantly get an account for you and start playing. I would rather suggest to create a new email account first from any domain, for example Google(gmail), attach your phone number with the account so that even if you forget the password for this new email account you can always recover it. Now use this email account to create your pogo games account. The reason I would recommend to create a new email account is you might get several promotional emails and emails from the game websites which you would not want to mix up with yur personal emails. That could be even more frustrating.

Sometimes while logging into your pogo games account due to some reason your password is not recognized and you are not able to log into the account. In that case you can just click on the forgot password link on the login page and it will send an email with a link to the registered email address. By clicking on that link you can recover your account very easily and enjoy the game from where you had left.

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