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Problem Occurred: Is Outlook Down / Is Hotmail Down?

Recently it has been noticed that so many email users are having problems with Hotmail and MSN email accounts. Millions of complaints are received over the time asking “ is outlook down?”,  can’t send or receive emails, can’t sign in etc. All these problems occurred due to the migration of Hotmail and MSN to outlook. This is a massive step taken by the Microsoft to move all other email servers to outlook. Those who had accounts on Hotmail and MSN are having a great trouble. Those users completely being unaware of the fact that Hotmail and MSN are not going to exist. check server

anymore shortly, are ending up asking down reporter –  is Hotmail down? Or is outlook down?


Identify Outlook Down Problem:

This is not going to help. Hotmail isn’t down or MSN isn’t down infect they are being completely wiped off. Be careful and be aware here, Because if you are not able to successfully move your account to Outlook.

you might lose your account forever. Microsoft has been sending an email to every Hotmail and MSN account holders on how to switch their respective accounts to outlook.  Few simple steps to follow and you continue to use your email account without a problem. But of course, since the Hotmail and MSN servers are completely being moved to Outlook, Users might definitely encounter some sort of problems with their accounts which could be easily rectified, not that much to worry about.

Here though Microsoft is moving the Hotmail and MSN servers completely to Outlook keeping both them of them down forever, It is allowing the users to continue to use their accounts using the same email address they had. Well that’s a little relief.

For those who have their accounts in Outlook, that could be because of the server. Kindly check the Outlook connection report on down reporter to make sure whether is outlook down or not. for more information you may visit: Hotmail is not working for brief information.

Causes related to outlook:

If Outlook is down the users don’t have any other option other than to wait until the problem gets resolved. However, there are several other issues that could occur in your email account.  which could turn your day into a bad one.

Such As:

  1. outlook sign in problem
  2. Can’t send or receive emails
  3. Privacy error
  4. Sign in page not loading up

How to identify the problem:

All these above-mentioned issues with an email account are very common. Sometimes it’s due to the problem at the servers end but most of the time it’s at the users’ end. for more information you may visit: Can’t receive email in outlook account. 

To make sure it’s not the problem coming up from the server, just go to the down reporter website and check whether outlook down. If not, then there are few things that the users can try at their end.

Perform browser cleanup first, remove all the cookies and caches from the browser completely. All you have to do is go to the settings of the browser and reset it. If the sign in page comes up try signing in, that should have fished the issue you had. If you are still not able to sign or it’s saying that your account address or password is incorrect though you are putting up the correct credentials.

the only solution here would be to reset the password for the account.

Resetting the password is very simple, but always make sure that your phone number should be connected to your account, that definitely makes resetting password pretty easy.

if you don’t have phone number connected to the account. you need to have some other recovery options to reset the account.

Privacy error on the website:

Privacy error on the website is little complicated as it could arise due to various reasons. Sometimes when the DNS server stops responding then you end up receiving such error on the web page. The DNS assigned to the local computer might have changed.

in that case, contact for technical help or call the admin because DNS is something which resolves an IP address into a Name server and if any unwanted changes are made to the DNS it might land you up into worst situation. for more information you may visit how to fix connection is not the private problem.


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