How To Fix AOL Mail Blerk Error Code 3?

When you can’t log into your AOL email account and getting the Blerk error code 3 in reverse, I know this will be a very disappointing situation for you, especially when there is an urgency to access the AOL account. 

Usually, Blerk Error occurs while accessing the account due to the following issues.

  1. The browser is trying to load old webmail data. 
  2. Browser cookies are crashing. 
  3. Popup settings are blocked. 
  4. Other browser issues. 

In simple words, this error is almost similar to the AOL Blerk error 1. If you are currently unable to load the AOL mailbox on the browser. Here are the steps to do that. 

How do you fix AOL mail blerk error code 3 on any browser quickly? 

aol blerk error code 3

Clear the cookies & browsing data – 

Whenever you cannot sign in to the AOL account due to the AOL Blerk error code 3, please begin the troubleshooting process by clearing the web-browser data. 

Fix AOL mail Blerk error 3 on google chrome user- 

  1. Let’s open google chrome on the computer. 
  2. Go to the browser history by clicking on the history option available in the Chrome menu. 
  3. Please push the clear browsing data from the side menu. 
  4. Check all boxes and select the time frame too. 
  5. Press the clear data button to delete all kinds of browsing data. 

Fix AOL Blerk error code 3 on internet explorer or edge – 

  1. Let’s open the internet options from the control panel. 
  2. Put a checkmark on the delete browsing history and press the delete button. 
  3. Once you press the delete button, please hit the ok button to make changes. 

Fix Blerk error on the Firefox – 

  1. Open Firefox and go to the privacy and security option. (you will see it under the Firefox settings). 
  2. Scroll down and press the clear data button to delete all kinds of data from the browser. 

Once the data gets deleted from the browser, you may now reload the AOL mailbox. 

Enable the popup from browser settings- 

AOL recommends enabling the popup on the browser; if you don’t allow it, the browser might not load the mailbox. So you should go to the browser settings and enable the popup settings from there. 

IN google chrome -> Open chrome >> settings >> advance settings >> site settings >> pop-ups >> if disabled >> click on enable. 

Mozilla Firefox ->Open the firefox >> options >> uncheck block popup option. 

Internet explorer -> go to internet options à security à turn off the popup blocker. 

Update the browsers- 

Sometimes the AOL mail Blerk error code 3 appears because of an outdated browser. When you are using an old browser that hasn’t been updated for ages, it might not be compatible with the AOL security patches. 

So, you should check for a browser update; you can easily do it by clicking on the update browser button.

When you are looking for a browser update, it is important to have internet access on your device.  

Reset the browser- 

After changing all these settings, you cannot eliminate error code 3 on the AOL email. Please reset the browser, but you should take the backup of your bookmarks and other important data before doing this. 

TO Reset any browser, you need to go to the advance settings and click on the factory reset button.

After the browser reset process gets completed, you need to restart the browser and then reload the AOL mail on that browser again. Let’s see what it shows there. If it still can’t fix the Blerk error, you need to remove the browser and install a more recent browser version into your computer. 

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