How To Fix Something Went Wrong Problem In Hotmail / Outlook

Error: Something Went Wrong Problem In Hotmail /Outlook

Something went wrong
A mailbox couldn’t be found for {0}.
X-OWA-Error: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.WrongServerException
X-FEServer: BN1PR02CA0018
X-BEServer: BLUPR0201MB1459

This is the common error coming with Hotmail, msn and live users. Every day there are millions of users, who are complaining about such kind of problem and getting disappointed if they do not find the correct solution for this problem. Do you know, why exactly this problem coming with Hotmail, when you try to log in your Hotmail or MSN email account?

So basically “something went wrong issue” comes because the server has some misunderstanding with your account. But sometimes the issue also comes because of other issues related to browser and network. So here is the common solution to fix the problem:


How To Fix Something went wrong problem

Check Outlook Server Status Up or down – You might have such kind of problem because the Hotmail is down in your area. So you need to check the server status from and make sure connection is live in your area.

Login your email with different computer-  Something Went Wrong Problem In Hotmail /Outlook may because of computer and network. so you should try to sign in your email with different computer or network. if the email is signing in with the different computer then the problem might be related to browser or network.

So first you have to go ahead and troubleshoot your browser, in the browser itself , you need to go ahead and delete history, cookies or reset the browser if necessary. For more information you can visit on:


Reboot Your Router Modem and Computer- If your email is working fine with other network but you have the problem in your network, this means you have the problem with your network if you have already completed the troubleshooting with your browser: so here are the steps for troubleshooting the network

  • Power cycle your router, modem, and computer and wait for 2 minutes for making the connection live.
  • Run Dns Flush Command.
  • If you still have the problem with your network. then you need to go ahead and change the DNS address.
  • After changing the Dns address, you need to reboot your computer and try to login your email.

For more information about changing the dns address, you may visit :
And follow the instructions about fixing the problem. If the problem is coming with every account over the network then the problem might be related to computer and network

Change Alias Name to fix outlook account problem –

If your email domain is msn, live or then you should try to change the alias into then this will work fine. For changing the alias name, you have to sign in with your email account and go to account settings. Once you will reach to account settings, you will get their an option for change alias, so simply click on that and create your own alias. Whatever you want.

Finally, your hotmail email account will start working fine. If you have any different issue or question. You may leave the comment bellow and we will give you update in the next post.


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