How Do I Fix AOL Mail Blerk Error Code 1?

AOL Blerk! error code 1 is one of the most frequent error that appears during the login period. This error comes on the computer due to the cookies & cache . Most the Blerk! error 1 looks like the AOL Blerk Error code 3 

Here are the 4 most common reasons for viewing Blerk error on the browser like-

  1. The Web-browser are junky.
  2. AOL web authentication problem.
  3. Internet or Local network related issues.

So these are few basic causes for AOL Blerk error 1. Now you all must be thanking about how do I get rid  from blerk error code 1 from aol on any browser.

Well, it’s not that tough. Here, you can quickly fix AOL Email Blerk code 1 by using these simple methods.

AOL Email Blerk Error Code 1

How Do I Fix AOL Blerk Error Code 1 On Any Browser?

Update the bookmark settings- 

When you are unable to open the AOL webmail on the phone or computer due to the error code 1. please begin with cleaning up your web browser.

Likely, the web browser is unreachable to the old AOL email address. which, you have saved in the bookmarks. This is why you are suffering from the Blerk error 1 while loading the aol mailbox.

If you don’t know the process for cleaning up the browser cookies, cache & bookmarking data, Please follow the techniques given below.

Update bookmarks on the google chrome- 

  • Open the google chrome browser on the computer or mobile device (On which, you are getting the error).
  • Go to the bookmark settings.
  • find the AOL address  available in the list and click on delete bookmark.
  • Now Click on add bookmark.
  • Input the new AOL URL. and press the add button.

Update the bookmark on Mozilla- 

  • Let’s open the Mozilla browser.
  • Open the bookmark window.
  • Select AOL address and push the delete button.
  • Now add the new AOL mail address.

Check the Security Settings on the browser- 

When AOL mail is not working, you should check the browser security settings.

There might be a fair chances of issues related to the security breach. Probably, the browser has blacklisted the AOL host (DNS) server.

If you receive blerk! error 1 on the internet explorer, It might be possible that the browser is not trusting AOL  URL. that’s why  Blerk error code 1 is keeps appearing on the windows computer.  So you have to make the following changes.

  1. Open internet explorer &  Click on the internet options.
  2. Click on the security and then click on trusted sites.
  3. Now click on the add site button and add the AOL Mail url.

In that case, you have to remove the current account and then retry to access the webmail again.

Change DNS settings- 

If you are yet unable to access the aol mail blerk code 1.

Let’s update the DNS settings of your browser. Most probably, you are not entering the correct server details. That’s why you are getting this kind of errors.

Change the browser cookies- 

Have you cleared the cookies of the browser? If not, please do it now.

Sometimes, the cookies or cache might be the blocking the secure SSL connection due to the privacy error. That’s why browsers are incapable to load  & showing Blerk! error 1. So clear the cookies for the browser, & then re-access the page.

For chrome: 

  1. Go to the settings on google chrome.
  2. Click on the site data.
  3. Select the clear cookies and site data.
  4. Select the data and press the clear data.

For Internet explorer – 

  1. Go to the internet options.
  2. Click on the general tab, and select the internet option.
  3. Choose the delete site data option and press the delete button.

For Mozilla firefox- 

  1. Open the firefox settings.
  2. Click on the privacy and security and then click on the clear data.
  3. Select the clear site data button.

Install a new browser- 

If you have already tried the above steps but still can’t log into your aol email account due to the AOL blerk error 1.

You should uninstall the regular browser from the laptop or computer, & install a latest version of driver.

Now download & install the latest browser.

So this is the rapid guide to fix AOL Blerk Error Code 1 on the computer.

If you have any other questions regarding AOL mail account, Please comment down below.

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