Fix Can’t Sign Into Verizon Mail Problem

Verizon is the most widely used email service around the world. Verizon Email is a Paid email service by Verizon, an American telecommunication company which deals in wireless products and services.

If we measure it to any other paid service provider, It is most chosen email service. Verizon is also offering a really easy user interface along with the best email service.

When it comes to email security, It has hands down the best secure mail servers.

Verizon also offers technical support for all its products. It is not restricted to offering the best email services only perhaps they offer other digital media services too.

So it becomes very easy for the users to check and compose their emails. Yet, it is not glitch free, users might face the login problems.

So at times, the verizon users might complain about few problems like can’t sign into Verizon, send and receive error and so on. So I have come up with the assist help you identify and troubleshoot one of the most common Verizon issues, i.e. can’t sign into email or account log in problems.

Generally, Verizon users love to access their emails from a computer or a mobile device depending upon their convenience.

Here in this article, we will discuss Verizon mail sign in problems in both the devices. First of all, we will start by identifying the cause that may create Verizon mail sign in problems.

Verizon mail not working

Reasons why you can’t sign in to Verizon mail-

  • Problems with Verizon email servers.
  • Poor internet connection
  • Cookies and caches
  • Wrong email configuration
  • Outdated browser
  • Suspicious browser extensions
  • Wrong email or password
  • Email being blocked
  • Virus issues
  • Firewall blocking email server
  • Browser hijacking 

How to troubleshoot can’t sign into Verizon mail issue?

Unable to sign in to Verizon account could be really frustrating, especially when you have some urgent work needed to be done through email.

Troubleshooting steps for Verizon  Email  if you are using it through mobile devices

Make sure flight mode is off-

This is the very common reason for login problems. we generally underestimate it. Putting the phone in flight mode disconnects it from data services. And if your smartphones can access the internet but it won’t let you access your emails. So please do not keep your phone connected to the smartphone.

Verizon application on your device is outdated-

If the Verizon’s official app is not up to date on your device, then you might suffer from sign in problems. So you need to update the Verizon app with the newer version.

In order to update the application, you need to go to the respective store, if you are ios consumer you need to go to apple app store and if you are the android user, you can update it from playstore.

Uninstall the Verizon app-

Even after changing these settings, you are still facing the issues, you need to remove the Verizon app and install a newer version.

In order to uninstall the app, please open the settings window on your phone. Now open the application manager and find the Verizon app from the list, once you find Verizon app, tap on it and select uninstall.

After you uninstall the app, you need to go to Play store and install the Verizon app back again.

Issues with Verizon server-

Sometimes you can’t access the verizon account because of server settings. So you should check the mail settings.

  Troubleshooting Verizon if you are using it through Computer.

Browser issues May Cause Can’t Sign Into Verizon Mail Issue-

If verizon won’t let you sign into your email using web browser. please change the following verizon settings.

If you are using an infected browser or hijacked browser, Verizon server would categorize it to be a suspicious attempt to log into your email account, so it will block the access.

So in this scenario, you need to reset your web browser, in order to do this, you need to go to the settings of your browser, click on advanced and click on reset.

Sometimes the third party browser extensions could also lead to verizon email sign in problems, so you should reset the browser. Also an outdated browser would fail to access the verizon’s mailbox.

So it is very important to keep the browser up to date.  in order to update the browser, please visit the official website of your browser provider and get the latest browser from there, for e.g. if you are a firefox users, visit the official website of Mozilla to download the latest browser.

Clear cookies and caches from your browser May Cause Verizon Mail Sign In Problems-

Sometimes one or the other cookie on your browser would create problem while signing in Verizon account. Please clear the browser cookies and caches.

Wrong email or password May Cause Verizon Mail Sign In Problems-

This is one of the most generous problem. If you are using the same password for more than 180 days and now not able to log in anymore, chances are there that verizon password is hacked, so you need to Change the Verizon mail password. To do this you need to-

  • Go to www.
  • Now put in your email address in the email address field
  • Now click on forgot the password
  • Google will now send you a verification code to your recovery phone number or email address
  • Now retrieve the code and enter in the box shown in the screen
  • Now create a new password.

 Sometimes we unknowingly enter the wrong email while trying to sign in, so we need to make sure that we are entering the right email address.

No internet connection Maybe the Reason Behind Can’t Sign Into Verizon Mail–

It is not rocket science to know that you won’t be able to access Verizon without an internet connection.

So you need to make sure you have a working internet connection. In order to check this,

you need to try to open any other websites on your computer and see if you can open them. If you are not able to open it, then it must be the internet. You can reset your modem or router o call your internet service provider

Verizon email server issues Can Be The Reason Behind Can’t Sign Into Verizon Mail–

If the problem is coming straight from the server, you cannot do anything about it. You will have to wait for the servers to be up and running.

Firewall blocking Could Be The Reason Behind Can’t Sign Into Verizon Mail Problems–

If you are using any kind of antivirus or firewall on your computer, it sometimes might block your device’s communication with the Verizon server, which would eventually lead to verizon mail sign in problems.

So you need to disable your antivirus or the firewall. In order to do this, run your antivirus, go to the settings, and turn it off.

After turning it off, reboot your computer and try signing in to your Verizon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Verizon Mails? 

What are the settings for verizon emails?

Since 2019, Verizon is being hosted on the aol mail web servers. So use these settings to configure the verizon account.

Pop 3 server name- or   Port no – 993 SSL – Yes

Imap server name- or Port no – 995 SSL – Yes

SMTP Server Name-  Port no- 465 SSL- Yes

Why is verizon mail not receiving emails? 

If your verizon mail is not receiving emails. please check the mail filters and forwarding settings.

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