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Are you here to complain about microsoft outlook / hotmail problems? or do you want to know the status of MSN mail server? is it down or up? Let me tell you, people are getting problems with their hotmail or MSN mail since microsoft has migrated their all emails into outlook.

every, day there are so many people complaining about different kind of problems such as- login problem, email send & receive problem etc. sometimes, these problems are related to user settings, and sometimes they are from the server side.

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Is Outlook / Hotmail Down:

If there is an update going on the outlook server, it may be down. that’s why you might face the little problem with your Hotmail account. in fact most of the time, people are related to hotmail server.  So before looking the steps for troubleshooting the account,  first you should check the outlook server status.  To know about the outlook server status, you may call outlook helpline.

the outlook / hotmail server can be down according to area wise also. so when you are calling outlook support to know about the server status. you should ask them according to your area.  whether it is down or not.

To know the live status of outlook / hotmail down in your area, you may read the comments below.


81 thoughts to “Is Outlook /Hotmail Down | MSN Mail Problems”

  1. I am going through outlook problems since three days, i tried to reset my hotmail account but nothing worked till now? is outlook down?

  2. last night, when i went to sleep. i had 5758 emails on my outlook account. when i tried to login my outlook account this morning, i had only 70 emails. first i thought, this problem can be related to web browser.
    so i opened another web browser and tried to login there. but i had same problem there as well.
    I checked the junk and trash folder. they are empty. now i am totally confused about where those emails have been gone and how can i recover them.

  3. About a day back, i have configured my email into outlook app. now i am getting emails on my pc. but not on my phone. why??

  4. I created a hotmail account many years ago. nowdays, i rarely open it. usually my brother use it these days, because he is playing the game on xbox through this acccount.
    Yesterday, i need to look at some old email. so i tried to open my email on my computer.
    to open the email, i went to and enter the username and password.
    now when i hit the login button, it is not going anywhere. just stays on the same page. now i am totally confused why is it doing this. also i tried to open my email on my pc. but nothing worked. So i called my brother and asked to him to login outlook email on his account.
    When he tried on his computer. he was also dealing with the same problem. what can be problem behind outlook problem.

  5. Few days back, i bout a new phone and i had installed outlook application into it for accessing my email. also configured my outlook email account successfully.
    It worked fine for two or three days, and then it has started creating so many problems.
    sometimes my outlook application crashes.
    Sometimes, it is not opening.
    so i am totally confused, is there any update going on outlook server? i really don’t know what should i do in this situation.

  6. Can you tell me when outlook will start working fine? for how long it will down more? i am tired. will it be fixed or should i switch email to another email provider.

  7. Cannot send email via hotmail all day? tried various method but nothing works. why? how to fix hotmail problems?

  8. I havn’t gotten email. even i sent them on wedness. why hotmail is not working? is outlook down today?

  9. i cannot open my hotmail account since three days, now i am wondering, why am i going through such kind of problem.
    Can you tell me the reason.

  10. I cannot use my live mail account on apple macbook. it is showing me a blank page. nothing else. if i open my account on my ipad. it is working fine.

  11. I cannot open my email on my computer. it is saying, this page cannot be displayed. i checked the internet. it is working fine. it’s just the outlook website, i am having problem with. so can anyone tell me how can i fix this problem?

  12. I cannot open outlook on my computer, i tried to sign into outlook with different accounts but still not working what can be the reason behind this problem and how can i fix the problem.

  13. About five days back, my hotmail account was working fine, but suddenly, i got something went wrong message. I Knew this problem is not from my end. it’s happening from outlook side. So i did nothing, and my account has started working fine after 5 days.
    Today, I am having similar problem. but it is more than an hour but problem is still not fixed.
    So is hotmail down today
    may i know, how much time outlook will take to fix there server?

  14. I cannot see any emails into my outlook inbox, it is showing blank on my pc, if I take a look on my phone. it is showing the emails.
    Why?? is this because of outlook down or it’s my account problem.

  15. My hotmail account is giving me something went wrong error message, when i try to sign in, what can be the reason behind this problem and how can i resolve this problem by myself.
    Please help me in fixing this problem.

  16. I cannot use skype on my phone. i tried to sign in multiple times, but it is giving me this service is not available message. what could be the reason behind this problem.

  17. can’t sync calendar into my outlook account, is outlook down or what is the reason behind this problem. how can i fix it.

  18. I cannot open my outlook mail on my phone. while it’s working fine on my computer. why?? is outlook service down for smartphones.

  19. I can’t see my emails on hotmail anymore. what can be the reason behind this problem. please help me.

  20. i am not getting my hotmail account live since three days, it is showing old messages also, no response to the new message. i really want to know, why is this problem comming, is hotmail down today ??

  21. i cannot open outlook account on any computer, what can be the reason behind this problem. tell me the best way to fix outlook email.
    no buttons are responding sign in, sign in out forlders nothing.

  22. outlook not working on microsoft edge and firefox. while it is working fine on google chrome.

  23. Hotmail freezes up after few hours. and it’s not with single browser only. but it is happening with all browsers. what is the reason behind this problem. please help me in fixing the problem.

  24. I have an old MSN account, which is not working now. everytime, when i try to sign in . it is saying this page is not available. so i want to know what is the reason behind this problem and how can i resolve this problem.

  25. My hotmail was working fine until last night, but now it is not working any more. i am worried what can be reason behind this.

  26. I cannot go to page. it is showing this page is not available. first, i throught, the problem is related to my internet. so i checked my internet connection. every thing working fine.
    i tried to open different different websites as well. but this problem is coming with hotmail website only. why??

  27. Unable to view emails on outlook. it shows a blank white screen. seriously. what wrong with outlook??

  28. I am going through outlook problems? don’t know how to troubleshoot it.
    Also is outlook down today?

  29. why is my outlook not working. i am clicking to open it. but it won’t respond. i am literally tired with these all problems.

  30. my outlook account was working fine till this evening but there is no emails now. what can be the reason behind this problem.

  31. I cannot see my emails into hotmail account. when I click on inbox. it shows a blank page. tried to log in to another browser as well. but no result. can you tell me how can I resolve this problem?

  32. Having outlook not working problem for a long time, now i tired with asking why is this problem coming every day. why is microsoft not working on it?

  33. Can not sign out from hotmail account since three days, i am trying to do so. but nothing works. litterly tired with this problem.

  34. i think i got bad luck today, i woke up and my outlook is not working. but when i came here. i found there are so many users complaining about this problem. is outlook really down?

  35. Hotmail is not working on firefox and other accounts, what is the reason behind this problem. how can i resolve this problem. i really need to fix my account. please tell me the reason for this problem.

  36. Funny, hotmail keeps saying, i need parental permission to access my account. I am 59 and my parents are not in this world anymore.
    Also, i think i am capable enough to understand about my good and bad? then why are you (microsoft) kidding with me.

  37. Dear microsoft,
    I hope you know about the problem coming with hotmail, msn mail, and your other emails. if you really know about it. please tell me when is it gonna fix??

  38. My hotmail account freezes all time on my phone laptop and other devices as well. what is going on with hotmail ? when will it be fixed.

  39. what happened with microsoft hotmail? as i remember, it happens to be one of the best email service. but now getting so many problems.
    let’s talk about today, my account is working fine on one pc. while if i try to sign into another pc. it does not respond.

  40. Anyone!
    tell me the reason behind why @hotmail not working. i am going through this problem since 15 days. compained about this problem on different different websites. but no reply at all.
    When is it gonna fix.

  41. My account freezes all time as well as my laptop and desktop. what is going on with msn mail?? is msn going to die???

  42. I can’t read or open email on my safari. also the sign out button not working. However it is working fine on my laptop.

  43. I am truly not understanding, why is my hotmail not working. my wifes account is working perfectly fine. it’s just my account. on which i am going to have problems.

  44. Going through hotmail account problems, If i use it from phone or windows laptop. it is working fine. but not working fine on my apple mac book . I can’t double click on emails, also getting not responding message for some times.

  45. I am wondering, why is my outlook account not working. i am trying to access it on my phone. but i got nothing. just a blank page. nothing else.

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