Fix AOL Not Receiving Emails Problem 2020

AOL is always known for the frequent services, there server rarely delay the transportation of emails. but still sometimes, users are complaining about not receiving emails problem on the email forums.

When they access their AOL mailbox, the new email doesn’t appear in the inbox. They can see the old emails only.

Some users can’t receive emails on their smartphones, while others are unable to get the new emails on the webmail or computer.

Today, we are writing the troubleshoot instructions to fix they can’t receive emails problem, so if you are unable to receive the emails on your smart phone or computer. Stick with this article and follow the steps to fix the issues.

Complete guide to Fix AOL Email login problems 2020

fix aol problems


Some effective tips to fix the aol not receiving emails problems by yourself-


  1. Check the short date on your inbox, maybe you have chosen the old mail first. That’s why new emails are missing from aol account.
  2. Please review the trash and spam folders.
  3. Check other custom folders if you have any.
  4. Terminate all kind of mail filters and turn off the forwarding as well.
  5. Inspect the email block address list. Probably, you have deleted the email address. That’s why you are struggling with AOL mail not receiving emails problem

Advance guide to troubleshoot the aol not receiving emails-

If you are unable to solve the aol mail not receiving emails problem using the rapid guide. Do not worry, use this guide to troubleshoot the issue.

Terminate the filters on your aol account –

When you can’t receive the emails on your aol account, probably, your mail filters are routing the incoming emails. That’s why your aol account is unable to get the emails on your device.

  1. Go to the aol mail settings on the webmail.
  2. Click on the email filters and select all filters.
  3. Now press the remove or delete button that you see there.

Once you will delete the email filters, you should send a test mail to yourself by another account.

Check the server settings –

fix aol problems


When you can’t receive emails on your mail app. You should inspect the server settings and information. Likely, there must be some confusion between the incoming or outgoing server details. Which is causing the aol not receiving emails problem on your mail apps.

For the easy and convenient way, I will recommend you to use imap server for account configuration. IMAP server works best with the aol mail accounts.

Talking about the account configuration, you should use the following imap information.

Incoming server address-

Port no :: 993

SSL :: Yes.

Outgoing Server address ::

Port no:: 587

SSL :: Optional.

Turn off the forwarding –


When you turn on the forwarding on your aol account, your emails will jump off from your inbox folder and delivered to the another account.

Normally, people use this feature, when they want to access multiple account from one email address. If you have turned it on by mistake, do not worry, turn it off, and then you will start receiving your new incoming emails into your account.

  • Go to the settings on aol webmail.
  • Click on the forwarding and disable it.

Reset the browser settings –

Sometimes you may face AOL not receiving emails problem due to the browser settings, when your web browser is not compatible with the AOL mail requirement or some other settings are invalid.

In such a case, you should factory reset your web browser, and then try to reaccess your aol email account again.

Disable the antivirus and proxy programs for a while- 

If you can’t receive emails on your aol account using the mail app, check the security programs. May be they are blocking the communication between your device and aol mail server. That’s why you can’t access the emails on your aol email account. So disable the antivirus on your devices and then reload aol account on your device again.

So these are the quick methods to fix the aol mail not receiving emails problem. if you have any other trouble with your aol account, you may tell us or contact aol team to help you.

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