[ Solved]Quick Fix Yahoo mail Not Receiving Emails?

Are you unable to receive the emails on your yahoo account and looking for the instructions about how to fix it?

Don’t worry; Here I am to help you in fixing the not receiving emails issue. 

Before we discuss the solution, let’s start by discussing the reason behind this issue. 

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  • Yahoo Server is running slow. 
  • The filter is moving emails. 
  • Account setup issue. 
  • Auto email forwarding is enabled.
  • Local computer or app issue. 

So these are the common reasons behind yahoo not receiving emails. 

Now let’s go ahead and solve the problem using the below steps. 

How to fix yahoo not receiving emails-

Turn off the email filters- 

If you have enabled any email filters into your yahoo email, it can be the cause behind can’t receive emails into the inbox of your yahoo mail. 

Let me explain what happens when you use a filter.

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Filters are useful for changing the folder for arrival emails. 

Let’s say if you want to have your bank’s email into a different folder. 

You can create an email filter whenever your bank sends any emails to you. It will skip the inbox folder and directly land into a specific folder. 

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When you create a filter, you have to fill many details carefully. 

If you make any mistake, the email filter will not work correctly. 

So you need to check the email filter settings.

If you find any email filter working in your yahoo mail, you need to remove it from the account. 

  1. Get into the yahoo account. 
  2. Click on settings and then select more settings options.
  3. Select filters from the left menu. 
  4. Delete all filters,

After deleting the filters, you should send a test mail to yourself. Let’s see if it allows you to receive it or not.


Begin with checking the spam and trash folders-

When you are continually struggling with the “yahoo not receiving emails” issue. 

You should open the spam and trash folders. Have you seen any new emails there? 

If you can view the emails there, open them, and click on the not spam option. 

Then your email will direyahoo support, yahoo mail sign in problem, yahoo mail not receiving emailsctly move to the inbox, and whenever someone will send you any new emails. They will be coming to your yahoo email’s inbox. 


Turn off the auto-forwarding option on yahoo – 

This is the most apparent reason for yahoo mail not receiving emails issue. 

Many times, people turn on the auto-forwarding feature. That’s why the email gets forwarded to the given email address. 

yahoo not receiving emails, yahoo mail forwarding

If you can’t receive emails on yahoo mail account, you need to check the forwarding settings. If you find it enabled. you need to disable it.

Check Yahoo mail server status- 

It rarely appears, but sometimes, you may encounter yahoo not receiving emails because of the server issue. 

When the yahoo server is down in your local area, you will not be able to get new emails. 

In such a case, you have to wait until the yahoo mail server starts working fine. 


Check yahoo Account setup settings- 

If you can get emails on your yahoo mail but not getting them inside the mail app. you should verify the configuration settings. 

The chances are, you have set up your yahoo account with the wrong information. 

That is why yahoo not getting emails on apps. 

So you require to kill the yahoo account from the mail app and set up it rightly. 

Here, I am giving the information for the yahoo mail server- 

Imap server- imap.yahoo.com

Smtp server- smtp.yahoo.com

Pop server- pop.yahoo.com

Port no – 993 (IMAP) and 995 (POP) 

SSL type- Yes. 

Port no (smtp)- 465

SSL type- Both


Reset the web browser- 

If you are unable to receive emails on your yahoo account using the web browser, you should clean your web browser. 

If it does not work, you need to reset it. 

Now reopen the yahoo account. 

After following all these steps, you will get rid of “yahoo mail not receiving emails problem”. if you need some more help. 

Please let us know via email or comment. We may assist you in fixing the problem. 

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16 thoughts on “[ Solved]Quick Fix Yahoo mail Not Receiving Emails?”

  1. Yahoo is not getting new emails from my mom. she has sent me three emails. none of them are arrived to me. Can you tell me why?

  2. I can’t receive emails on my yahoo mail account .each time, I enter the username and password on my browser.
    It just shows me a completely blank.
    I tried to load the page again but it did not work for me.
    So what should I do to get new emails easily.

  3. Yahoo mail is delaying the emails. don’t know what happens, whenever someone is sending me any emails. it is coming very late. don’t know, what’s the reason behind it.
    is there somebody, how can help me in fixing this problem?

  4. Yahoo not receiving emails on my outlook 2018, perhaps other accounts are working completely fine. why is so? how can i fix it?

    • Do the following things:
      1. open the outlook and go to the files.
      2. Click on files and select accounts.
      3. Choose your account and remove the account.
      4. Now click on add account and configure your account with the above settings.

  5. Why am I unable to get new emails on my iphone, all those emails are coming into the yahoo web mail. but they are not moving into my iPhone.
    What should I do to receive those emails.

  6. Yahoo mail service is down in North America? I cannot get any new emails on my account. I tried to send multiple emails from another to myself. but none of them are coming.
    Is there any yahoo person? please fix it.

  7. My mail account was working completely fine until last night. In the morning, I don’t know what happen, there is no new emails.
    Also, My girlfriend is sending me some emails, according to her, she is getting delivery failure messages.

  8. Unable to receive the yahoo mails on my account. I tried to open the multiple accounts. but it won’t let me reset the password? can you tell me the reason behind yahoo mail not working problem.

  9. Is yahoo mail down in dallas? because, I am not receiving any email on my yahoo mail. my wife is living in south Carolina. she can get all emails without any issues?

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