How to Fix Brother Printer Is Not Working Problem

Troubleshoot Brother printer is not working on my computer issue: 

Brother printer is not working one of the common problem people are having these days. So that’s why, today we decided to write about troubleshoot brother printer.

Usually brother printer won’t work because of few common reasons. So just follow these options to fix this issue.

Before you will go ahead to trouble brother printer is not working problem, you should try to copy something. If it is copying fine, Then you can go ahead and follow these steps to fix the issues.

Check the connection-       

If you are trying something from your brother printer but printer status is showing offline on your computer. The problem might be related to connection. So you should check the connection first.

  1. If you have connected your brother printer to the computer via usb cable. You should try to reboot your computer and printer and check if it’s working fine now or not.
  2. If you have connected your printer via wireless. It might possible; your printer is not properly connected to the wi-fi. That’s why your brother printer is not working. If your brother printer is not connected to the wifi. Then you may visit: how to connect brother printer to the wireless.

Troubleshoot brother printer driver–

if your printer is properly connected but you are not able to print something from your computer. The problem might be related to driver. So you should try to uninstall the printer driver and re-install the driver for your printer again. You may uninstall the brother printer driver by following steps.

  1. Go to run and type appwiz.cpl
  2. Right click on brother printer driver and click on uninstall.
  3. Now follow the instruction to uninstall the driver.
  4. Once your printer driver will be uninstall, you need to reboot your computer.

After uninstalling the brother printer driver, It’s time to install new driver on your computer. So you need to download the brother printer driver. You can download it from brother official website.

Check ink cartridge-

if you are getting blank page out, whenever you are trying to print something. The problem might be related to ink cartridge. So you need to check ink cartridge. Try to replace the ink cartridge in brother printer.

Paper jam issue may cause, brother printer is not working issue-

If you have followed the above options, but your brother printer is still not working fine, then your printer might be infected with paper jam issue. so you should try to clean your printer properly. For more information, you may visit: how to fix paper jam issue in brother printer.


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