How To Fix AOL IMAP Not Responding Problem?

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When you try to configure your AOL account on the phone or any other party application like- outlook, mail app, etc., but you get the IMAP is not responding, message all the time.

Suppose you have setup the account on iphone, but when you open the mail app, then you get this kind of error message in the revert.

In this position, you won’t be able to get the emails on your AOL account until you fix the difficulty.

So here is the guide to fix the imap not working on aol mail problem issue, Please use the techniques given below to fix the issue.

Why is AOL.IMap.Com Not responding On iPhone?

  1. Incoming address or port no. is incorrect.
  2. Two step security is enabled on the account.
  3. You have entered the wrong AOL password on the mail application.
  4. Internet connection related issue on the device.
  5. Auto syncing is not enabled.

Basic Guide to fix imap aol com not working problem- 

  1. Close the mail application on your device,
  2. Now restart your device and reopen the mail application.
  3. Clear the mail app’s cache files.
  4. Review the information related to the incoming server port no, authentication type etc.
  5. Please remove the account and configure it using the latest account details.

How Do I fix AOL Imap  not responding issue- 

So  know the reason for why is not responding issue ? Now let us go ahead and help you in fixing the imap issues on the application.

Update the account details- 

When  AOL IMAP is not responding error message pops’ up on the screen, you should inspect the account configuration settings,

You may have input the wrong incoming address for the AOL IMAP server. Due to which, It is not working on the iphone.

So you should enter the following information in the incoming server address details.

Server address–

Port no– 587

Authentication type– SSL

Check the username and password- 

If you have updated the incoming server information, yet IMAP is still not working for your AOL account. You should examine the AOL login details.

There are high chances of incorrect login credentials, That’s why IMAP is unable to sync to the mail server.

You should upgrade the login details on the mail application. If you can’t remember your AOL password, you may go ahead and create an AOL password.

Update the Auto Sync Settings – 

Sometimes, IMAP on aol mail not working on iphone because of the auto sync issue. probably, the auto sync has been disabled. Due to which, Mailbox can’t sync.

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Click on the accounts & passwords.
  3. Select on the aol mail account.
  4. Choose the fetch account and then enabled it.
  5. Now press the apply and save settings button.

Disable the security programs- 

Sometimes, you can have aol mail IMAP not responding pop up due to the security apps.  when your security programs are blocking the incoming port.

It won’t be eligible to sync or update the data on the aol mail server. as a result, you will go to the AOL email login problems or not responding to error.

So it would be best if you turn off the security software for several minutes, and then retry to sync with the AOL account again.

Reconfigure the AOL account- 

If you have already changed the imap and smtp settings, still the IMAP is still not working on AOL mail. You should eliminate the account from the mail application and configure your AOL mail account with valid information.

Use AOL Official app – 

right after making the changes into the account, if your imap on aol is not working, you may replace the app with the aol mail official app. now retry to login your account.

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