Guide To Fix AOL Desktop Gold Not Responding Error 2020

AOL has always been famous for user experience. That’s why they have decided to build a program (AOL desktop) through which you can access all AOL services. 

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It works brilliantly on the computer and the network. But sometimes, being a computer or network program, it may cause little problem for you. 

AOL desktop gold not responding or stopped working is one of them. 

How do you fix aol desktop gold not responding

Force Close the AOL desktop- 

Whenever your AOL desktop gold is not responding, you can force close the AOL mail desktop from the task manager. 

For Windows users- 

  1. Let’s open the run window and type taskmgr, press the ok button. 
  2. Choose AOL desktop app from the process tab, and press end process or task button. 

For mac users- 

  • Right-click on the AOL desktop program available in the bottom side. 
  • Select the force stop or quite an option. 

Once the program ends, you can relaunch the AOL desktop program once again. 

Check the device compatibility – 

Mostly, people get themselves engaged with the AOL desktop gold not responding issue due to the compatibility issue. 

To install the AOL program on your pc, you must have to match the requirement. 

OS type: minimum windows 7 or ios 10 or later version. 

The processor should be atleast 266 MHz, and it should have a minimum 512 mb ram; 

Also, talking about the display type, it has atleast 1066 * 768 px display. 

So let’s ensure that your pc matches the following compatibility, if it is an older pc, you have to upgrade it or switch to a new pc. 

Remove the virus from your pc- 

Sometimes, we can have the AOL desktop gold stopped working issue due to the virus issue. 

It there is any virus presented in your pc, it may interrupt the loading process or corrupt some files. Due to which, you might deal with the AOL desktop stopped working problem. 

So you should close the program on the windows or mac pc, and install a new antivirus virus. Now scan your pc to eliminate the virus. 

Disable the firewall for 3 minutes- 

Apart from the virus issues, sometimes your firewall might be considering the AOL desktop as a strange program. Due to which, it might be causing the not responding issue while you try to access the program. 

So you should switch off the firewall on pc using the control panel on windows and system preference on the Mac pc. 

Now relaunch the program. Let’s see is loading or still showing the not responding error on your pc.

The internet can cause the AOL desktop not responding error –  

Suppose your AOL desktop gold stopped working on your pc. In that case, you should check the internet connection, most probably, you have slow internet or no internet connectivity, which is why AOL desktop is not loading mails or content on your device. 

So you should review the internet connection and get it fixed if necessary. 

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Switch off the proxies & VPN servers- 

AOL desktop program works using the original ip address only. If you try to load the program using the proxy or vpn programs, it might not sync to the server. 

proxy server

If you want it to work again, you have to disable the proxy programs on your pc and switch off vpn server as well. Now try to reload the program. 

It will be running fine on your pc. 

The files are corrupted- 

Sometimes, you might deal with the AOL desktop gold not responding error due to the file issue. Maybe there is some files corrupted; that’s why it is not responding on your pc. 

So you need to reload the pc and see what do you see on your pc now. 

So you can uninstall the AOL desktop program from your pc first. 

for windows pc- 

  • Let’s launch the program and features a window on your pc. 
  • Pick the AOL desktop program from the list and press the uninstall button from the top menu. 

For mac users- 

Select the AOL desktop program and drag it into the trash folder. 

Right after uninstalling the program, you can open the AOL desktop official website and download new software. Now install it on your pc. 

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