Why Is AOL Not Sending Emails Through App & Browser?

Are you unable to send emails through AOL email account? If yes! Do not worry, here are the standard techniques to troubleshoot the sending issue on AOL email account. You can use these techniques to fix your issues.

Quick instructions to fix AOL mail not sending emails: 

If you need a quick method to fix the AOL mail not sending emails problem. You can use this guide to troubleshoot the AOL mail problems.

  1. Login your AOL account through incognito or another web browser.
  2. Check the server load. Maybe the server is flooded with the overload of AOL users. That’s why it delays the delivery.
  3. Clear the cookies, bookmarks and cache files from your web browser, and then reload the account.
  4. Enable the pop-up settings for the AOL website, and then resend the emails.

fix aol problems

 Advance guide to fix can’t send emails on AOL account problems- 

If you can receive the email on aol account but can’t send new emails to anyone. Here is the advance guide to get your send& receive problem fixed.

The server is overloaded- 

When you send an email from AOL account, but the users can’t receive the email on AOL account?

You should ask them to wait for 5 minutes. Maybe the server is overloaded, that’s why it is delaying the emails.

Once the AOL server is free, it will deliver your message to the receivers.

Clear the cookies, bookmarks-

When your browser is using the old cookies, it may not function properly. As a result, it will not send any emails to the given address.

In such a case, you have to delete the cookies and cache files from your web browser, after clearing the web browser, you need to log in the AOL account on your computer. Now send a new email to your love ones. Let’s see if they are receiving the emails or not?

To clear the bookmarks, cookies and cache files, each browser has different ways. Here I have mentioned a few of them.

fix aol problems

For the Chrome browser: 

  1. Let’s initiate the chrome browser and go to the history of the web browser.
  2. Push the clear cookies and date option from the left pane and select all options.
  3. Now press the delete options.
  4. Finally, the files will be deleted from your web browser. You may go ahead and delete the computer files as well.

Enable the pop settings on your browser well- 

When your AOL mail is not sending emails to your friends. You should enable the pop-up settings, maybe the pop or java settings are disabled; that’s why the send button is not functioning.

So you should enable the pop-up buttons and enable the javascript on your browser. Now try to resend the messages.

Aol help

Can’t send emails through AOL Mail app or any third-party app- 

If AOL mail is not sending emails through the mail app. You should review the following settings.

  1. Check the user login details.
  2. Review the server information.
  3. Create an app password for AOL account (if you use the two-step security).
  4. Re-add the account using the valid information.

These are the four most common reason for AOL mail not sending emails through the mail app. Now it’s a time for me to share the instructions to fix the problem.

Check the login details- 

We have seen people reporting about can’t send emails through aol account due to the login details error. Very often, they set up their AOL account on the app using the invalid login details. That’s why they can’t sign in to the AOL account.

As a result, they can’t send emails to their love ones.

So you should make sure that you are not repeating the same mistake.

Review the server information- 

Along with the user information, you should never forget to check the server information. If you enter the invalid port number or server name of your aol account. Your mail app won’t be able to sync to the mail server. That’s why AOL mail not working on your iPhone or any other phone.

Add the AOL account again- 

If you have already used the above steps but still can’t send email through your aol account. You should delete the AOL account from your mail app, and reconfigure the account.

This method will determine the issue.  


How To Fix AOL IMAP Not Responding Problem?

When you try to configure your AOL account on the phone or any other party application like- outlook, mail app, etc., but you get the IMAP is not responding, message all the time.

Or if you have already configured your account, but when you open the mail app, then you get this kind of error message in the revert.

In this position, you won’t be able to get the emails on your AOL account until you fix the difficulty.

So here is the guide to fix this kind of issue, you may use this guide to troubleshoot the problem.

Fix AOL Problems

Necessary steps to fix the problem- 


  1. Close the mail application on your device,
  2. Now restart your device and reopen the mail application.
  3. Clear the mail app’s cache files.
  4. Check the incoming server port no, authentication type, and other details.
  5. Please remove the account and configure it using the latest account details.

Advance guide to fix AOL.imap not responding issue- 

So we have discussed the essential guide to troubleshoot the imap.aol not responding issue. Now it’s time for me to go ahead and fix the problem.


Update the account details- 

When you get the AOL IMAP is not responding error message, you should check the account configuration settings,

Maybe you have entered the wrong account details for the AOL IMAP server. That’s why it is not working.

So you should update the IMAP server details with the following information.

Server address- imap.aol.com

Port no- 587

Authentication type- SSL

Check the username and password- 


If you have updated the server details, but IMAP is still not working for your AOL account. You should examine the AOL login details.

There are chances of typing the incorrect username or password, that’s why IMAP is unable to sync to the mail server.

You may update the password on the mail application any time; If you can’t remember your AOL password, you may go ahead and create an AOL password.

Disable the security programs- 

Fix AOL Problems

Sometimes, you may have aol mail IMAP not responding error message due to the security programs when your security programs are blocking the incoming port.

Your mail application won’t be able to sync to the AOL mail server. In such a case, you will face AOL email login problems or imap.aol.com, not responding to error.

So it would be best if you disabled the security software for a while, and then try to sync with the AOL account again.

Reconfigure the AOL account- 

If you have already performed the above action, but IMAP is still not working on AOL mail. You should eliminate the account from the mail application and configure your AOL mail account with valid information.


Fix AOL Not Receiving Emails Problem 2020

AOL is always known for the frequent services, there server rarely delay the transportation of emails. but still sometimes, users are complaining about not receiving emails problem on the email forums.

When they access their AOL mailbox, the new email doesn’t appear in the inbox. They can see the old emails only.

Some users can’t receive emails on their smartphones, while others are unable to get the new emails on the webmail or computer.

Today, we are writing the troubleshoot instructions to fix they can’t receive emails problem, so if you are unable to receive the emails on your smart phone or computer. Stick with this article and follow the steps to fix the issues.

Complete guide to Fix AOL Email login problems 2020

fix aol problems


Some effective tips to fix the aol not receiving emails problems by yourself-


  1. Check the short date on your inbox, maybe you have chosen the old mail first. That’s why new emails are missing from aol account.
  2. Please review the trash and spam folders.
  3. Check other custom folders if you have any.
  4. Terminate all kind of mail filters and turn off the forwarding as well.
  5. Inspect the email block address list. Probably, you have deleted the email address. That’s why you are struggling with AOL mail not receiving emails problem

Advance guide to troubleshoot the aol not receiving emails-

If you are unable to solve the aol mail not receiving emails problem using the rapid guide. Do not worry, use this guide to troubleshoot the issue.

Terminate the filters on your aol account –

When you can’t receive the emails on your aol account, probably, your mail filters are routing the incoming emails. That’s why your aol account is unable to get the emails on your device.

  1. Go to the aol mail settings on the webmail.
  2. Click on the email filters and select all filters.
  3. Now press the remove or delete button that you see there.

Once you will delete the email filters, you should send a test mail to yourself by another account.

Check the server settings –

fix aol problems


When you can’t receive emails on your mail app. You should inspect the server settings and information. Likely, there must be some confusion between the incoming or outgoing server details. Which is causing the aol not receiving emails problem on your mail apps.

For the easy and convenient way, I will recommend you to use imap server for account configuration. IMAP server works best with the aol mail accounts.

Talking about the account configuration, you should use the following imap information.

Incoming server address- imap.aol.com

Port no :: 993

SSL :: Yes.

Outgoing Server address :: smtp.aol.com

Port no:: 587

SSL :: Optional.

Turn off the forwarding –


When you turn on the forwarding on your aol account, your emails will jump off from your inbox folder and delivered to the another account.

Normally, people use this feature, when they want to access multiple account from one email address. If you have turned it on by mistake, do not worry, turn it off, and then you will start receiving your new incoming emails into your account.

  • Go to the settings on aol webmail.
  • Click on the forwarding and disable it.

Reset the browser settings –

Sometimes you may face AOL not receiving emails problem due to the browser settings, when your web browser is not compatible with the AOL mail requirement or some other settings are invalid.

In such a case, you should factory reset your web browser, and then try to reaccess your aol email account again.

Disable the antivirus and proxy programs for a while- 

If you can’t receive emails on your aol account using the mail app, check the security programs. May be they are blocking the communication between your device and aol mail server. That’s why you can’t access the emails on your aol email account. So disable the antivirus on your devices and then reload aol account on your device again.

So these are the quick methods to fix the aol mail not receiving emails problem. if you have any other trouble with your aol account, you may tell us or contact aol team to help you.

Fix AOL Mail Disappeared Problem | AOL Missing Emails

When you open the AOL account on your computer or smartphone, your email suddenly disappeared from the AOL mail account.

There can be multiple reasons for AOL mail missing emails. But today, in this article, some of them are listed below.

  1. The browser is unable to read mail queries.
  2. The web browser is unable to load the complete mailbox.
  3. The anonymous person has permanently deleted your mails.
  4. The server is unable to respond. That’s why emails are missing from AOL.

Apart from this, sometimes, you may encounter the AOL mail disappeared problem due to the app-related issues.
fix aol problems

Today, in this article, we are sharing a complete guide to recover the deleted AOL emails. You may utilize this guide to recover your missing emails on the AOL account.

Step 1- Troubleshooting process for AOL mail disappeared problem on webmail- 

Review the folders- 

If some old emails are missing from AOL’s inbox. You should go to the other mail folders like- sent, draft, spam, or trash folder.

If you can find your emails there, there is a filter active on your AOL account, which is transferring those emails there. You can use these steps to remove the filter.

  1. Let’s open the AOL mail account on your computer or any device.
  2. Press the settings gear and hit the mail settings option.
  3. Now click on the filters option from the settings menu.
  4. If you see any active filter, please press the delete button next to it.

Disable the spam mail feature-

If your emails are landing into the spam folder. It means you have enabled the spam filters. That’s why your AOL mail has been disappeared from the inbox, and they appear on the spam mail folder.

In this case, you have to disable the spam filters using these techniques.

  • Let’s initiate the mail settings on the AOL account.
  • Press the spam settings option from the menu.
  • If the spam filter is enabled, you need to disable it.

Now you have to move your emails back to the inbox to keep them safe. Otherwise, they will be automatically deleted from your AOL account after 30 days.

fix aol problems

Review the recent activity- 

Let’s monitor the latest activity. Do you see any unknown activity on your AOL mail account? If yes! It might be possible; some anonymous person has access to your AOL account. and they have deleted the emails from your account.

That’s why AOL mail disappeared from your inbox. In such a case, you have to communicate with the AOL mail team to retrieve the mails.

Recover the emails from trash folder- 

Have you checked the trash folder of your AOL account? If yes! You can restore your emails by moving them back into the inbox.

  1. Let’s visit the trash folder on the AOL account.
  2. Put a check on all emails that you want to restore.
  3. Press the move button and select the destinated folder.

The server is unable to respond- 

Sometimes, you may have AOL mail disappeared problem due to the server issue when your AOL mail server is not responding or running slow. You might not be able to load the mailbox completely.

That’s why some emails might be missing from your AOL account.

So, you should verify the AOL live server status in your local area. If it is working fine or not?

Step 2 – Fix browser related issues to fix missing emails on aol- 

If there is nothing wrong with AOL settings but still aol missing emails. This issue may be associated with the browser.

Clean the web browser- 

Let’s begin with optimizing the web browser, you should wipe the browser’s cookies cache and history, and then try to load the email on your account. and then re-login your account.

Here I am sharing the instructions to clean the chrome:

  1. Open the chrome and visit chrome://history.
  2. Let’s bang on the clear browsing data from the menu.
  3. Now select all kind of data files, and press the clear data button.

Update the browser- 

You should also check for the browser update. Maybe your outdated; that’s why AOL mail disappeared from your account.

  1. Open the URL chrome://settings/help on your computer.
  2. Press the update button, if there is any update pending.

Step 3- verify server details and account info to solve aol mail disappeared issue- 

If AOL mail disappeared from the apps on your phone, while they are available on the webmail. You should review the account settings information.

Your incoming & outgoing server information should be accurate. Also, the entry and exit port should be correct.

If you are entering them incorrectly, your smartphone will be able to download the emails.

Incoming port- imap.aol.com

Port no- 993

Outgoing port- smtp.aol.com

Port no – 587

Re-add the account- 

If you still can’t resolve the missing emails problem on your aol account. Then you should remove the account from your AOL mail and add it again.

  1. Go to the settings on your smartphone.
  2. Press the mail & account option (it may be different on other devices).
  3. Tap on your AOL account and press the delete button.

Right after removing the AOL mail account, you may re-add it again.

Other questions related to the AOL mail- 

Why is sent mail missing from the AOL account? 

This may be happening because of the account sync issue. You should delete the email account and re-add it using the IMAP server.

Let’s see, do you still face AOL mail disappeared problem?

aol email login problems


Fix AOL Mail Disappeared Automatically Problem

These days, We are getting so many complains about missing emails from AOL mail users.

As per their statements, AOL emails are getting disappeared from their mail folders like- inbox, sent or spam etc., while they didn’t delete any of them.

They all are studying for the answer about how to recover deleted emails on the AOL account.

Keeping that in mind, today, we are writing this complete guide to fix the AOL mail disappeared problem.

If you are also the victim of automatically missing emails problem, keep reading this blog, and continue to follow the steps to fix the AOL mail problem.

Reasons for AOL mail disappeared problem- 

fix aol problems


There can be the various cause behind AOL mail disappeared problem, but here I am pointing out some of them.

  • Email settings issue (AOL filters, spam settings, and forwarding settings)
  • AOL server glitch.
  • Your account has been jeopardised.
  • Browser or Pc issue.
  • Account configuration issue.

The solution to recovering deleted Emails on AOL account- 

So we know the valid reasons for aol old mail disappeared problem, now it’s a time to rescue them, to recover the emails, you may use these techniques.

Monitor Spam Or Trash folders- 

If emails are missing from aol inbox or any other folders. You should review the junk and trash folders. If you see the emails there, Than, firstly you should move them into your previous folder. Now do the next tasks.

Turn off the AOL email filters- 

Please verify that the filter is not enabled into your pc. If it is allowed. you need to go ahead and disable it using these steps.

  1. Let’s initiate the AOL mail account on your pc.
  2. Push the gear (settings) icon and select mail settings.
  3. Push the filters option from the left menu.
  4. Now If you see any filters, Push the delete button next to it.

Turn off the Spam mail settings- 

If your aol emails are missing some crucial emails, It means, you have marked those emails as spam mail.

That’s why the emails are disappearing from the account. So you should turn off the spam settings.

  • Move backward to the mail settings.
  • Click on the spam settings available in the left panel.
  • If it is enable, you need to turn it off or set it to the low.

Disable the AOL mail forwarding option- 

fix aol problems


If your aol email disappeared from the account and they are also not available in the trash or junk folder.

You should monitor the AOL forwarding settings If it is allowed, It means, your emails have been forwarded to some other accounts.

That’s how messages are juggling from AOL mail account.

So should turn off the forwarding settings,

  • Go back to the AOL mail settings again.
  • Under the mail settings, click on forwarding option.
  • If you see it enabled, go ahead and disable it.

Monitor AOL Server Status- 

If your aol old mail disappeared from the account all of sudden, It may be due to the server glitch.

There might be some update running into your account, and your emails got deleted automatically.

You can confirm about this kind of issue from aol email experts. You can call them or chat with them about your situation.

they will confirm, If there is an issue from the server or from your account side.

They will also help you in aol email recovery.

Check the Browser settings- 

When you face the aol mail missing emails problem, and getting inbox or spam folder empty.

You should try to get into your aol account using another web browser. If it can successfully get the emails.


You should review the settings of your previous browser. Chances are, your browser is not loading emails correctly. that’s why some of the emails are missing from the account.

  • Clear the web cookies & cache files.
  • Renew the java scritps.
  • Restore the browser.

Account has been japperdise- 

Let’s monitor the recent activity on your aol account, If you see any kind of unusual movement into your aol account.

It intends, Someone has japperdise your aol account, and they have deleted your emails purposely.

In such a case, You should secure your account, and then talk to the aol team to recover your missing aol emails.

So this is the complete guide to recover missing old emails on aol account.

Regularly Questioned issues by aol users?

Why AOL mail disappeared on iphone- 

Did you check the account configuration settings? is your iphone able to sync to the aol server properly.

Most of the time, people get this error message, because they do not configure their account correctly.

You may also use the aol’s own app to use these emails.

AOL Sent mail disappeared From the iphone and other mail apps why? 

Please configure your account using the IMap server rather than POP. Pop servers are not able to sync all mail folders. that’s why Some of the emails may be missing.

Why Is AOL SPAM Mail Missing automatically? 

AOL will automatically delete all emails available in spam folder, which is 30 days old.

So If your old emails are juggling from the aol mail account, They have been deleted by aol.

AOL mail folder disappeared on phone or other apps- 

As I have already said, This could be due to the incoming server issue. so you should exclude the account from mail app, and resetup it.

I hope this will help you in fixing the aol mail problems, If you have any other thought related to aol. let us know, we will help you in fixing the problem.

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Fix AOL Desktop Not Responding Or AOL Gold Stopped Working Issue

AOL Desktop is a software by AOLinc. , through which it allows its consumers to check their emails, chat, make a quick search, listen to music , watch videos and so on.

Most of the consumers who use AOL email use AOL desktop software on their computer because it is very easy to use and secure as compared to AOL web mail.

Most of the AOL email customers are well aware of the features and usability of AOL desktop software.

AOL desktop comes with innovative interface, best design and some great features which require some of the system requirement and space.

But like any other software AOL desktop is not free from some of the technical flaws. Most of the consumers have reported complains about the software at some point of time.

Any kind of issue that arises with AOL desktop could frustrate a user especially when it hampers accessing of emails.

Aol help

Since AOL Desktop is a free version, AOL does not offer any official support for the software.

AOL also has a premium version of the software that is known as “AOL Desktop Gold”. but for AOL desktop gold you need to pay some kind of monthly subscription fee in order to avail the software and it has official technical support from AOL.

So in this article we will talk about the most common and most frustrating issue that consumers have frequently complained about aol desktop not responding.

Through this article, I will highlight causes that would lead your AOL desktop not to respond and also measures to troubleshoot the issues.

Why AOL Desktop Not Responding-

Her e is the list of issues that might cause AOL desktop not responding issue-

  1. Compatibility issues-
  2. AOL desktop is out of date.
  3. Corrupt software- If the AOL desktop you are using is corrupted then you should fix the problem.
  4. Firewall rules- Some of the firewall rules also hamper the usage of the software.
  5. Insufficient RAM on the device- AOL desktop requires some amount of Random access memory (RAM) to function effectively.If you do not have enough ram, the software won’t function properly.
  6. Presence of malicious programs on the device
  7. Conflict with antivirus programs
  8. Poor internet connection.

How to fix aol Gold not responding issue 

Here I will outline the steps through which you can troubleshoot aol gold not responding issue.

1.Compatibility issues may cause aol desktop not responding issue-

This is one of the most common causes that would interfere the smooth running of your AOL desktop software.

Compatibility issue generally suggests that the system requirement does not match up the software requirements.

Such a scenario might cause the software to crash frequently. So first of all, you need to check the system requirement for the software to be installed.

Here is the system requirement for installing AOL desktop-

Operating system –  Windows 7 / 8/ 8.1/ 10 or IOS version 10.

System Processor -266MHz or faster

Screen Resolution -1068×768 or higher

RAM of approx 512 Mb.

To check the system configuration of yours, you need to right click on my computer and hit properties. now you will able to see the system information just like given in the following image.

2. AOL desktop is not up to date may let you fall in aol gold not responding issue-

Aol help

Do you know an Outdated software could create multiple issues.

So first of all you need to update the software to the latest version. To do this, you need to go to control panel and click on add or remove programs and from the list of software.

look for AOL desktop and uninstall it. Once the software is uninstalled, you need to go to the AOL official website and download the latest version of AOL desktop.

You may also visit:

how to fix aol mail login problems

Fix AOL mail not receiving emails problem

3.Corrupt AOL desktop software may cause aol desktop stopped working issue-

Sometimes due to reasons like virus attack or Trojans the files required for running the AOL desktop software could be corrupted.

which in turn won’t let the software to run smoothly. In order to fix the software,

  • you need to go to the control panel,
  • and from add or remove program uninstall the software
  • Reboot the computer
  • Download the software from AOL official site
  • And install it back again.

4.Firewall rules may also cause aol desktop not responding issue-

Some antivirus or anti hacking software have firewall rules that might interfere with the execution of the AOL desktop software.

So you need to make sure that those firewall rules are not affecting the smooth running of AOL Desktop.

In order to fix this, disable all the firewall in your device. Once you disable the firewall you need to reboot the software.

5.Insufficient ram can make aol gold not responding problem-

This is also related to the system requirement. Insufficient RAM would not allow any software to run smoothly and AOL desktop is no exception.

You need to make sure you have enough free ram so that the software can run smoothly. To do this

  • you need to -uninstall all the unnecessary software that is taking up RAM on your computer
  • Go to control panel and click on add/remove programs
  • And from the list, uninstall all of the unwanted software
  • open task manager by hitting control+alt+delete
  • Now go to the process tab and stop services that you do not require
  • And finally you can also expand your ram buy purchasing RAM chips with much space.

6.you can have aol desktop not responding in the Presence of malicious software or program-

This is no rocket science that presence of malicious software would affect smooth running of your system and software.

Presence of worms, virus, Trojans or any hacking software won’t let your AOL desktop to function properly.

In order to fix these problems you need to scan your computer with a good antivirus. Once the scan is completed you need to reboot your computer and then open your AOL desktop.

7.You might have aol gold not responding problem due to the Conflict with antivirus program-

Though antivirus helps your computer to be secured. Some of the antivirus conflict with other software which creates issues in executing some of the software.

So you need to make sure if the Antivirus or ant hacking software are not conflicting with your AOL desktop Gold.

So you need to disable your antivirus, to do this you need to open your antivirus, go to the settings from the panel and turn it off.

After you disable your antivirus, reboot your computer.

8.Poor Internet connection may also cause aol desktop stopped working problem –

Sometimes poor internet connection might also affect running of your AOL desktop software.

SO you need to make sure you have working internet connection. To do this, you can open any web browser and try visiting any websites.

if you are not able to open the websites, it should be the internet, Call your internet service provider.


Fix AOL Blerk Error 1 [Best Guide To Fix Error Code]

AOL blerk error 1 is one of the most irritating error code; People are getting these days.

This error may be occurring due to several possible reasons; some of them are listed below.

  1. Browser issue.
  2. Site authentication error.
  3. Internet or trust setting issue.

So these are the most popular object for AOL blerk error 1. Now you all must be questioning about how do you get back your email again.

Well, it’s not that tough, you can quickly fix AOL mail blerk error code 1 by using these methods.

Troubleshooting Guide For AOL Blerk Error Code 1 –

Update the bookmark settings- 

Let’s start with updating the bookmark settings on your browser. Your web browser might not be able to reach to the old AOL address, which is saved in the bookmarks. This is why you are suffering from blerk error code on your AOL website.

To update to bookmark settings, you can use these tricks.

Update bookmark on chrome- 

  • Launch the google chrome browser on your pc.
  • Move to the bookmark settings.
  • Select the AOL address and click on delete bookmark.
  • Now Click on add bookmark and type aol.com

Update the bookmark on Mozilla- 

  • Launch the Mozilla browser.
  • Open the bookmark window.
  • Select AOL address and push the delete button.
  • Now add the new AOL mail address.

Check the Security Settings on your browser- 

When your AOL mail is not working, you should check the browser security settings.

There might be a fair chance of security issue. Your browser might be blocking the AOL host url.

Also, It might be possible your browser is not trusting this url that’s why you perceive that kind of error word.

So you should add your AOL website into the trust security zone settings of your browser.

Change DNS settings- 

If you are yet unable to load AOL mail login page and getting blerk error code 1.

Let’s update the DNS settings of your browser. Most probably, you are not entering the correct server details. That’s why you are getting this kind of errors.

Change the browser cookies- 

Have you tried to clear the cookies of your browser? If not, please do it now.

Sometimes, the cookies may be the blocking the secure connection. That’s why you are suffering through this failure code.

So clear the cookies for your browser, and then reload the page.

Install a new browser- 

If you have already tried the above steps but still can’t log into your aol email account due to the AOL blerk error 1.

You should uninstall the current browser from the computer, and install a new browser.

You can get the latest version from the internet.

So these are the techniques to fix blerk code 1 on your device.

If you have any other questions, comment down below.


How to Reset AOL Password | Change AOL Password


What would be your reaction, if you woke up in the morning and realize, you couldn’t sign into aol mail account? I don’t think anybody will be happy at that moment.  Because you will not lose the connectivity from your people only but we will also lose important emails as an interest.

If you can’t sign into AOL email account, just because you have forgotten the password? and looking instructions for how to change aol mail password.  You are at right place to find the instructions for reset aol password.

In this article, I am going to share all the methods for changing the email password. you should try one of them to reset aol password by yourself.

Steps for Change AOL Mail Password-

Before I will share any instructions about how to change aol mail password, I need to tell you, you should have access to at least one recovery option. So you can go ahead and reset aol password.


  • Open a web browser on your computer like- internet explorer, google chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Go to aol.com
  • Now click on sign in.
  • Below the username and password box, you will see forget password option. So click on it.
  • Now this will ask you for your email address. So you need to type your email address and click on the continue button.
  • Here you need to prove that you are not a robot. So simply accept the captcha code and click on continue again.
  • After proving you are not the robot, you will reach the next screen. Here it will ask for account verification.

For verifying the account ownership, you can go ahead and choose any one verification method, like- phone, security questions etc. and verify the account ownership.

Be careful when you are verifying your account. One wrong step may also block your account.

Phone Verification – if you will choose phone verification for verifying the account ownership, you will get a code on your phone via call or SMS. that you have to enter into your computer.

Security questions- this is the very easy method, to verify the account ownership. All you need to do just answer the security questions. Whatever you have set up.


  1. If you will verify the account ownership successfully, then you will reach the new password window.

So you can create your password now. But whenever you are creating the password, make sure you are making a complex password.

After resetting the password, you can go ahead and try to login to AOL account with a new password.

How to fix AOL mail not receiving emails problem?


How To Add AOL Account On My Phone?

Most of the people these days prefer accessing their emails on their smartphones because it is handy and hassle-free.

With the advent of high-end smartphones, computers are given fewer preferences when it comes to texting and emailing.

Emailing apps from Gmail, AOL and others have made mailing a really easy process. But most of the people are not aware of how to add AOL accounts on their smartphones.

So in this article, I will explain the steps to add your AOL account on your smartphones.


How to add AOL mail on your Android Device?

If you are using an android device and you want to add your AOL account to your phone, you need to follow these steps-

  1. Go to Email app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the vertical lines on the upper left corner
  3. Now click on the settings, it will look like gear like icon.
  4. When you are in your settings page, look for add account option.
  5. Now tap on add account
  6. Now click on add new account.
  7. Enter your ail email address and enter the password
  8. Tap on the sign in the lower right corner.
  9. It will try to connect to the server and once it connects to the server, your email would be added.


Adding AOL email with manual setup

  1. Go to Email app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the vertical lines on the upper left corner
  3. Now click on the settings, it will look like gear like icon.
  4. When you are in your settings page, look for add account option.
  5. Now tap on add account.
  6. Now click on add new account
  7. Enter your AOL email and tap on manual setup at the lower left corner.
  8. Now you can choose pop3 or IMAP
  9. If you are choosing IMAP account, enter your AOL email account on the email address field, your aol email address in the username field and password
  10. Incoming server settings for IMAP

IMAP server- IMAP.aol.com

Security- SSL


  1. Outgoing server settings

SMPTP server- SMTP.AOL.com



Authentication required- yes


If you want to add your AOL email to your iPhone and Ipad devices, you need to follow these steps-

  1. Go to the settings on your device
  2. Under settings tap on “Accounts and passwords “or “Mail, Contacts, and Calendar”
  3. Click on add account and Scroll down and choose “other”
  4. Name: your name

Email: your AOL email-address

Password: your AOL email-password

Description: enter “AOL”

  1. Incoming server settings-

Hostname: imap.aol.com

Username: email

Password: your email password

  1. Outgoing Mail server

Hostname: smtp.aol.com

Username: email

Password: your email password

  1. Now tap on next / save on top right corner of your screen
  2. AOL will verify your username and password and once it is done your account will be added.

In case, if you face any difficulty with account login. you may visit: how to fix AOL mail login problems

Why is my AOL mail not receiving emails


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