IMAP AOL Not Responding On PC Or Iphone | How To Fix?

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When you configure your AOL account on any email application, it must use the incoming and outgoing servers to communicate with the AOL mail servers. 

SMTP Mail servers are the only used for the purpose of outgoing communication; meanwhile, there is an IMAP server and pop3 server for the incoming server. 

When You plan to setup your AOL mail account on the mail app like- outlook, windows mail, etc.

Generally, they choose the IMAP server for  incoming communication because it is quick and works well in low internet speed as well. 

imap aol not responding problem

No doubt, AOL Imap servers are great to use but sometimes, you may be facing some issues with them.

Imap AOL not responding failure is one of them. 

When you open the mail app on your iPhone or computer, you will get a pop-up window that says, “ not responding,” and it will keep asking you to enter the username and password even if you enter the valid login details. 

Why is my mail app displaying the error message window? 

There can be numerous reasons for IMAP AOL not working problem; some of them are available below. 

  • IMAP server settings are invalid. 
  • Username/ password is not valid. 
  • VPN or proxy servers are active. 
  • Security programs are blocking the port. 

Now we know the route causes for the not responding error. So it’s time to discard the IMAP error. 

What to do when IMAP AOL not responding error occurs on the outlook or windows mail app? 

Update the AOL login credentials- 

Whenever you get the AOL IMAP not working error message on your outlook or any other mail app, please update log in credential first. 

In the pop-up window, where it asks for the username name, please enter your email address, and in the password section, enter your login password.

Fix can’t log into aol email account 2021

Check the IMAP server details- 

Right after updating the mail login credentials, you should also check the IMAP server details. You might have registered the wrong server detail. That’s why you are getting the not responding error message on the IMAP server. not responding on outlook

IMAP server name-

Port no – 993

SSL type- Yes.

SMTP server name-

Port no- 465

Account type- Yes. 

So go to the account settings, and modify these settings, now press the send and receive button. Let’s see if it is syncing to the AOL server now or not? 

  • Open the mail application. 
  • Go to the account settings. 
  • pick the aol account and click on the change or modify button. 
  • Type the server details given above.
  • Push the advanced switch and select the advanced tab. 
  • Enter the port number and SSL type details here.  
  • Press the apply changes button. 

Disable the proxy and VPN’s – 

Sometimes, the mail app cannot sync to the AOL server due to the proxy or VPN programs. Due to this, you will get the IMAP error or send and receive an error. 

That’s why there is any proxy or VPN program is active on your pc. Please go ahead and deactivate them. 

disable the VPNS

Disable the security programs as well- 

Sometimes, the antivirus or firewall may be blocking the incoming or outgoing ports. Due to this, you may be getting the not responding error. 

To check this, you can disable the antivirus and firewall on your pc for a minute and now open the mail app again. 

correct the time and date- 

Apart from the proxy and security programs, an invalid time and date may also be why IMAP AOL is not working problem.

You should check the time and date, also correct the time zone. Once you make these changes, you may retry to reaccess the mail account. It will work fine for you. 

What to do when IMAP AOL does not respond on the iPhone or other smartphone? 

If you can’t receive emails on aol and getting the error on the iPhone, please make these changes to the mail settings. 

Enable the internet- 

First of all, you should enable the internet on your iPhone. If you are using the mobile data, please turn it on by visiting the settings >> and mobile data. 

If you are using the wifi, ensure that your iPhone has joined to the wifi. 

Update the mail password- 

Have you modified the AOL password recently? If yes! You need to update the new AOL password on the iPhone using these details. 

  • Open the settings window on iPhone 
  • Swipe up to reach the mail, contacts & calendar (If you are currently using the recent version, search for the accounts & password. )
  • Touch the AOL account, and go to the password section. 
  • Update your new AOL login password and press the done button. 

Right after updating the password, you may open the mail app; let’s see, do you see the not responding error on the iPhone now or not? 

Configure your account using exchange server- 

iPhone is still showing the IMAP AOL not responding error; you may eliminate the account and configure it using the exchange server. 

aol email

  • Go to the mail, contacts, and calendars again. 
  • Tap on your AOL email account and push the delete button. 
  • Touch ok on the pop-up window. 
  • Once your account gets deleted, press the add account button. 
  • Select AOL as your service type. 
  • Enter your AOL address, password, and other details, and press next. 
  • Now select your mail services, and press the done button. 

Finally, your account will be set up; you will not face IMAP AOL stopped working anymore. In case AOL mail is not working on the iPhone after reconfiguration. Please recheck the mail settings. 


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