[Solved] How To Fix AOL Mail Currently Not Available Issue

Fix: AOL Mail Currently Not Available

AOL has graved thousands of users from the United States of America. People are in love with this mail just because of the easy control panel and quick response from customer service.

But since few months, there are so many people complaining for different kind of issues. sometimes, they can’t sign into aol mail, and sometimes they are unable to receive mail on aol.

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Now people are being engaged with one more new issue. Every time, when they try to go to the website, they are getting AOl mail currently not available error message.

Whenever someone gets this aol mail currently not available error message. The first thought they get in their mind is, AOL server can be down.

Yes sometimes, they are right. You might get aol mail currently not available message just because of server down issue. But if you are having this problem since a long time then this problem can be related to your computer and network.

So if you are going through AOL mail currently not available, I will suggest you to check out this article and follow the instructions to fix the problem.

Check Server Status –

As we already said in the above paragraph, sometimes this problem can be related to AOL server. So before worrying about anything, I think you should check the server status first.

To check the server Status You may visit At:  IS AOL down today?

If the server is down in your area then you have to wait for let the aol server up again. once the server will start working fine. Your problem will be automatically resolved.


But if the server is not down in your area, but still you are getting “aol mail currently not available” message, in that situation,  you have to follow the instructions given below.

Check DNS Server-

Sometimes, people are going through aol mail not working problem just because of dns server. because DNS server converts name Into ip address. so your ISP can read the query properly and you will get connected to the AOL server.

According to me, whenever you have to go through “aol mail not working problem”. I will suggest you change the DNS server address, make the new address as: (primary address) (secondary address)

After changing the DNS server, you need to reboot your computer and try to go to aol website again.

Security Problem-

Usually, people face aol mail currently not available or aol mail not working problem just because of incorrect email address.

So I think you should disable the security on your computer for a while and try to login to your email again. I am sure your email will start working fine.

thank you for reading aol mail currently not available blog.

how to fix AOL mail not receiving emails?

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