How To Recover Deleted Emails In Outlook?

How Can I Recover Deleted emails in outlook

Are you trying to recover deleted emails in outlook? Well, let me tell you, you can recover the email with a very easy process.

all you need to do, just follow the instructions given below.

Before you will proceed for email recovery techniques, you should try to check your trash mail folder.

maybe your email is being forwarded to the trash folder.


If you can find the emails in the trash folder, you can simply copy them and restore them to the existing folder.

But if you have deleted your emails permanently, then you need to contact to outlook support to recover deleted emails in outlook.

The process to recover deleted emails in outlook application –

As we all know, whenever we configure the email account in outlook, we can take the back of files, and we can use that backup, whenever we want to recover the deleted emails.


For upload, the back and recover deleted emails in outlook you need to follow the instructions given below.

  1. Click on start and go to all programs.
  2. Open the outlook, and click on files.
  3. Go to import option and choose the .pst file option.
  4. Now choose the file destination, and click on next.
  5. Finally, your outlook will start uploading the backup, once the back will be installed.

If you have deleted the emails from outlook but those emails are still existing on the email server.

you can try to sync your email with the server.

after syncing the emails, your email will be revert back again.

To sync the email, you need to press the send and receive button on your outlook application.

If you are having send & receive problem, you may visit, can’t send & receive emails in the outlook for more help.

this might take some time into sync so you need to wait for a while. once the email sync will be completed, it will automatically recover deleted emails in outlook.


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