My Outlook Not Responding | outlook stopped working

Outlook Not responding | outlook stopped working | outlook freezes

Microsoft outlook is a one of the most popular third-party email client software. That is making emailing procedure very easy.  Every people, who have tried to use this software once, I am sure they will fall in love with it.

As the innovation is growing, Microsoft is developing the new version of outlook to make it much better. But still, some people may face trouble with it.  Microsoft outlook not responding one of the most common problems people are complaining from all over the world.  Anytime, if they try to open the application, it stuck on a process window, and outlook does not open or sometimes they get outlook not responding message. This problem can come on any computer, whether is a windows computer or Mac computer.

Some people think this problem is from the Microsoft server side. Maybe Microsoft outlook server is down? That’s why it is not working.  So they wait for a while but still, they don’t get any result.

But to be very honest with you, this problem is related to the computer or outlook server. So if you are waiting for Microsoft server up. I am sure you are just wasting your side.

As I have told you this problem is related to the computer, now it’s a time to reveal the solution for Microsoft outlook not responding problem? So read this article until and follow the procedure to fix the outlook not the opening problem.

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Learn how to troubleshoot Microsoft outlook not responding Problem –


Close the application from task manager-

Whenever you will get “outlook stopped working” message on your window, first of all, you need to close the outlook application from task manager.

After closing the application from task manager, you need to go ahead and restart the outlook. If you are still getting outlook stopped working or outlook not responding window, you need to go ahead and use the techniques given below.

Update the outlook Application –

Have you tried to update Microsoft outlook? Whenever you have outlook not responding window, this problem can be related to updating as well. So I will suggest trying to update the outlook application.

You may download the latest Microsoft setup from outlook 365 account and run it into your computer. Once you will run the setup, this will give you two options, install or update. You need to choose update.

Delete Outlook Profiles-

Sometimes, outlook stopped working just because of corrupted profile or there is an issue with the profile. So I will suggest you to delete the user profile, then you should try to log in again. you may follow the instructions below to delete the outlook profile on Microsoft Windows computer.

  1. Click on start button and go to control panel.
  2. Choose mail 32 option,
  3. Now you need to click on show profile
  4. Select your outlook profile, and click on remove button.
  5. Finally, you need to click on ok.

After deleting the outlook profile, you need to create a new profile and set up your outlook account again. you may also visit: cannot start outlook for more help

Note- if you will delete existing profile from your outlook application. you will lose all contact, mail saved in the local computer. so do not forget to take the back up of your data.

Start Outlook In Safe Mode-

When you do not shutdown outlook correctly, it may cause outlook not responding problem on your computer.

In that case, I think you should try to restart your outlook in safe mode using outlook /safe command. Once it will start in safe mode correctly. You need to go ahead and try to restart your outlook in normal mode. I am sure this will start working this time.

Outlook Freezes at processing-

People are also complaining for outlook freezes at processing. Each time when they try to open the outlook, it goes to the processing window and then outlook freezes.


In this situation, you should try to shut down your outlook from the taskbar, and then start outlook in safe mode. I am sure this will start working fine.

Disable ad on-

If you have added many ad-on into your outlook, this may be the reason behind outlook not opening. So I will suggest you remove the ad-ons from your computer and get rid of outlook freezes problem.

Repair Outlook-

You may have outlook not responding problem when there is any file not responding, so I will suggest you run an outlook diagnostic tool or run windows troubleshooter into your computer. This will repair the outlook and you will be able to get rid of outlook stopped working problem.

Disable Antivirus –

Your antivirus may also be the reason behind Microsoft outlook freezing. So I will suggest you to disable the antivirus for a while and try to open Microsoft outlook.

I hope now your outlook will start working fine. If you have any other problem, you may leave a comment below. We will try to reply with the solution.

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