[ 2021] Fix Yahoo mail Not Receiving Emails | How To Fix?

There was a time when Yahoo mail was one of the most popular email services in the world. People use to blindly trust them.  yahoo servers were used to be active for 24/7 , but as soon as it got older, People has started encountering many issues  with it. 


Yahoo mail not receiving emails is one of the most common problems from account. Generally, people can’t receive emails on the yahoo account due to many causes.

  • The yahoo mail filter is blocking the new emails. 
  •  The web browser is unable to load the mailbox properly. 
  • The mail server or other information is incorrect. 
  • The sender is not entering the correct email address. 

When you are not getting emails on the yahoo mail account, do not worry, here we have a solution for that. You can use it to fix the problem. 

How do you fix yahoo mail not receiving emails problem- 

Disable the filters & Spam settings- 

Yahoo mail not receiving emails

Generally, people can’t receive the emails on the yahoo inbox due to the filters. They will activate the filter on their yahoo account. Due to which, the emails will start landing on the junk mail or other folder. 

First of all, you should take a look on the junk (spam) and other folders to see the emails on the account. If you find these mails there, move them back into the inbox and delete the mail filter through these settings.

  • Let’s open the yahoo mail settings using the web browser. 
  • Click on the filters option from the left menu. 
  • If you see any new rule (filter), press the delete button. 

Right after, deleting the filters; you can ask someone to send you an test email. Let’s see if it is arriving into the inbox or still moving somewhere else on the account. 

Check the Yahoo mail server status- 

Sometimes, you might be facing the yahoo mail not receiving emails problem due to the server issue. When the server is malfunctioning, all incoming emails will delay for a while. 

So if you can’t get the new emails on the yahoo account, you should review the yahoo mail server status; if it is down, you have to wait until the server starts running fine. 


Turn off the yahoo mail forwarding- 

If you have turned on the forwarding by mistake, it may cause the yahoo not receiving emails problem. In such a case, you have to turn off the yahoo mail forwarding feature. Then yahoo email will start working fine. 

  • Let’s jump back into the yahoo mail settings. 
  • Hit the mailbox option from the left menu. 
  • Now scroll down; if you see any address under the forwarding, delete it. 

Right after deleting this address, you request the sender to send you another email. It will start working fine. 

Fix browser related issues- 

If your yahoo isn’t receiving emails on the web browsers like- chrome, internet explorer, etc., you should check the browser and network settings.

First of all, you have to launch the browser. So use these steps on the browser. 

  1. Delete the cookies and cache files from the web browser. 
  2. Delete the history and other data from the browser as well. 
  3. Update the browser if needed. 
  4. Factory reset the web browser if it doesn’t work yet. 

After making these changes, if you are still not receiving the yahoo mail yet. You can uninstall the current web browser & reinstall the latest version of it. 

Sometimes, you may have a network problem, so you should update the DNS server address & disable the proxy settings issue. 

Check the Incoming email server (if yahoo mail not receiving emails )- 

If yahoo mail is not receiving emails on the iphone or android phone, this might be happening for several reasons. 

  1. Check the mobile data settings. 
  2. Please update the user settings, and server settings. 

Please assure that you have entered the email correct address & port no.  during the configuration process. 

So please be confident that yahoo account is configured with the following account: 

IMAP server- imap.aol.com

Port no- 993

 SSL Type- Yes. 

Pop Server- pop.aol.com

Port no- 995

SSL Type- Yes. 

STMP server- smtp.yahoo.com

Port no- 465

SSL Type- Optional 

Apart from this, you should also update the yahoo mail password. 

Update the yahoo app to fix yahoo mail not receiving emails-

Sometimes, people can’t receive emails on their yahoo account due to the mail app issue. When it is not updated, it may not sync the data. 

So you have to go to the play store or app store & update the yahoo mail app. 

Once you update the yahoo mail app, you may reconfigure the yahoo account. 

In case, if your yahoo mail is not getting emails yet. Please inform us or contact yahoo helpline for more help. 

Fix yahoo mail sign in problems

Some Questions related to the yahoo Mail settings? 

Yahoo mail not receiving emails on iPhone?

If you can’t receive emails on yahoo using iPhone, please make these changes into your account.

  1. Please open the settings on the iPhone.
  2. Click on the mail settings and tap on yahoo mail account.
  3. Now turn on the auto sync option.
  4. Update the yahoo password on the account.

Once you enable the auto sync, please retry to access the mail again. If it doesn’t work, please reconfigure the yahoo account on the iPhone.

Why is yahoo mail not receiving emails from one person? 

Normally, such problem happens when you have blocked their email account. so you need to go to the settings and click on the security & Privacy. Here, if you see any kind of emails in the blocked account, and delete it.

9 thoughts to “[ 2021] Fix Yahoo mail Not Receiving Emails | How To Fix?”

  1. Why is yahoo mail not receiving emails on outlook 2019? I am using it on the windows 10 pro notebook. Meanwhile, My emails are available on the yahoo webmail.

  2. Whenever My friend is sending me any new emails? It is directly landing into the junk or other folders why is that happening? is something wrong with his account or mine?

    1. This is the filter issue, probably, you have blocked them or created a filters, that’s why all emails are landing into the junkbox. so delete all filters, and blocked address.

  3. What according to you might be causing the email delay issue on yahoo? I receiving emails after two or three days later. How do I fix yahoo mail problems?

  4. Why is yahoo mail not receiving emails from one person only? Also, I am getting emails from others. Tell me the best way to call you properly. Is this a technical problem or something wrong with my account settings? please help me my friend, I am not a tech friendly person.

    1. Probably, you have blocked their email address, that’s why you can’t get the new emails on your yahoo from them. so you need to unblock the email address.

      • Open the Yahoo mail settings on your web browser
      • CLick on the security and privacy option
      • If you see their email address, you need to delete them
  5. Why is yahoo mail not receiving emails on windows live mail application? It has been more than a week, I can’t get new emails on my yahoo mail account, meanwhile, those emails are still coming on the iphone.

  6. Why is yahoo mail not delivering the Emails into the inbox? It has been more than a month, When I received the last emails. Now no new emails are arriving into my yahoo mail account? they ain’t at any folder.

    1. Please check the email settings, probably, there is something wrong with the email service provider. that’s why your account isn’t working properly.

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