How To Add The Sbcglobal Email Account On Iphone?

Are you looking for steps to configure sbcglobal email account on the iPhone but don’t know how to add it? 

Well, that’s not too hard to do, you can easily configure the email on any iPhone or other smartphone. However, you must have the required information with you to do that. 

  1. Email address.
  2. Login password. 
  3. Incoming server address. 
  4. Outgoing server addresses. 

Sbcglobal email incoming and outgoing settings- 

Some of you might not know what the correct incoming and outgoing settings for your email are? Don’t worry; here I am sharing them and using them to set up the account. 

add sbcglobal email account on iphone

IMAP server information- 

IMAP server address name-

Port no- 993 

SSL- Yes. 

Username- it will be your sbcglobal mail address. 

Password- Your login password for the sbcglobal account. 

Pop 3 Server information- 

Pop server-

Port no- 995

SSL- Yes

Username- your email address.

Password – the login password. 

Smtp login details- 

server address-

Port no- 465 

SSL – Yes 

Username- The sbcglobal email address

Password- the login password for your email. 

How do you add the Sbcglobal email account on the iPhone? 

  1. Let’s connect your iPhone to the internet. 
  2. Open the Settings app on it. 
  3. Click on the Accounts & Passwords. 
  4. Hit the add user account button. 
  5. Please Tap on other from the list. 
  6. Now, Input the sbcglobal email address and password for your account and press the continue button. 
  7. Enter the IMAP server information- etc. 
  8. Now Enter the SMTP Server information and press the finish button. 
  9. At last, If everything goes right, you will see the window to enable the services, you should select the services you want to access via phone. 

If sbcglobal email is not working on your iPhone, please check the mail settings once again. Probably, the device is using incorrect settings. 

How to add the email account on outlook or windows mail – 

If you want to add the email account on the outlook mail application. Please use the steps given below to configure it. 

  1. Open the Outlook application. 
  2. Click on the files and press the account setup button. 
  3. Click on the add button. 
  4. Now enter the email address, and other required information. 
  5. Put a checkmark on I’ll configure my account manually and hit next button. 
  6. Now enter the incoming & outgoing server addresses, username & password. Press the more settings button. 
  7. Go to advance and enter the incoming and outgoing server port no and encryption type. 
  8. Finally, Press ok to save the server port settings and press the next button to add the account. 
  9. Hit the finish button to add account successfully. 

Now your sbcglobal account will be added into the outlook mail program.  you can also visit: sbcglobal email not receiving emails

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