[Solved] How To Fix AOL Desktop Not Responding | Stopped Working

“this article is about how to fix aol desktop not responding problem or stopped working issue. if you are going through similar issues. read this post until the end and follow the steps.”

About AOL Desktop

Everyone, who is using AOL service for a long time, must be quite familiar with aol desktop software. But this tool can be little strange for them.

So let me tell you something about AOL desktop for new users.

AOL desktop is a centralized tool for accessing all services offered by AOL Inc. such as- emails, chat, search etc.

when it is working as a browser; also it works like an email client software on the other hand.

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So in other words, we can say aol desktop is an easy control panel to organize and execute the aol services. If we talk about types of aol desktop software available in the market, there are two types of software.

First one is known as aol desktop regular version. Which is a free software tool for every Aol users. But there is no official support for this software.

While another version is known as AOL gold, that is a premium version of aol desktop software.

You can use this software after paying $4.99 per month. If you are facing any problem with aol desktop gold, you may claim for support from aol official support.

they will help you in resolving any kind of issues related to aol desktop.

if you want to try, you can also get aol gold desktop on trial basis. if you like it, you can join gold membership later.

Solve AOL desktop not responding –

Both of these versions of this tool are fantastic. Every people love to use this software.

But sometime this software may generate little trouble for you. AOL desktop is one of the most common issues for users.

Each time, when they try to open this software, they get “AOL desktop not responding message”.

If you are also one user, who is having AOL desktop not responding problem?

I will suggest you follow the instructions given below.

Talking about the root cause of this, this problem usually comes because of the following issues.

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  1. The software is outdated.
  2. Compatibility issues.
  3. Internet connection issue.

Now we know the reason for aol desktop not responding problem. So it’s a time to go ahead and troubleshoot the problem now.

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1. Update AOL software-

if you are going an outdated version of aol desktop. No doubt, this is the reason behind aol desktop not responding.

You need to update your browser immediately.

You may find the latest version of AOL desktop’s official website. once you will download the software you need to go ahead and update it by yourself.

If you are unable to find the update or any issue. you may contact aol customer support.

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2. Compatibility issue-

Have you ever used AOL desktop on your computer before? I am asking this question, just to make sure that your computer is compatible with AOL desktop software.

If we talk about the system requirement for AOL desktop installation, here is the list of it.

  1. You should have at least windows vista operating system with internet explorer 7.0 on your computer.
  2. Processor speed should be at least 266 MHz
  3. Display with 1068 *768 resolution.
  4. Recommended 512 MB free ram

This is the basic requirement for installing AOL desktop software. If your computer doesn’t match these criteria.

I will suggest upgrading your computer.

after upgrading your computer, you can try to install aol application and run it.

I am sure you will not struggle with aol desktop not responding problem anymore.

3. Check AOL Services-

Make sure that aol services are not down. You may check it from aol official website or visit is AOL down or contacts aol customer support?

If services are slowing down, you should sit back and relax. Your problem will be automatically fixed once the aol server will be up.

4. Security Issue-

 Your security software might play a vampire role against aol desktop software and cause aol desktop is not responding problem.

So I will suggest you disable the firewall, antivirus, and other securities for a while and then try to open the software.

5. Quite Program from task manager-

When your computer is loading many programs at the same time when you try to open aol desktop. It may cause not working the problem for you.

So you need to quit the program from task manager in windows computer and then restart again.

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You may follow these instructions on your windows computer to stop the process-

  • Open task manager.
  • Go to process tab.
  • Click on aol service.
  • Now choose end process.

Now you need to reopen it and check if this is working fine or not.

6. Trouble while connecting AOL with the Internet-

Sometimes while using the AOL, AOL might suddenly have the problem with connecting to the internet.

You may not be able to send or receive emails. Here are few things to check.

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  • First of all, check if you are able to visit other websites and see if your internet connection is working fine.
  • Reboot your router if the problem still persists
  • Contact your internet service provider to check if the problem is not on their end.

Reinstall the software- after performing all these steps, if aol desktop is still not responding.

I will suggest you uninstall the tool from your computer and reinstall it.

Now I hope you must be able to troubleshoot aol desktop is not working problem.

but somehow if it is still not working. I will suggest you contact aol customer support and them for a solution.

Thank you for reading aol desktop not responding,

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