[Solved] How To Fix Outlook Sign In Problem Today | Hotmail Sign In Problem

Whenever someone goes through outlook sign in problem or hotmail sign in problem with their email account.

The first thought they get in their mind, outlook or hotmail down. That’s why they can’t sign into outlook account. But do you really believe outlook sign in problem comes only because of outlook or hotmail server down?

If you think so, let me correct you. You can have hotmail log in problem just because of few other reasons as well.

In this article, I am going to symptoms of Microsoft hotmail sign in problem with the solution.

You need to read this article until the end to learn how you can fix “can’t sign into outlook” problem.

Causes of Microsoft hotmail / outlook sign in problem –

  • Server issue.
  • Invalid username or password.
  • Incorrect server address-
  • Application issue.
  • Browser Issue.
  • Security Issue.

Server issue may cause microsoft hotmail sign in problem-

Before you will start troubleshooting your Microsoft outlook Sign in problem, you should check the outlook server status, make sure, your outlook server is not down.

If outlook server is down in your area, I will suggest you wait for a while. Once the server will be up and working fine, you will automatically get rid of “can’t sign into outlook problem.”

Incorrect username & password-

Sometimes, outlook won’t allow users to sign into their email account, if they are typing incorrect username or password for their outlook mail account and gives incorrect username and password message in revert.

If you are also getting the same message on Microsoft outlook email sign in page.

That means you are typing the incorrect password for your email account. So you need to go ahead and reset outlook password.

After resetting the password, you should try to log into hotmail again. I am sure you will be logged in.

For resetting the Hotmail account password, you should have access to at least one recovery option. If you don’t have recovery option, I will advise you call outlook helpline and ask them for help.

Security Issue-

if outlook server will find any kind of suspicious activity or spamming activity from your account, it may temporarily block your account for a while.

Usually, this happens, when you try to login through an unrecognized browser or IP address.  In that case, you have verified the need for that account.

After verifying the account ownership, you will be get rid of outlook sign in issue.

Outlook / Hotmail email sign in problem on android phone (application issue)-

When your Hotmail/ outlook email is working perfectly on the computer but you can’t sign into Hotmail on android phone. This issue may be related to the application.

So first of all, you should try to update the email application on your phone. After updating the application, you should try to login again. I am sure your account will start working fine.

Somehow, if you are still having hotmail sign in problem. In that case, you should remove the account from your phone and re-add it with latest Microsoft exchange settings.

Incorrect Server issue-

If you are using your email address on third-party email software, like- Microsoft office outlook, windows live mail, Mozilla Thunderbird etc. you can go through can’t sign into outlook problem, just because of an incorrect address for the incoming and outgoing server.

So you need to make sure that you are typing the correct email address and password for your email account.

Also, check the server encryption type. Sometimes, software needs an SSL encryption, while others ask for TLS encryption for your outlook account.

It totally depends on which incoming server, you are going to use for Hotmail email sign in, IMAP or POP.

Browser issue –

This is my personal experience. I had Hotmail sign in problem a few months ago. Each time, when I was clicking on outlook button, it wasn’t going anywhere. I was sticking on same Hotmail login page.

Later, I realized this problem is related to browser. So I deleted the cookies and tried to log in again.

Trust me; I got successfully logged into my outlook account in the first attempt. So I will also suggest you delete the cookies.

After deleting the cookies, I am sure you will get rid of outlook sign in problem.

So these are some steps to fix can’t sign into hotmail problem.

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