Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook / Hotmail Problems

Microsoft outlook / Hotmail problems

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There are so many People reporting for outlook or hotmail problems across the world, since Microsoft hotmail, live mail, msn mail has migrated into outlook. When we talk about outlook problems, it can be anything related to outlook such as Hotmail / outlook sign in problem, send & receive problem, hotmail account not working on the smart phone, or a very popular hotmail account problem for these days is: something went wrong message.

outlook or hotmail problems

Well, these issues do not stay forever, because outlook is working on it and trying to make an error-free email platform. But still, some people are having hotmail problems every day.


Are you having hotmail problems today? If you are going through Hotmail or outlook sign in problems today,  I will suggest you check the outlook server status first and make sure outlook server is active in your area and there is no server maintenance going on today?

If the server is working fine, this problem can be related to your email account settings, in that case, you have to look into your hotmail account settings and make the necessary changes.

6 thoughts to “Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook / Hotmail Problems”

  1. I have three windows live mail account, some of them are working fine. but most of them are not working on my phone.
    what can be the reason behind outlook is not working problem. please let me know, i really need to fix my all account. because they are working account.

  2. Hotmail has been down for me for a week, while it is working for my friends. please tell me the reason why am i having outlook problems?

  3. My hotmail is keep saying you need parental permission to access the account. can’t access no outlook, no hotmail.
    I am 60 years old women, my parents are not in the world anymore. how can i get their permission to access my outloook account.
    Don’t you think it’s kinda funny. because i am old enough to access my account. then why do i need parental permission for account access.

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