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Facebook Problems

Facebook is social media website for chatting and communicating with friends. if you are having problem with your facebook account in your computer. kindly update your browser and then try to login with Facebook first. if Facebook is still not working then this might be server problem.

Common issues related to facebook- 

  • Account sign in issues
  • Application issues. 
  • Connection issues. 
  • Website issues. 

7 thoughts to “Check Facebook Down Status | Facebook Problems”

  1. Is Facebook really down or is it just me having the problem. I am not able to sign in and the worst part is I cant even change the password for the account as I do not have the phone number to reset the password. I am sure I have the correct password but it is not taking it. I am screwed. Do I have to create a new account or would I get my account back? I know I have the correct password, I signed into my account yesterday and it was working perfectly fine. Any suggestions?

  2. Can’t access my facebook account. every time it says,”incorrect username and password”. tried to change the password, but no better luck. is facebook down or there is account problem.

  3. Over the past week or so, I have had problems trying to get into Gmail. I use Chrome. I get the following message: unexpectedly closed the connection.

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