How Do I Fix Can Not Start Outlook ?

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How To Troubleshoot cannot start outlook Problem?

Well, it would not be wrong to say that Microsoft outlook is one of the most widely used email services worldwide. Coming from one of the world’s largest companies, Microsoft outlook offers dynamic and easy to use email interface. Owing to its security protocols and awesome features, it is largely used by business professionals and elderly people. But at times just like any other email service provider, the outlook might too encounter many issues that could be frustrating for its users. In this article, we will be talking about one of the most critical problems that customer may come across while using outlook mail.

can not start outlook

For instance, you are a frequent user of outlook mail and your business requires constant mailings to your clients, but on one fine day, you log in to your computer just to find that your outlook can’t open anymore. On top of that, you have urgent emails to attend to but your outlook would not open. You try every troubleshooting measures in a hope to fix the issues but all your efforts seem to go in vain. So this would occur really frustrating to you. You might start to think about all the possible reasons that may have gone wrong but you cannot figure out the exact reason which made your outlook stop. Here in this article, I will outline various issues that would not let you open Microsoft outlook and as well the best possible solutions to troubleshoot the issues.

Checking your browser

If you are using your web browser while accessing your outlook and it is not opening, you need to reset your browser by clicking on your browser’s settings. Once you reset your browser, you need to restart your computer. But even after restarting the computer if you still have the use the best option is to use alternative web browsers.

Run a Complete virus scan-

Possible virus infection in the computer might also be the cause that is not letting you open your Microsoft outlook. Even if you are using the application or the web browser, you need to run an immediate virus scan. Because most of the adware, Trojan or any other suspicious programs might corrupt the system files as a result of which you won’t be able to open your outlook mail. Once you restart your computer after the virus scan you will be able to use your outlook. But if still the issue persists, the infection could be severe and sometimes it requires installing a new window.


If you are not able to open your mail using the same username and login password that you use regularly, a possible hacking attempt could not be ruled out. In this case, you need to immediately reset your password and log out of all your devices. It is easy, all you need to do is click on forgot the password and follow the instruction that will ask you to send a code to your registered mobile or email address. Do not share your username and password with anybody

Firewall –

Firewall is generally meant for your computer and network security that is meant to protect you from any unwanted activities. But some of the firewalls do block your network’s access to some of the websites and software if though they are genuine. And if your firewall blocks your connection to outlook, your outlook might have issues. So here the first and foremost thing you need to do is disabling or turning off your firewall. Once you disable your firewall and restart your computer, your issue will be resolved.

Windows Update

This is one of the causes that might be creating issues. Sometimes the windows update do not install properly thus it corrupts some of the files which leads to malfunctioning of some of the programs. Have you recently update your windows? Did your computer go through any of the updates? If the answer to the question is yes, then all you need to do is remove any of the recent updates. The best way to do this is to go to the control panel and click on programs and features.

once you click on it, this will display the list of programs installed on your computer. you need to look for windows update that will be on the left column of the screen.

after clicking on windows update, it will display all the updates that were installed on your computer and here you will have look for the recent updates, click on it and uninstall it. Once you uninstall the update, your computer will restart automatically and boom! After you restart your computer, you will see your outlook working.

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  1. I have setup outlook 365 on my windows 10 laptop. now i am trying to open it. but each time when i try to open, i shows me processing tab, and after that it gives me cannot start error message.

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