How To Fix AOL Sent Mail Failure Error Code 604?

Whenever you send some important emails to your officemates, it shows you aol sent mail failure error 604 in the mailbox.

Please do not panic; we can assist you in solving the sent mail failure error.

Why am I getting the sent mail failure error on AOL mail? 

Talking about the common reasons for sent mail failure error on AOL mail, the error code 604 appears on the account for few primary reasons.

  1. The post address is incorrect.
  2. The outgoing address or port is invalid.
  3. AOL Server related issues.
  4. The browser is unable to process the request.
  5. Internet or network related issues.

These are the four reasons for AOL mail error code 604.

aol sent mail failure error code 604

How to fix AOL mail error code 604 sent mail failure? 

Now we know the reasons for aol sent mail failure error code 604. so let’s go ahead and solve the problem on the AOL account.

Check the mail address- 

Whenever you are receiving the sent mail failure error, the first thing you need to do is check the delivery email address.

You have probably entered the wrong delivery address; that’s why AOL is unable to deliver the mail and shows you aol error code 604.

So double-check the address; if you have doubt, you can ask a receiver to send you an email; you need to reply to that. If you are also unable to receive emails from your AOL account. Please visit: why is aol not receiving emails?

Review the AOL server address too- 

If sometimes, users might be dealing with the AOL mail sent mail error 604 because of invalid configuration.

Probably, you have made a mistake in configuring the outgoing port. So check the outgoing server settings. It should be matching to the following one.

Username- your email address.

Password- your login password.

Outgoing  address-

SMTP Port no- 465

SMTP authentication – ssl

AOL server is down- 

If you cannot send emails from the computer, please send them via phone or another device. Let’s see it is sending the mails now or not?

In case aol doesn’t let you send the emails from those devices too. Please check the AOL servers; maybe they are down. That’s why you are dealing with such issues.

In that scenario, you have to wait until AOL confirms that they are live again.

Fix Browser issues- 

Some users might be dealing with AOL mail error code 604 because of browser issues. Their browser might not be able to process the request successfully.

You may also be one of them, so you are currently unable to send emails on AOL. Please reset the browser.

And then send the emails. If you are facing any issues in the login process, please visit: how to fix AOL email login problems?

So these are the techniques to fix the AOL sent mail failure error 604. If you have any other AOL issues like- AOL mail disappeared. Please tell us via comment. We will share the solution to get the problem fixed efficiently.

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