Fix issue: Skype Is Not Working on phone or computers

Skype is one of the most widely used applications to voice or video chat and to send files. Skype is owned by Microsoft. It’s a very easy to use application compatible with almost all the operating systems. There are different version release for each operating systems and also available in 108 different languages.

Though it’s very user friendly, easy to set up and sign up it sometimes all of a sudden stops working.

The most common problems that could occur with the skype application are discussed below.

To sign up for an skype account is very simple. However one must keep in mind to use a working email while creating a skype account. Some users signup for an skype account using an email account which they don’t have access to, that might create the most possible trouble later.

Common causes related to skype is not working problem –

Not able to sign in:

Sometimes the user is suddenly not even able to log into the account. How frustrating that would be if you have an extremely important call to make over the skype and you are not able to login. In most of the cases either you are putting up the wrong credentials or the application has not been updated. Check for any updates for the application. If that doesn’t resolve the problem then uninstall the application completely from the system and re-install it.

Still if the problem continues to occur, the best option would be to reset the password for the account. Here the email that the user had used to set up the account comes to play. The reset link would be sent to that particular email address and if you have the access to that email account the problem definitely should be resolved.

Application not opening:

Skype is just like any other application that could be installed in a computer. Every application if frequently used sometimes it fails to load. Though the application process is running the application fails to load up. The best and easy way to fix this error is to close the process in the task manager and reopen it.


Not able to sign in even if you are using the correct credentials:

In some of the cases even if the user is putting up the correct login information yet cannot log into the account, The circle appears to be spinning and spinning but it does not get you in. This kind of problem usually occurs if the internet service is not responding well. Skype calling is based on the VoIP so it requires good internet connection to work correctly. If the internet connection is poor it takes good amount of time to just load up, sometimes it doesn’t even signup.


Always make sure the skype account created is being connected to a working email which really helps to resolve the grave problems that could possible arise.

If your skype is not working after applying these all methods, then problem might be related to operating system. so you need to restore it to the back date. when it was working fine and then this will start working fine.


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