(Solved) AOL Mail Disappeared Or Missing Old Emails

Aol mail disappeared is one of the most trending topics nowadays. Every day, we are getting a huge number of complaints on this problem.

It will be a little hard for us to share each email here. That’s why I am going to share the main headlines of these emails.

Why has My AOL mail disappeared on iPhone”

“Why is My AOL mail missing emails from Outlook application”

“Emails from sent folders are missing from my AOL account why?”

“Some of my emails are disappeared automatically from, while rest of them are still available why?”

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These are some common queries sent to us. If your issues can also relate to any one of these questions. Stay tuned with this article. This can help you in fixing all issues related to aol mail missing emails problem.

Why are my emails disappearing from aol account automatically-

If you haven’t deleted any emails from your aol account. They are still missing from your AOL account. It can be due to several reasons.

  • Your devices are unable to sync with AOL server.
  • Emails have been automatically deleted from aol mail server.
  • Emails have been deleted by the anonymous person without your knowledge.

These are three basic reasons behind AOL mail disappeared. Now let us go ahead and share some information to fix the problem.

How to fix aol mail disappeared on iPhone-

Note- below steps are applicable only if you are missing emails from iPhone. But if you are also missing emails from your aol mail server. You should simply skip this option and directly go to the how to retrieve deleted emails from the iPhone.

aol mail disappeared, aol missing emails, aol mail deleted automatically

If you are unable to sync all emails on your phone. While all of them are available in the AOL mail server.

This could be due to the bad email configuration settings or you have restricted those email folders to get synced into your account.

In that case, you should to remove the AOL account from your iPhone and re-add it with the help of following steps.

  1. Go to settings on your iPhone.
  2. Click on mail
  3. Tap on the add button available on the top right side corner.
  4. Select AOL as your email service provider.
  5. Now you need to type the email address, full name, the password for your account, and hit the next button.
  6. Now your phone will start syncing with AOL mail server. Once it will sync completely, you will get an option to choose the services, you need to check on AOL mail, contact and calendar. Now hit the finish button.

Once you will add your account successfully, you will get your all emails into your phone.

aol missing emails, aol mail disappeared, aol mail deleted automatically

If you have back up file for your aol account, you can run it. this will help you in email recovery.

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Aol mail missing emails from the web browser-

If you have logged into your AOL account and you are unable to see your emails there. It means those some emails are missing from AOL mail server.

This could be due to the server fault or someone else have deleted your emails without your permission.

In that case, First, you should check the trash folder into your aol account. If you find them there, then you need to restore your emails.

aol mail disappeared, aol missing emails, aol mail deleted automatically

Otherwise, you have to contact aol customer care to get your emails back again.

Also, sometimes this problem can be related to the web browser. If your browser is infected with junk files or bad cookies.

In that case, you should delete the bad cookies from your browser, and then try to login to your account again. If possible? Try to reset your browser as well.

Is AOL server up and working fine-

When you are unable to get your old emails into your AOL mail account. You should check the AOL mail server first. Be sure your AOL account is working perfectly fine.

To ensure the server status, you may visit AOL server check website or contact to aol help care


AOL mails are automatically disappearing from Microsoft outlook and other application-

if your emails are automatically getting deleted from outlook or another application after a few days.

it means you have selected automatically delete mail option during the account configuration. in such case,

people usually get this option checked by default when they use to add their AOL account using pop settings.

aol mail disappeared, aol missing emails, aol mail automatically deleted

To get rid of these settings, you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Open the outlook and go to account settings.
  • Select your account and click on edit or change button.
  • Now go to advance settings and uncheck the delete emails automatically from server option.
  • Now click on ok,

this will stop deleting the emails automatically. After modifying the account, you need to proceed for retrieving the deleted emails on AOL account.

How to retrieve deleted emails from AOL-

If you don’t find your emails on your email folders like- inbox, trash, spam. It indicated, your emails have been permanently Deleted from your account.

To get your deleted emails back, you have to call your AOL service provider and ask them to retrieve your deleted emails back.

They will ask some basic information about the account, if you will answer them correctly, they will restore all your emails within 24 hours.

This case can be a little complicated. Because AOL mail retrieves emails only if they have been deleted before 30 days.

If your aol mail disappeared before a month ago and now you are you retrieve them. It will be a little hard to retrieve them.

now I hope you will get rid of AOL mail disappeared problem on your account.

Thank you for reading aol old mail missing emails blog.

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  1. My inbox is completely blank. Don’t have any single emails into it. I haven’t deleted them. May I know, Where they have been gone?

  2. AOL support can help you in fixing the problems given below.
    1. AOL mail sign in problem.
    2. Desktop login problem.
    3. Email send & receive Problem, or email recovery.
    AOL support is always ready to deliver service.

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