18 thoughts to “AOL Mail Not Working | AOL Mail Down, Email Problems”

  1. my aol mail is not working on my pc while it is working on my smart phone. i tried to reset the browsers but still there is not results.

  2. My aol account is not working. I have tried to configure my account with multiple times, but still getting the same errors.

  3. I just don’t understand …what is the problem with these AOL mails ??? Why is AOL continuously going down??? And when it’s down, it’s down for hours at a time!!!!!! this is very frustrating

  4. Its down in California too…I keep getting Service Errors. There was a problem handling your request. An unspecified error has occurred.” or “502 Bad Gateway”. Can’t access the account !! AOL mail down???

  5. I am disconnected from AOL. Been using Safari. Now that doesn’t work for email or FB. Tell me how to fix this problem. Have any ideas?

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