[2021] Att.Net Email Not Working | Can’t Log InTo AT&T Mail

At&t email earlier uses to be premium email service. That you was only get when you purchase any att service – internet, phone etc. But not anymore, you can easily register (sign up) to att email address, while not using their other services.

The att email can be accessed through the yahoo webmail. It doesn’t have it’s own  mail server. Though yahoo is doing it’s best to keep their customers happy.

But sometimes, the mail users might complain about several issues. Att.net email is not working or can’t log into at&t email is one of them.  

These kinds of errors can make a user frustrated for a while, but the good news is that it can be fixed. can't log into att email , att email not working

How to fix can’t log into att email problem? 

check the username/ password- 

If you can’t log into the att email due to the error invalid “username/password”. Please reset the password & user id. Now retry to sign in. 

  • Open the At&t email password reset form on the browser. 
  • Press the forgot password. 
  • Fill the information, asked by the recovery department like- last name, username and press the continue button. 
  • Choose a recovery method and verify the account. 
  • Now create a new att password. 

Now make an attempt to login into the att email account via new password.

Check the att email service status-

Some people might report about the att.net email not working or login problems due to the backend service issue. 

Probably, The AT&T or the Yahoo mail servers are  down, So go to the account settings and reset the att email.

To check the at&t services status, you can directly go to the down detector or directly contact the at&t provider. 

Fix browsers to get away from att.net email not working issue- 

Some of you may suffer with the login problems on the at&t email account due to the browser issue. 

To check that, Please sign in the account on the anonymous (private) browser window or use a fresh browser. If it won’t cause any issue during the login period. it means, your regular browser is faulty. so you need to repair it using the following tricks. 

Clean the browser – Please go to the browser settings, and clear the cookies, cache and other type of browsing data. If it still keeps showing the same error, delete the current browser profile and create a new one.

Update the plugins or ad-on –  Make sure the Javascript plugins are up to date. also, review the popup settings. It should be allowed for AOL website. 

Update the browser: don’t forget to check for browser update. If there is any version available, you need to remove the account and re-add it.

Reset the browser- If these techniques won’t let you log into the att email account. Please factory reset the browser. After that reboot the computer and then re-access the att.net email account again.

Check Imap/ pop settings- 

If At&T email is not working on the outlook or other application. It means, there is an issues with the account configuration. So go to the account settings on that particular application and review the following settings.

The IMAP/pop3 settings must be matching to following details:

Imap: imap.mail.att.net / 993 Encryption type: Yes. 

Pop3: pop.att.net / 995   Encryption type: Yes

SMTP server- outbound.att.net/465 Encryption Type: Yes

SSL type should be yes for both. 

If your att.net email information is not matching to the above, please change it now. 

How to fix att email not working on iPhone? 

If At&T email is not working on the iPhone. do not worry, here are the fix that. you may apply it on the att.net email.

Check internet connection- Firstly, you should inspect the network connection on the iphone. If your phone isn’t able to access the internet. you need to troubleshoot the connection.

Update the Password- Go to the iphone’s settings and tap on the accounts & password. There, you will see your at&T account. touch it, Now you will view the password box, please type the  new att.net email password after that press the update button.

Reset the mail app- Please clear the app data of your mail app. most probably, the mail app isn’t working properly. so remove the current account and then reconfigure it again.

Re-configure the AT&T mail- Go to the accounts & password section on the phone, and tap the add account button. Fill in the account details in the form, after that press the done button.

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