[ Solved]Quick Fix Yahoo mail Not Receiving Emails?

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These days, there are numerous users, who are having issues with Yahoo mail not receiving emails and are looking for a solution for the same online.

But only a few users are able to fix the problems by themselves or getting the solution online for the same. While most of the users still struggling with Yahoo mail not receiving email problem.

yahoo problems

This is the reason I made a decision to write an article on how to fix Yahoo mail not receiving emails. Thus if anyone from you is facing this problem of Yahoo mail not receiving emails.

you need to read this article till the end and follow the instructions to fix the problem.

if you are having difficulty to understand the instructions and having any difficulty in fixing the problem, then you may contact Yahoo customer service for more assistance.


Following are the key causes Related to Yahoo Mail not receiving emails:

There are multiple causes for Yahoo mail not receiving emails, that also depends on which device you are having this issue. Some of the causes are listed below.

  1. Incorrect Server Address.
  2. Server Authentication Problem
  3. Filter Problem.
  4. Email Addresses are blocked.
  5. Connectivity Problem.

How To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem –

So these are some of the problems that may cause yahoo mail not receiving emails problem. Here we are going to address this problem and how to fix it.

Incorrect Server Address:

This problem arises if you are unable to receive emails on Yahoo using any third party application. This problem can be related to the server issue, which happens when a user enters an incorrect server name. So please check out server address settings option and make sure that you have filled following server addresses.

IMAP Server Address– imap.yahoo.com

SMTP Server Address—smtp.yahoo.com

Pop Server Address—pop.yahoo.com

Check Authentication Protocol:-

Choosing the right authentication protocol is very important while configuring a third party email app for yahoo mail. Authentication protocols allow an email application to communicate with the server. For incoming, server authentication type should be SSL, and for outgoing server, it should be TLS.

Filter Problem:-

Sometimes what people do is, they create email filter by mistake. What happens next is that their email is going to trash or spam folder. Solution to this type of problem is you need to check out the filter settings on your email and make your emails are not moving to trash or spam folder.

After checking filter settings if you find any filter, you need to delete it instantly. Then your email should be working fine.

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Email Forwarding Settings:

Email forwarding is a very useful feature for some people. Through this feature, you can forward your emails from one email account to another.

So, folks who have multiple email accounts with different service providers, they can forward all their emails any single email account.

But sometimes it also creates a problem for some users. They tend to forget about that and wait for emails on that account.

So whenever you are facing Yahoo mail not receiving emails problem, you should check your email forwarding settings and make sure your emails are being not forwarded to another account.


Email Address Have Been Blocked:-

If you are facing the issue of Yahoo mail not receiving problem, one of the reasons for the same may be you have blocked some email addresses or even other email service providers.

So I will suggest that you check the email block list. If any email is present in the block list from which you are to receive emails then you need to delete that email from the blocked list.

Unblocking an email address or domain

*Click Settings menu icon and select Settings.

*Click Blocked Addresses.

*Now Click an email address or Click domain in the list.

*Click Remove.

Connection Issue:

Sometimes the Email server may be down and there might be connectivity issue with the server. In such cases you need to wait for some time and when the email server is up, you will start receiving emails as before.

So, guys, these are the solution with instructions to fix yahoo mail not receiving emails problem.

If you are still not able to fix the problem or If you facing any other problem related to Yahoo mail service, please contact Yahoo Customer care for more help.

2 thoughts to “[ Solved]Quick Fix Yahoo mail Not Receiving Emails?”

  1. I can’t receive emails on yahoo mail ? there are few people sending me emails but none of them are coming to my account.
    Also, they are getting the email delivery failure error message. What should I do in such case.

  2. I am unable to receive the new emails from my mom on my yahoo account. If she send me any email on my outlook account. It just come to me. so why is my yahoo mail not receiving emails?

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