Why Is AOL Not Sending Emails Through App & Browser?

When you need to send some important to your client, but your aol account is showing delivery error along with the one of the following error.

  1. The message was not sent because of an error aol.
  2. Can’t send email to the aol addresses.
  3. mail.aol.com sent an invalid response.
  4. cannot send messages using the server aol.
  5. AOL sent mail failure error 604

You will be upset for a moment, and start looking for assistance on google to fix it asap. Generally, AOL account can’t sent the emails from the account due to the reasons given below.

  1. The browser is unable to process the request to the aol server.
  2. Internet connection problem.
  3. Server is currently busy due the heavy traffic.
  4. Sender’s address is incorrect.
  5. Limits have been exceeded.

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 How to fix aol mail not sending emails problem on the browser?  

why is my aol mail not sending emails

The sending or receiving problem is frequent issue on a aol account. you can fix them by making several changes into the account or browser settings.

Confirm the senders address- 

Whenever AOL mail is not sending the emails. you should inspect the sender’s email address. most probably, you are mistyping the address. that’s why aol servers are unable to deliver the messages on that email address.

To confirm the their email address, you can request sender to send you a test email. Now you have to send a reply on the same email. If AOL has sent the reply successfully.

It means, the problem was with the address only.

Logout and login to the account again –

If AOL mail is showing “message was not sent because of an error”. you should logout your aol account on the computer. now log in the aol account on any other browser. Now send an email, Let’s is it sending now or not?

Clear the cookies, bookmarks-

Sometimes, AOL mail is not sending emails because of the browser error.

In that case, you have to cleanup (remove cookies & browsing data) of the browser.  Right after cleaning up the web browser, you need to get back into the aol account & send a new email.

Now resend an email to the senders address. Now check if AOL mail is sending emails succesfully or not?

Every browser has a different ways to clear the data (cookies & cache). Here I have Demonstrated about how to clean up the cookies data on the chrome web browser?

For the Chrome browser: 

  1. Let’s Open the chrome browser and go to the history section.
  2. Click on the clear browsing data button
  3. From the time zone option click on the all time, and then select all options.
  4. Now press the delete options.
  5. Finally, the files will be deleted from your web browser. You may go ahead and delete the computer files as well.

Enable the pop up settings on the browser well- 

AOL Mail can’t function properly without popup feature. So if pop ups are disallowed on the browser for aol mail, AOL will not be able the emails.

To enable the popup, you need to go to the privacy and security settings on the browser and then retry to access the account again.

After enabling the pop up settings, you should also enable the javascript plugins. Now check the computer and network settings.

Limit has been exceeded- 

AOL mail accounts are for personal use only. That’s why they have put on the sending limit for a day. if you will exceed that limit. aol mail will stop sending the emails to your clients or friends. Also, sometimes, AOL might block your account due to the suspicious activity.

In that case, you have to wait until aol will refresh the mail sending quota.

Why Can’t I send emails through AOL Mail From Outlook Application- 

If aol can’t send emails from outlook application or another third party mail application and shows one of the following error:

  1. Can’t send email to the aol addresses.
  2. mail.aol.com sent an invalid response.

It indicates that there is something wrong with the account configuration. so you have to look at the account settings to fix it.

Check the login details- 

We have seen people reporting about can’t send emails on aol from outlook apps due to the login details error. Very often, they configure the AOL account on the app by filling the invalid login details. That’s why they can’t sign in to the AOL account.

As a result, AOL  will block them from sending the emails from outlook or mail app.

So you should verify the aol login details and update it on the outlook carefully.

Review the server information- 

Along with the user account details, you should not neglect to inspect the incoming & outgoing server details. Most probably, IMAP/ pop3 & SMTP settings are incorrect. that’s why Aol can’t send the emails from outlook.

The SMTP And IMAP server should match to the following one.

IMAP Name- imap.mail.aol.com

Port no- 993

SMTP Name- smtp.mail.aol.com

Port no- 465

Check the firewall settings- 

If you can’t send or receive the emails on the aol account from outlook app. Make sure that the outlook is not preventing the incoming & outgoing aol ports. so you need to go to the firewall settings and  disable it for a while. along with this, also turn off the antivirus completely for few minutes.

Now try to send an email again. let’s see is it sending the emails now or not.

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4 thoughts to “Why Is AOL Not Sending Emails Through App & Browser?”

  1. My aol won’t let me send new emails from desktop gold application. Whenever I press the send button, It doesn’t respond. What should I do?

  2. Why am I keeps getting error, “mail.aol.com sent an invalid response” error on the computer. Each time, I try to send or receive the emails. same error appears on the screen.

  3. Why is AOL Mail not sending emails from outlook 365? Each time, I send any email, It shows me an send & Receive error.

    1. Did you review the pop or imap settings? Probably, these settings are incorrect. Due to which, outlook is unable to reach to the aol mail.

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