About Us

Down Reporter is a online troubleshooting tech blog website. Here we tries to help our  users to fix the email related problems.

Each time, whenever users are facing any kind of problem with their email system. They just need to visit our website and follow the instructions to fix the issue by yourself.

Down reporter is completely free blogging website. we do not charge any single penny from users. we earn from advertising.

About our team:

Down reporter has a team of bloggers. who always tries there best to provide troubleshooting steps for there users. our bloggers has a years of experience in solving all these kind of issues.

when you face any kind of problem with your email. just visit down reporter, and try to find the solution for your problem.

If you don’t find the solution for your problem. you may directly ask a question on our website using the comment box .

Our website members will try to answer them in the comment. they might also write a separate troubleshooting blog on it. if it is needed.


What kind of help will you get here? 

as we have already mentioned, it is a email troubleshooting website. so here we are trying to cover all kind of issues related to the all email services like- gmail, yahoo, aol , outlook etc.

some of the most common popular queries are:

  1. unable to login to the email.
  2. send & receive issue.
  3. can’t sync with email server.
  4. Email filter issue.
  5. server loading issue.
  6. password recovery.  etc.

Our Next Goal – 

after getting success in the blogging world, our next move is for being a wheatherman for the digital world.

in simple words, we are upgrading our website with server status reporting panel. Here, we will show you the live server status for your every email.