Why Is My Sbcglobal.net Account Not Receiving Emails?

Recently, I went to the sbcglobal community website. There I saw many users are going through the unable to receive email problems.

They are complaining about this problem very frequently, but not getting the solution to the problem.

So keep that thought in mind, I had decided to write this article on how to fix sbcglobal.net mail is not receiving emails problem.

In this article, I am going to cover each and every possible reason behind can’t receive emails on the sbcglobal account.

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Why Is My Sbcglobal.net mail account not receiving emails –

Before sharing the troubleshooting instructions, I would love to share the information about the root cause behind this problem.

Basically, users face can’t receive emails problem with their sbcglobal account due to the following reasons.

  1. Filter Issue.
  2. Forwarding issue.
  3. You have blacklisted the sender’s email.
  4. The sender is typing the incorrect email address.
  5. Misleading server addresses (if you are unable to receive emails on phone or third-party applications).

So these are the five basic reasons. This may block the new incoming emails on your sbcglobal account.

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How to fix can’t receive emails into sbcglobal.net account problem –

sbcglobal email

So we know the basic reasons behind can’t receive emails into the sbcglobal.net account. Now it’s time to troubleshoot the problem. So follow the instructions given below.

Be sure sender is typing the correct email address-

If you cannot receive emails from any specific person, ask your sender to double-check the email address. most of the time, people are mistaking in typing the correct email address and that’s you don’t receive any emails there.

Also, If the sender will be typing the incorrect email address, they will get the delivery failed error message in revert.

Check Email Filter Settings –

Email filters are used for filtering the incoming emails. Whenever someone sends you any emails. this filter will check the email and send them to their deserving folder.

Let’s say, you have created a filter for delete promotional emails. Whenever you will receive any promotional emails into your sbcglobal account, it will directly go to the trash folder.

Basically, filter feature is useful but at the same time, It can get you into the trouble. If you don’t know how to configure it properly?

So if you have created any filter into your sbcglobal account. It might possible; your email filter is blocking the new incoming emails. That’s why you are not receiving emails into your sbcglobal.net account.

So you need to delete the sbcglobal email filter immediately, and then send a test mail to yourself. Let’s see if you receive it or not.

Forwarding issue-

This is the most common reason behind sbcglobal.net emails not receiving email problems. Most of the time, people forward their emails into another account. That’s why they don’t receive any emails.

So you should check the forwarding settings. If you find it enabled, just go ahead and disable it.

Typing the incorrect email server address-

If you can’t receive emails into the sbcglobal.net using the phone or third-party applications like- outlook, lotus, etc. it can be due to the incorrect server address.

So you should check the server address and be sure you are typing the correct server address.

After following all these instructions, you should get rid of sbcglobal.net emails is not receiving email problems.

Somehow it the problem still continues, you need to comment down below. We will come with a few more good solutions.

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