AOL Mail Is Not Receiving Emails [2022] | How To Fix

When AOL mail was launched, it was solely made for the USA. Once, they got huge success in the United States. They decided to expand the business. Now their services are active in Canada & United Kingdom and many more countries.
Till now, no doubt, AOL mail is a great platform to access email. But being a computer program, Sometimes, users may encounter minor issues on it.

AOL Mail not receiving emails or AOL mail not updating is one of them.


aol mail not receiving emails

When AOL mail users make an attempt to load the mailbox on the computer or smartphone. They don’t see the new incoming messages in the list. while, old ones keeps popping up on the top of the inbox. 

Apart from this, some users can’t receive some emails, but others arrive at their account without delay. 

fix aol problems

Why can’t I receive emails on AOL Account?

There can be multiple reasons for not receiving emails issue on the aol mail account; Few of them are noted down below. 

  1. AOL spam bot is considering new emails as spam mail. 
  2. Mail filter is sending them to the new folder. 
  3. The sender isn’t using the exact email address. 
  4. Browser is fails in loading the mailbox completely. 
  5. AOL forwarding is turned on. 
  6. Incoming or outgoing server is not responding. 
  7. The security programs are blocking the communication process.  
  8. AOL Account authentication issue. 

What to do when AOL Mail is not receiving emails on my browser or mail application? 

When you can’t receive the new emails on the AOL mail account, please send a test mail to the sender and ask him to reply on the same message. If you receive the reply from them.  It clearly means that they have entered the wrong email address. that’s why you can’t receive the emails on your aol mail from them. 

Also, whenever someone sends you an emails and you don’t see it in the inbox. hold on for 20-30 minutes. Sometimes, the email delivery might be a bit slow due to the heavy web traffic on the server. 

fix aol problems

Check all folders- 

If AOL email is not receiving emails in the inbox, please take a look on other mail folders like- spam, trash, or other custom folders. Can you spot new incoming emails there? If yes! 

Firstly, move them back into the inbox or previous folders using the details below. 

  • Open the mail folder, where you have found the glimpse of your new emails. 
  • Choose those new emails, and click on the move option. 
  • Select the inbox as your designated folder. 

After moving the emails, please make the changes into the spam mail and filters settings. So incoming emails can land in the inbox without any interruption.  


Check spam mail settings- 

AOL’s Auto bot systems are working brilliantly in recognizing the spam messages. whenever they sees anything suspicious in the message’s body. They will directly transfer the mails directly into the spam folder. 

spam mail filters to fix aol mail not receiving emails

But Sometimes, it may disappoint you. Specially, When you keep these settings on high mode. It will transfer most of the emails in the trash and cause can’t receive emails on AOL mail inbox folder problem for you. 

So it’s is necessary to shift the spam settings on medium label. 

  • Sign in to the AOL webmail account (in case, if you are struggling in the login process, please visit: why am I having AOL email login problems)? 
  • Hover the cursor on the options presented below the email address, and select mail settings.
  • Press the spam mail settings pane, and select the radio tab next to medium.

Delete the active filters- 

When AOL mail is not receiving emails on any computers or smartphones. Please disable all kind of mail filters. Now ask the senders to send you an another email. 

delete active mail filters, aol mail not receiving emails

  • Let’s open the AOL webmail account again. 
  • Push the options button and proceed to the mail settings. 
  • Click on the mail filters, and select the mail filters. 
  • Press the trash icon to delete the mail filters. 

Delete the forwarding accounts as well- 

If you cannot receive the emails on any AOL mail folder, please have a look on the forwarding settings. You likely have permitted another account to get emails via forwarding settings. 


For that reason, you are unable to receive the emails on your AOL mail. 

You can easily disable the forwarding of your account using the settings given below. 

  • Jump into the AOL mail settings again. 
  • Click on the general settings. 
  • If you can spot any email address under the forwarding settings, you should delete it. 
  • Now Save the settings to deactivate the forwarding. 

fix aol problems

Check Imap/pop server settings- 

If your AOL mail is not receiving emails on apps, you should check the IMAP and pop settings while appearing on the browser. Most probably, There is an issue with the authorization (at that time, you may also receive, not responding error ). Please assure that you have used the details resulting below to set up the account. 

mail forwarding account, can't receive emails on aol mail

IMAP server name-

Port no – 993

SSL type- Yes. 

Pop3 server name-

Port no- 995

SSL type- Yes. 

Smtp server-

Port no- 465

SSL type- optional. 

Username- your AOL email address or username. 

Password- your AOL email password. 

If any of the details are inaccurate, you should correct them and then save them into your browser. 

Security or network issue- 

If you can’t receive emails on the AOL mail account using the mail client software, please turn off the security apps for a moment. Now relaunch the app and do the send and receive process. 

If it doesn’t work yet ?  Please modify the DNS servers and network settings. 

Browsers may not be updating emails-

Once you check the network settings, If aol mail is not updating the mailbox. please clear the browsing data and reset it. Besides this, you should also look for the browser update or install another browser.

Some general questions related to the not receiving problem asked by the AOL team member- 

Why can’t I receive emails on AOL account that have email images on it? 

The AOL mail might be considering it as a spam mail? If you take a look at the junk or spam folder, you will view your emails there. Now launch that email, and press the not spam button. 

  • Now go to the AOL mail settings. 
  • Click on the General settings. 
  • Untick the hide images in the emails option, and press the save changes button. 

Why Is my AOL Mail is not receiving emails from some specific person?

You have blocked them on the aol that’s why you can’t receive the emails from them on the AOL account. So go to the spam mail settings and delete the email address presented in the block sender list. 

Why can’t I Receive emails on iPhone? 

If you can’t receive emails on aol mail via iPhone or ipad, please update the AOL login credentials first. if it doesn’t work, you should delete the account from iPhone or iPad and reconfigure it. 

  • Open the settings on the iPhone.
  • Go to the accounts & password section in the iphone’s setting.
  • Touch the AOL account and press the remove account button.
  • Now press the ok button to remove the account from the iphone.
  • After removing the account, Tap the add account button.
  • Select the AOL mail from the list, and enter the AOL login details.
  • Press the next button after filling the information and then Select the email services.
  • Now pick up your email settings and press the done button.

Fix AOL mail not receiving emails on Android?

If AOL Mail is not receiving emails on the android phone, Don’t panic, just make these changes.

  1. Open the settings on the android phone.
  2. Click on the mails and password (in some models, you will see accounts and password).
  3. Tap on the aol account and swipe up to reach sync or fetch data settings.
  4. Turn on the sync data or click on automatically.
  5. Now go to the password section, and update your password.

Now open the aol mail account, for more information, you can visit: why is aol mail not working on android phone? 

Why Is AOL Not Receiving Emails From Gmail?

You may have blocked the Gmail domain on the aol. That’s why you can’t receive the aol from Gmail. So Change the settings on aol account.

  • Delete the mail filters for Gmail.
  • Unblock the from blocked address settings.
  • Check the spam settings.

How Do I Fix AOL Account error cannot get emails?

Generally aol account error: cannot get emails appears due to the incorrect incoming server or synchronization issue. so you should check both settings to make it working fine properly.

Why doesn’t aol desktop respond? 

There might be several reasons for not responding issue on the aol desktop. you should take a look at: Why is aol desktop not opening on the windows or mac pc?

how to fix aol old mail disappeared? 

25 thoughts to “AOL Mail Is Not Receiving Emails [2022] | How To Fix”

  1. Finally, I have a solution to fix email to aol mail not being delivered problem. About I day back, I had stopped receiving emails from everyone. But After reading this blog, I got to know that This problem was with in the Imap settings. So I modified It as per given into this article. Now I am getting emails without any delay.

  2. Why is my aol mail not updating the inbox ? I can view the old emails but there is no new emails on the account.

    1. Please check the sort by filter on the mailbox. Most probably, you have chosen the oldest email first. that’s why it is not updating the new message on the front page.

  3. Finally, I found the solution for AOL Mail not getting emails. It was sending my emails to the outlook application. I had did not enable the leave a copy on the mail server option .that’s why It were directly coming into the aol mail problems.

  4. Why is emails to aol not being delivered? I am sending emails from work email to the aol account. but none of them are appearing in the inbox. what to do now?

    1. Please go to the spam settings on the aol mail, and keep it on low. Now go to the aol block list and make sure that you haven’t blocked the sender.

  5. Is AOL mail down today? My mailbox is not updating on the iphone since this morning. Also, I have refreshed my mail app several times, but it didn’t work.
    Can someone tell me more about why can’t I receive the emails on my aol mail account?

    1. Have you recently changed the password for your aol mail? If yes! did you updated it on your iphone? if not, then it is a authentication issue. in such a case, you have to update the aol mail password.
      Otherwise, you have to turn off and on the fetch settings.

  6. Why does my aol mail not receive emails from specific person? Meanwhile, Those emails are available in the Junk folders and other devices. what should I do to fix such problems.

  7. Why are aol mail filters not working on the ipad? It is not receiving the emails in the banking folder. All messages, that should be in the place are appearing in the spam mail.

      • log in the aol mail account on the phone or computer
      • Go to the mail settings
      • Now click on the spam settings
      • If you see your doughter’s email on the spam list. please press the X button to remove it.
  8. About a day back, I was unable to update the aol mail account. After reading your blog, I figured out the problem was with in forwarding settings. I had forwarded my emails to another gmail account.

  9. Why are my emails not being received on the aol account? I use it on the apple mail app. I have machintosh computer.

    1. Did you tried the steps given above? If yes! please answer few questions.

      • what’s the error message appearing on the screen?
      • Which device are you using to access the aol mail?
      • Are you using a mail application or a browser?
  10. Why is aol mail not receiving emails on iPad? When I open the mail app on the iPad. It shows me the can’t sync the page.

    1. It seems like, you have recently changed the aol password but didn’t updated it on the iPad? that’s why this error is appearing on the screen. But don’t worry: apply these steps to fix the problem.

      • Go to the settings on the iPad
      • Look for the mail, accounts and calenders. (in latest iPad model, you need to tap on the accounts and password)
      • Tap on the aol account.
      • Remove the current password from the aol settings.
      • Now type the new aol password and press the done button.
  11. why can I not receive incoming emails on the aol mail? It don’t have new emails on the Iphone?

  12. what is happening to aol mail? It’s been more than 3 days, I can’t receive the mails on the aol account? I have checked the filters, and forwarding settings. Can someone tell me How do I fix not receiving emails?

  13. Why am I not getting my AOL mails on my phone? It’s been two days. I didn’t receive any single mail, while they are available on the phone?

  14. Why I can’t receive emails on my AOL account on iPhone? Each time, I open the mail app, it shows me the sync error. is there any way to fix it. is there a way to get it fixed. how do you get the email.

  15. How do you fix aol mail not receiving emails problem in 2021? it’s been more than 12 days, I didn’t get any new emails from gmail. my sister had one account from gmail, if she send me any email from it. it is not appearing on my account. please help me in fixing the problem.

  16. Why Is my aol mail not updating my inbox? It’s been more than 2 days, I didn’t get any new emails on my account. while those emails are available on the trash or other folders? Is there any way to recover those emails ?

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