Troubleshoot AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem

Recently, I went to the email community for a contribution. There, I saw, many AOL mail users were complaining about not receiving emails issue.

So tried to share the solution for them, later, I decide to write an article on this blog as well. So people can get easy help without sharing more knowledge.

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If you have also stopped receiving emails on your AOL account. I would suggest you stay connected with this article and follow the instructions to fix the problem.

Quick solution for fixing the AOL mail not receiving emails problem –

aol mail not receiving emails, unable to receive emails on aol mail

  1. Check the AOL mail filter settings.
  2. Check other folders (spam, trash, etc. ).
  3. Review the block list carefully. You may have blocked those emails.
  4. Turn off the forwarding feature.
  5. Check POP / IMAP server settings.

Brief Guide to fix can’t receive emails on AOL account-

Delete the email filters-

If you can’t receive emails on your AOL webmail’s inbox, you should check the email filter settings first.

When there is a filter working on your email account, technically, you will be receiving all emails from the senders but they will be directly landing into the other accounts like- spam folder or any other given folder.

AOl email

So you should delete all email folders using the steps given below:

  1. Go to the mail settings on aol account.
  2. Click on general settings and select email filters.
  3. If you can see any filter working on your email, you need to disable them.

Check spam settings-

If your AOL mail is not receiving some kind of specific emails into your account. you need to check the spam settings. Possibly, you selected that kind of email as a spam mail.

That’s why they are not coming to the inbox and going not to spam or trash folder.

Disable the email forwarding-

Never forget to check the email forwarding settings on your account. Most of the time, people can’t receive emails on their AOL mail account due to this.

When you enable the email forwarding settings by mistake, your email will be directly forwarded to the given email address.

AOl email


This is why you will start fighting with the aol mail not receiving emails issue.

So you should review the forwarding settings on your account. if you find it enable, you need to go ahead and disable it immediately.

  1. Sign in to the AOL account and click on mail settings option.
  2. Click on email forwarding.
  3. If you find it enable, just go ahead and disable it.

Check Imap / POP server details-

If you can get the new emails on your computer but can’t get them on your phone or outlook application.

You should check the IMAP and pop settings. Possibly, you have set up your AOL account with the invalid server settings, that’s why your aol mail is not getting new emails from the server.

The incoming server name for IMAP –

Outgoing server name-

Port no- 993

Incoming server name for pop3-

Outgoing server name-

Port no- 995

Always keep the SSL authentication enable for both ports,

So these are the instructions about how to fix can’t receive emails on aol account problem. if you are also facing any other issues with your aol account. please let us know.

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4 thoughts to “Troubleshoot AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem”

  1. How do you fix the aol mail not receiving emails problem. I has been more than a month, I didn’t gotten any new email from my sister.
    I have talked to her over the phone. She said, she sent few mails.
    tell me the way to fix the problem.

  2. Can somebody explain why is aol not getting new emails. It has been more than a week. It doesn’t get new emails. tell me the way to fix the problem.

  3. I can’t receive aol mail on outlook using the macbook or windows 10 computer. I tried few things but didn’t get the solution.
    1. filters settings are correct. there is no issue.
    2. forwarding is disabled.
    3. Account settings are valid.
    Checked all these three things but still not getting the emails on outlook. how do you fix the aol not getting problem.

  4. How do you fix the aol not receiving emails. I can’t get new emails on my outlook application. It just shows me error all time. what should I do to fix the problem?

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