Fix AOL Mail Disappeared Automatically Problem

These days, We are bulk of complains about missing emails by AOL mail users.

As per their statements, AOL emails have been disappeared from their moilbox folders like- inbox, sent or spam etc., while they didn’t delete any of them.

They all are studying for the answer about how to recover deleted emails on the AOL account.

Keeping that in mind, today, we are sharing this  guide to fix or recover the AOL mail disappeared problem.

If you are also the victim of automatically missing emails problem, keep reading this blog, and continue to follow the steps to fix the AOL mail problem.

Reasons for AOL mail disappeared problem- 



There can multiple issues for AOL mail disappeared problem, but here I am pointing out few of them.

  • Email settings issue (AOL filters, spam settings, and forwarding settings)
  • AOL server glitch.
  • Your account has been jeopardised.
  • Browser or Pc issue.
  • Account configuration issue.

The solution to recovering deleted Emails on AOL account- 

So we know the issues for aol old mail disappeared problem, now it’s a time to recover them:

Monitor Spam Or Trash folders- 

If some aol emails are missing from inbox or any other folders. You should review the junk and trash folders. If you see the emails there, Than, firstly you should move them into your previous folder. Now do the next tasks.

Turn off the AOL email filters- 

Please verify that the filter is not enabled into your pc. If it is allowed. you need to go ahead and deactivate using these steps.

  1. Let’s initiate the AOL mail account on your pc.
  2. Push the gear (settings) icon and select mail settings.
  3. Push the filters option from the left menu.
  4. Now If you see any filters, Push the delete button next to it.

Turn off the Spam mail settings- 

If your aol emails are missing some crucial emails, It means, you have marked those emails as spam mail.

That’s why the emails are disappearing from the account. So you should turn off the spam settings.

  • Move backward to the mail settings.
  • Click on the spam settings available in the left panel.
  • If it is enable, you need to turn it off or set it to the low.

Disable the AOL mail forwarding option- 

If your aol email disappeared from the account and they are also not available in the trash or junk folder.

You should monitor the AOL forwarding settings If it is allowed, It means, your emails have been forwarded to some other accounts.

That’s how messages are juggling from AOL mail account.

So should turn off the forwarding settings,

  • Go back to the AOL mail settings again.
  • Under the mail settings, click on forwarding option.
  • If you see it enabled, go ahead and disable it.

Monitor AOL Server Status- 

If your aol old mail disappeared from the email account abruptly, It may be due to the technical faults in the aol server.

There server might have crashed during the update, due to which, emails got deleted automatically.

You can confirm this from aol email experts. You can contact them via call or chat and inform about your issue.

they will confirm, If there is problem from the server or from the account side.

They will assist you aol mail recovery.

Check the Browser settings- 

When you struggle through aol mail missing emails issue, and getting inbox or spam folder empty.

You should try to get into your aol account using another web browser. If it can successfully get the emails.


You should review the settings of your previous browser. Chances are, your browser is not loading emails correctly. that’s why some of the emails are missing from the account.

  • Clear the web cookies & cache files.
  • Renew the java scritps.
  • Restore the browser.

Account has been japperdise- 

Let’s monitor the recent activity on your aol account, If you see any kind of unusual movement into your aol account.

It intends, Someone has japperdise your aol account, and they have deleted your emails purposely.

In such a case, You should secure your account, and then talk to the aol team to recover your missing aol emails.

So this is the complete guide to recover missing old emails on aol account.

Regularly Questioned issues by aol users?

Why AOL mail disappeared on iphone- 

Did you check the account configuration settings? is your iphone able to sync to the aol server properly.

Most of the time, people get this error message, because they do not configure their account correctly.

You may also use the aol’s own app to use these emails.

AOL Sent mail disappeared From the iphone and other mail apps why? 

Please configure your account using the IMap server rather than POP. Pop servers are not able to sync all mail folders. that’s why Some of the emails may be missing.

Why Is AOL SPAM Mail Missing automatically? 

AOL will automatically delete all emails presented in the spam or trash folder, that is older than 30 days.

So If your old emails are missing from the aol mail account, They have been deleted by aol.

AOL mail folder disappeared on phone or other apps- 

As I have already said, This could be due to the incoming server issue. so you should exclude the account from mail app, and resetup it.

I hope this will help you in fixing the aol mail problems, If you have any other thought related to aol. let us know, I can assist you in solving the aol issues.

Why are my aol contacts missing from the account? 

If aol contacts are missing from the account, please recover them by making these changes.

  1. Let’s go to the contacts page on the aol.
  2. Click on the more and press the restore button.
  3. Now Pick the restore date and press the restore.

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6 thoughts to “Fix AOL Mail Disappeared Automatically Problem”

  1. Why have my all my emails disappeared? I didn’t deleted them. also there is no filters, & spam settings active. but still missing all those emails. Can you tell me the quick way to fix these issues.

  2. AOL OLD mail Folders disappeared automatically from the mailbox. It’s not available in the iphone, phone or other gadgets too. where did it went?

  3. Some of my new Emails are missing from the aol’s inbox folder. So far, I haven’t deleted any emails. but still they are disappearing.
    Also, I have checked the trash and junk mails, they aren’t available there. Can you tell me the way to recover them.

    1. If your emails are not presented in the trash or other folders. you should check the mail settings. probably, someone has deleted them from your account. that’s why they are missing from your account. so first you need to secure your account and then contact aol mail team for help. they will recover those emails for you.

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