Quick Fix Verizon Mail Not Receiving Problems?

In 2017 Verizon decided to move its email service to another platform. In order to access email service, customers need to migrate over to another email service such as AOL or Yahoo.

It took some time for customers to adjust with the new settings but it was a smooth transition. However still a lot of faces a lot of problem with their email account.

One such common issue is that they can’t receive email.

This problem is very common with AOL or even Yahoo.  There might be many reasons that you are not able to receive emails.

If you are using any third party application to access your emails and you can’t receive emails or even having problems connecting or sending emails, then one reason might be that you have not updated the application.

How To Fix Verizon Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem-

To continue using your email service, try the following steps:

  • Update the third party application with a new version.
  • Make sure that you are using your full email id as your username while login. Such as username@aol.com or username@verizon.net instead of just username.
  • If you see a security certificate pop up asking to accept it, you need to do that, but also you need to consult that support team for that.

If you are still having the problem and still can’t receive emails by using the third party application using POP service then you need to follow the following steps.

Try different setting; add a second account using IMAP service. You need to use imap.aol.com server and port 993 as your incoming server.

Also, don’t forget to enable SSL service. Also, do not remove your POP account as you will need that account to view your old email messages.

Next, your outgoing email server would smtp.verizon.net and the port number would 465.

If you are using your Verizon or AOL email using a third-party app, you need to manually configure the server name and the port number.

Following are the server name and port number for both Verizon and AOL email.

Most of the email service providers have account setting menu and we can configure our Verizon email over there updating the IMAP or POP3 settings there.

Can’t send and Receive email Solution:

For IMAP Protocol:

Settings are:

Incoming mail server(IMAP):imap.aol.com

Port Settings: IMAP-993-SSL

Outgoing mail server(SMTP): smtp.verizon.net

Port Settings: SMTP-465-SSL

For POP3 Protocol:

Incoming mail server(POP3):pop.verizon.net

Port Settings: POP3-995-SSL

Outgoing mail server(SMTP): smtp.verizon.net

Port Settings: SMTP-465-SSL

Even after configuring the IMAP or pop3 settings, if you still can’t receive email, then try doing the login through webmail.

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Fix Can’t Sign Into Verizon Mail Problem

Verizon is the most widely used email service around the world. Verizon Email is a Paid email service by Verizon, an American telecommunication company which deals in wireless products and services.

Compared to any other paid email services, Verizon is most sought after email service.

Verizon also offers email users a brilliant interface and a very reliable email platform for communication.

When it comes to security Verizon has hands down the best secure email servers.

Verizon also offers technical support for all its products. Not only it offers the best email service but also it provides very friendly and easy to use interface.

So it becomes very easy for the users to check and compose their emails.  But since Verizon like any other emails service is the product of technology, it is not free from flaws.

So at times, the user might face problems like not able to send emails, not able to receive emails, not able to log in to Verizon and so on. So I have come up with this article to help you identify and troubleshoot one of the most common Verizon issues, i.e. can’t sign into Verizon Email or Verizon log in problems.

Most of Verizon email user tends to access their emails from a computer or a mobile device depending upon the accessibility.

Here in this article, we will discuss Verizon mail sign in problems in both the devices. First of all, we will start by identifying the cause that may create Verizon mail sign in problems.

Reasons why you can’t sign in to Verizon mail-

  • Problems with Verizon email servers.
  • Poor internet connection
  • Cookies and caches
  • Wrong email configuration
  • Outdated browser
  • Suspicious browser extensions
  • Wrong email or password
  • Email being blocked
  • Virus issues
  • Firewall blocking email server
  • Browser hijacking 

How to troubleshoot can’t sign into Verizon mail issue?

Unable to sign in to Verizon account could be really frustrating, especially when you have some urgent work needed to be done through email.

For any person who does not understand the technicalities, it would be even harder to identify the causes. And sometimes it would be a scary experience when you suddenly can’t sign in to your Verizon Email.

So here in this article, I will talk about the steps to troubleshoot Verizon mail sign in problems.


Troubleshooting Verizon  Email  if you are using it through mobile devices

Make sure flight mode is off-

This is the very basic problem but we tend to underestimate it. Putting the phone in flight mode disconnects it from data services. And if your phone is not connected to the internet you won’t be able to access your emails. So please make sure your phone is not in flight mode. To do this, go to the settings on your phone, tap on General and turn of flight mode.

Verizon application on your device is outdated-

If the Verizon application on your device is outdated, then you might face sign in problems. So you need to update the Verizon application with the latest version.

In order to update the application, you need to go to the respective store, if you are ios consumer you need to go to apple app store and if you are the android customer, you need to go to Google play store and install the latest Verizon app.

Uninstall the Verizon app-

Even after following the above steps, you are still facing the issues, you need to uninstall the Verizon app and install it back again.

In order to do this, you have to go to the settings on your phone, under settings, go to application manager and look for Verizon app from the list, once you find Verizon app, tap on it and select uninstall.

After you uninstall the app, you need to go to Play store and install the Verizon app back again.

Issues with Verizon server-

Sometimes if there are issues with Verizon email server, you might not able to log in to your Verizon.

But sadly, you cannot do anything about it, and you have to wait for the server issues to be fixed.

  Troubleshooting Verizon if you are using it through Computer.

Browser issues May Cause Can’t Sign Into Verizon Mail Issue-

If you are accessing your Verizon from a web browser and you cannot log in to Verizon, sometimes the problem lies with the browser.

If you are using an infected browser or hijacked browser, Verizon server would categorize it to be a suspicious attempt to log into your email account, so it will block the access.

So in this scenario, you need to reset your web browser, in order to do this, you need to go to the settings of your browser, click on advanced and click on reset.

Sometimes unwanted or suspicious browser extensions could lead to verizon mail sign in problems, so resetting a browser would get rid of all those problems. Also an outdated browser would fail to load your Verizon.

So it is very important to update your web browser, in order to update your browser, you need to visit the official website of your browser and install the latest browser, for e.g. if you are using Mozilla Firefox, you will have to visit the official website of Mozilla to download the latest browser.

Clear cookies and caches from your browser May Cause Verizon Mail Sign In Problems-

Sometimes one or the other cookie on your browser would create problem while signing in Verizon account. So you need to clear the browser cookies and caches by going to the settings of your browser.

Wrong email or password May Cause Verizon Mail Sign In Problems-

This is one of the most common and frequently reported problems. If you are using the same password for long and unable to log in anymore, chances are there that your password is compromised, so you need to Change the Verizon mail password. To do this you need to-

  • Go to www. Verizon.com
  • Now put in your email address in the email address field
  • Now click on forgot the password
  • Google will now send you a verification code to your recovery phone number or email address
  • Now retrieve the code and enter in the box shown in the screen
  • Now create a new password.

 Sometimes we unknowingly enter the wrong email while trying to sign in, so we need to make sure that we are entering the right email address.

No internet connection Maybe the Reason Behind Can’t Sign Into Verizon Mail–

It is not rocket science to know that you won’t be able to access Verizon without an internet connection.

So you need to make sure you have a working internet connection. In order to check this,

you need to try to open any other websites on your computer and see if you can open them. If you are not able to open it, then it must be the internet. You can reset your modem or router o call your internet service provider

Verizon email server issues Can Be The Reason Behind Can’t Sign Into Verizon Mail–

If the problem is coming straight from the server, you cannot do anything about it. You will have to wait for the servers to be up and running.

Firewall blocking Could Be The Reason Behind Can’t Sign Into Verizon Mail Problems–

If you are using any kind of antivirus or firewall on your computer, it sometimes might block your device’s communication with the Verizon server, which would eventually lead to verizon mail sign in problems.

So you need to disable your antivirus or the firewall. In order to do this, run your antivirus, go to the settings, and turn it off.

After turning it off, reboot your computer and try signing in to your Verizon.

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