Why Is AOL Not Sending Emails Through App & Browser?

Are you unable to send emails through AOL email account? If yes! Do not worry, here are the standard techniques to troubleshoot the sending issue on AOL email account. You can use these techniques to fix your issues.

Quick instructions to fix AOL mail not sending emails: 

If you need a quick method to fix the AOL mail not sending emails problem. You can use this guide to troubleshoot the AOL mail problems.

  1. Login your AOL account through incognito or another web browser.
  2. Check the server load. Maybe the server is flooded with the overload of AOL users. That’s why it delays the delivery.
  3. Clear the cookies, bookmarks and cache files from your web browser, and then reload the account.
  4. Enable the pop-up settings for the AOL website, and then resend the emails.

fix aol problems

Fix AOL  Old Mail disappeared

 Advance guide to fix can’t send emails on AOL account problems- 

If you can receive the email on aol account but can’t send new emails to anyone. Here are techniques to fix not sending emails problem.

The server is overloaded- 

When you send an email from AOL account, but the users can’t receive the email on AOL account?

You should ask them to wait for 5 minutes. Maybe the server is overloaded, that’s why it is delaying the emails.

Once the AOL server is free, it will deliver your message to the receivers.

Clear the cookies, bookmarks-

When your browser is using the old cookies, it may not function properly. As a result, it will not send any emails to the given address.

In such a case, you have to delete the cookies and cache files from your web browser, after clearing the web browser, you need to log in the AOL account on your computer. Now send a new email to your love ones. Let’s see if they are receiving the emails or not?

To clear the bookmarks, cookies and cache files, each browser has different ways. Here I have mentioned a few of them.

For the Chrome browser: 

  1. Let’s initiate the chrome browser and go to the history of the web browser.
  2. Push the clear cookies and date option from the left pane and select all options.
  3. Now press the delete options.
  4. Finally, the files will be deleted from your web browser. You may go ahead and delete the computer files as well.

Enable the pop settings on your browser well- 

When your AOL mail is not sending emails to your friends. You should enable the pop-up settings, maybe the pop or java settings are disabled; that’s why the send button is not functioning.

So you should enable the pop-up buttons and enable the javascript on your browser. Now try to resend the messages.

Can’t send emails through AOL Mail app or any third-party app- 

fix aol problems

If AOL mail is not sending emails through the mail app. You should review the following settings.

  1. Check the user login details.
  2. Review the server information.
  3. Create an app password for AOL account (if you use the two-step security).
  4. Re-add the account using the valid information.

These are the four most common reason for AOL mail not sending emails through the mail app. Now it’s a time for me to share the instructions to fix the problem.

Check the login details- 

We have seen people reporting about can’t send emails through aol account due to the login details error. Very often, they set up their AOL account on the app using the invalid login details. That’s why they can’t sign in to the AOL account.

As a result, they can’t send emails to their love ones.

So you should make sure that you are not repeating the same mistake.

Review the server information- 

Along with the user information, you should never forget to check the server information. If you enter the invalid port number or server name of your aol account. Your mail app won’t be able to sync to the mail server. That’s why AOL mail not working on your iPhone or any other phone.

Add the AOL account again- 

If you have already used the above steps but still can’t send email through your aol account. You should delete the AOL account from your mail app, and reconfigure the account.

This method will determine the issue.  


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