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Easy Tips To Change Gmail Password For Gmail Account-

Earlier, I have written a post on Gmail account login problem. There I forgot to mention the tips about how to change Gmail password? So I decided to create a new post for reset password for Gmail account.

If you have forgotten the password for your Gmail or Google account, and you don’t know how to reset the password for Gmail account. Just read this article until the end. I am sure, you will able to change the email password after reading this post.

There are multiple methods to change Gmail password, I am going to mention them below, and you can go ahead and use any one of them to reset Gmail password.

  1. Change Gmail password with security questions.
  2. Reset Gmail password on phone
  3. reset Gmail password using recovery email
  4. Change gmail password using the phone.

So these are some methods, through which you can try to reset Gmail password. I am going to about them one by one. You can go ahead and any one of them to recover your Gmail account.

Note- do not try to reset the Gmail account password multiple times, otherwise, Google will consider it as a spam activity and they might temporarily block your account.  if you don’t have access to any information you may call on helpline number for gmail.

Simple Instructions to reset gmail password-

  • Go to and click on sign in.
  • Now type your email address and press the next button.
  • After pressing the next button, you need to click on sign in.
  • Under the password tab, you will able to see, forget the password, click on it.
  • Here, you need to type the old password, that working before.
  • Finally, you will able to see the account verification window, here you need to choose the verification method and verify yourself.
  • After verifying the account ownership, you will reach the password reset window, you need to set up the new password for your google account.

So these are the basic instructions which you have to follow, whatever recovery method you are going to use.  Now let me go ahead and explain about Gmail account recovery method.

Change Gmail password using security questions-

gmail allows you to setup few questions as an account recovery options. So in future somehow, if you lost your account, you may use this method to recover your Gmail account.

In this method, gmail will ask you a few questions, you have to answer them. If you will answer them correctly, you will get reset gmail password option.

Reset gmail password using phone number-

When you create an account on Gmail, It will ask you for the phone number. That phone number will automatically become a primary recovery method.

So if you have lost account password, you can try to reset Google password using the phone as a recovery option.

In this method, you will get a code on your phone via SMS or call. Whatever method you will choose, you have to enter that OTP to verify the account ownership and click on next.

How to change Gmail password using email address-

This is the very useful method when you don’t have access to your phone or security questions. In this method, you will get a reset password link on your email.

So you need to log in that recovery email and click on that link. Once you will click on that link, you will get an option for creating a new password. So you can go ahead and create a new password.  

So these are a few methods, through which you can try to change Gmail password. if you don’t have any recovery option, then you have to fill the Google account recovery form and send it to google.

If they will verify your account ownership, then they will revert your account back.


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