Outlook/ Hotmail Up or Down

Is outlook down in your area? Msn, hotmail and live mail are now migrated into outlook. People are having the sign in problem with the emails. They think, the email is down. But most of the time this is the problem because of outdated browser or they have not accepted the sign in terms.

Problem Reported in last 24 hrs. 

Common Issues 

  • Heidi Jones

    I am trying to open outlook on chrome and it is giving me an error. It says my connection is not private. I uninstalled chrome and reinstalled it yet I get the same message. Its not just chrome, I tried other browsers such as explorer and Firefox and none of them work.

  • Pattie

    Not able to access outlook. every time it is showing “something went wrong” . is this happening because outlook is down . or there is some other issue.

  • misha

    Can’t open outlook 2016 on my mac computer.

  • K. Cozzi

    Well I am trying to access my Hotmail account. using windows live mail. everytime, It just says, error, server offline.

  • Marian

    Connection is not secure window comming on chrome, whenever i am trying to access the my outlook mail from account.

  • Corie

    it is 1:40 EST and I can not access my outlook.live.com on my laptop, I can access it on my iPhone and ipad.

  • Rihana

    Outlook.com email is down. can’t see any email on my computer . whenever i am trying to access the email.

  • Jim Gregory

    Can’t sign into hotmail account using ipad and macbook pro. my email is working fine on windows 8 computer. everytime, when i try to sign in to account. it just says can’t access the account. incorrect username and password. how can i fix my outlook account.

  • Catherine Ott

    Can’t login to my live.com account using my samsung tablet. how to recover the account.

  • Michael Mayo

    Can’t send mail from my outlook.com account, whenever i try to send the email it does not go through. how to recover my hotmail account.

  • Michael Mayo

    Can’t login to outlook account. is outlook down?

  • Can’t see any email in my hotmail account. it just shows empty. while when i try to login my email into other computer it is showing all emails .

  • Marvin johns

    Can’t see any email in my hotmail account. it just shows empty. while when i try to login my email into other computer it is showing all emails .

  • Hemen

    Hi dear I was deleted my account I want back to recovery can you give me advice

  • Maria

    why am i not able to sign in to outlook? is outlook down today?

  • John

    Can’t access my outlook account it just says “we can not access this account right now. please click next to try again. ” . i don’t know why this error is comming with my microsoft hotmail account.

  • Aqsa Hanif

    i forgot my outlook id… how can i recover it? Evevn i tried phone numbers

  • BANG

    hello there, my problem is that i have a very very old hotmail account and i stopped using it from like 4 or 5 years ago, iguess, and now i want to access into my e-mail account but it always says that “That Microsoft account doesn’t exist. Enter a different account or get a new one.”
    and i have no idea what does that mean, like is it hacked? or probably got removed from Microsoft itself because it’s not active? although i made sure that i typed it correctly and one of my old friends still using that email address on their Twitter account so i don’t know what to do. Can u help?

    • Rain

      i have the same problem. did you find the solution yet?

  • csg1184

    Finally changed MSN password, now not receiving hotmail. Please help!

  • Disgruntled

    The last thing I want is Outlook. I am a happy Thunderbird user ans use MailWasher Pro to download all emails to my laptop. Now I can’t find my hotmail account at all. I wish Microsoft would just leave us alone. Then life would be fine.

  • lisa hedan

    can’t send emails from my outlook account since yesterday. how to fix this send emails problem.

  • Lara Douglis

    Call outlook Support At Toll Free Number- 1-800-585-2494

  • Lanu Akum

    i forgot my outlook email address name

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