Why Is AOL Mail Not Working On Android Phone?

Whenever you make an effort to access the AOL email android phone, But it won’t sync on android device. It can be a bit of irritating moment for you.

That might be happening due to the mail settings, or mail settings or internet settings. If you are currently unable to access the AOL mail account issues.

AOL mail not working on iphone

Here in this blog, I am sharing the technical ways to fix the AOL mail not working on the android phone, you may utilise them to get the solution related to your email issues.

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How do I fix AOL mail not working on android phone?

 Check the network connection-

So many times, we have seen users facing the aol mail not syncing on the android phone problem because of the internet connection. The android phone might not have accessibility to the internet. That’s why aol mail is not working on the android phone. So, check the mobile data and WIFI connection on the device.

Update the password-

Aside from internet, sometimes, the AOL mail are not working on the android phone because of authentication issue. You may have saved the invalid or expired password into the mail settings.

Due to which, whenever smartphone is reaching to the aol mail server, It is unable to authenticate the connection.

So, update the AOL password in the mail settings, to do that, you need to follow the steps given below.

  1. Let’s open the settings on the android phone.
  2. Swipe up to reach to the account & password.
  3. Tap on the AOL account.
  4. Now swipe up to reach to the password section.
  5. Remove the stored password from there, and enter the AOL password now.

Press the save button and open the mail application now.

Check the mail settings-

Once you have updated the mail password but still having the aol email login problems. Please review the account settings on the phone. possibly, there are high chances of misconfiguration. You may have entered the wrong login credential or server details for the aol account.

So open the mail settings on the android phone again and review it. the account settings should be matching to these:

Username- Your aol email account address.

Password- The aol login password.

Incoming server name- Imap.aol.com or pop.aol.com

Outgoing server name- smtp.aol.com

Incoming Port no- 933 or 995

Outgoing port no- 465

Encryption type for incoming and outgoing server- SSL

If your account information doesn’t match to this information, please modify it and save it. now retry to access the account on the phone.

Enable the auto syncing-

If AOL mail is not syncing the emails automatically on android phone. you should check the auto sync feature. It might be disabled that’s why you can’t receive the emails on aol using the android phone. So go to the mail settings and enable this feature by making the changes into the account settings.

  1. Let’s open the settings on the android phone again.
  2. Touch on accounts and password from settings, and tap the aol account.
  3. If you see the syncing option disabled, please turn it on.

Now your phone will automatically sync to the aol server and download all messages for you.

Remove & re-add the account using aol exchange server-

After changing all these settings, If the aol mail is still not working on android phone, please remove the aol account from the android device and re-add it using the exchange server settings.

  1. Let’s open the accounts and password on the settings again.
  2. Touch the aol account and tap on the delete account button available at the very bottom.
  3. Now press the add account button and pick aol from the table.
  4. Enter the Email address or user id and other details, then press the next button.
  5. Now enter the password too, and press the continue button.

Now your phone will sync to the mail server and download all data.

Update the mail application-

If mail app is still not loading the aol account, you should check for the application update. There might be an glitch in the application, which can be get fixed by updating it.

Also, you should clear the app data and then add the account again. It if doesn’t work for you. Please install the aol official app and start using your account on It.

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