Fix AOL Blerk Error Code 1 | 10 Ways To Fix

AOL blerk error 1 is one of the most irritating error code; People are getting these days.

This error may be occurring due to several possible reasons; some of them are listed below.

  1. Browser issue.
  2. Site authentication error.
  3. Internet or trust setting issue.

So these are the most popular object for AOL blerk error 1. Now you all must be questioning about how do you get back your email again.

Well, it’s not that tough, you can quickly fix AOL Email blerk code 1 by using these methods.

AOL Email Blerk Error Code 1

Troubleshooting Guide For AOL Blerk Error Code 1 –

Update the bookmark settings- 

Let’s start with updating the bookmark settings on your browser. Your web browser might not be able to reach to the old AOL address, which is saved in the bookmarks. This is why you are suffering from blerk error code on your AOL website.

To update to bookmark settings, you can use these tricks.

Update bookmark on chrome- 

  • Launch the google chrome browser on your pc.
  • Move to the bookmark settings.
  • Select the AOL address and click on delete bookmark.
  • Now Click on add bookmark and type

Update the bookmark on Mozilla- 

  • Launch the Mozilla browser.
  • Open the bookmark window.
  • Select AOL address and push the delete button.
  • Now add the new AOL mail address.

Check the Security Settings on your browser- 

When your AOL mail is not working, you should check the browser security settings.

There might be a fair chance of security issue. Your browser might be blocking the AOL host url.

Also, It might be possible your browser is not trusting this url that’s why you perceive that kind of error word.

So you should add your AOL website into the trust security zone settings of your browser.

Change DNS settings- 

If you are yet unable to load mail login page and getting blerk error code 1.

Let’s update the DNS settings of your browser. Most probably, you are not entering the correct server details. That’s why you are getting this kind of errors.

Change the browser cookies- 

Have you tried to clear the cookies of your browser? If not, please do it now.

Sometimes, the cookies may be the blocking the secure connection. That’s why you are suffering through this failure code.

So clear the cookies for your browser, and then reload the page.

Install a new browser- 

If you have already tried the above steps but still can’t log into your aol email account due to the AOL blerk error 1.

You should uninstall the current browser from the computer, and install a new browser.

Now You can get the latest version from the official company.

So these are the techniques to fix AOL Blerk Error Code 1 on your device.

If you have any other questions, comment down below.

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